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Aasimar Sorcerer 5e

Generally speaking, spell casting or arcane character classes are the most popular kind for any fantasy setting. This is no different in the most popular fantasy game, Dungeons and Dragons. They are very versatile, and they can do so many things which are only limited by imagination.

In Dragons and Dungeons, the sorcerer character class is an interesting one, and you might have come across something called Aasimar Sorcerer. This character is basically a humanoid race with sorcerer like abilities. This article will touch upon all the aspects of an Aasimar Sorcerer and help you decide if Aasimar Sorcerer will be a good class for your next D&D game.

What is Aasimar?

What is Aasimar

Aasimar is a humanoid class of race that is rare and special. Aasimars are descended from humans, but they are touched by the power of Mount Celestia, which is the home to many D&D deities.

Aasimars are basically divine beings that are immensely powerful, and they are born as a champion to their deities/gods. Their birth is celebrated as a blessed event. Aasimar are a different class of humans who are touched with divinity, and they carry celestial heritage, and it shows.

All Aasimars are lawful and good except one, the fallen Aasimar. All the good Aasimars have a link to an angelic being, usually a deva who guides the Aasimar. It should be noted that this link is not through spoken words or a direct command but through dreams, feelings, and visions.

Traits of Aasimar 

Aasimar characters have the following traits.

  • Aasimar matures at a similar rate as humans, but they can live up to 160 years of age.
  • They are imbued with celestial power and usually good.
  • Their build and size are very similar to humans.
  • Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
  • Aasimars are blessed with Darkvision. Their vision can easily cut through the darkness and can see in dim light within 60 feet of range. Although colors are not discernable and appear in shades of grey.
  • Aasimars have resistance to radiant damage and necrotic damage.
  • Aasimar can read and write in Common and Celestial language.
  • There is a total of three subraces; protector, scourge, and fallen.

Which Classes are Suitable to Work with Aasimar?

This assumes that you are following classic rules and Dungeon Master Guide. The level of suitability will be – “Bad,” “Average,” “Good,” or “Excellent”

  • Artificer: Bad. The biggest issue here is the bad ability spread. Without the intelligence increase, you will be behind other artificers for the most part.
  • Bard: Excellent. The +2 increase in Charisma, the Light Bearer, and Healing Hands is a great start for Aasimar. These options will open up space in your cantrips and the known Bard spells.
  • Barbarian: Bad. The subclass of Fallen Aasimar would be okay for barbarians with a strength bonus, but all the other subclasses provide next to no advantage.
  • Cleric: Good. Aasimar as a cleric class would be good with their resistance to necrotic and radiant damage. Since a cleric usually faces undead or celestials. 
  • Druid: Good. Druids are well-suited for Aasimar as their innate spellcasting complements Druid’s spellcasting. The protector Aasimar also boosts Wisdom and provides the Fight ability needed in combat.
  • Fighter: Good. This class works great, especially for Fallen Aasimar. Scourge Aasimar can also be fine, but their lack of strength and dexterity can be bad for a low-level fighter.
  • MonkBad. This class does nothing for the Aasimar race, and it is a badly suited class for Aasimar.
  • Paladin. Excellent. Aasimars make the most natural paladins as their increase in Charisma complements many abilities like Blessed Warrior. This makes the Charisma heavy build very effective.
  • Protractor Aasimar is a great choice since it provides you with flight without Concentration. Fallen Aasimar sorcerer can be a decent option if you can take advantage of combat and strength.
  • Ranger. Bad. Ranger’s ability provides no compatibility or is suitable with any of the subclasses of the Aasimar.
  • Rogue: Bad. Like a wizard, Rogue does not provide anything and has a bad ability to spread for an Aasimar.
  • Scourge Aasimar is a great defensive option, whereas the fallen Aasimar can be a very great offensive option. Even Protector Aasimar works great as Paladins.
  • Sorcerer. Excellent. Just like paladins, Aasimars are natural as sorcerers. Their Charisma increase is their strongest suit for Aasimar sorcerer. The Aasimar sorcerer also gives you resistance to 2 types of damage. It also gives you an option for healing that arcane spellcasters can’t copy.
  • Warlock: Excellent. Like Aasimar sorcerer and paladins, a warlock needs charisma first, making Aasimar a great warlock.
  • Wizard: Bad. It simply has a bad ability spread to make a good Aasimar.

How to Make an Aasimar Sorcerer?

Now that you know, Aasimar works great as sorcerers; this section will help you make an Aasimar sorcerer. It can be a female Aasimar sorcerer or even a fallen Aasimar sorcerer.

The first step is to roll the die for stats just like you would for any other D&D character creation. Since your chosen class is a sorcerer, the Charisma should be a priority with the highest ability score and then Constitution at second.

The next step is to choose your Aasimar subclass from the following three.

  • Protector Aasimar
  • Scourge Aasimar
  • Fallen Aasimar

Now that you are an Aasimar sorcerer, you have to pick Sorcerer subclass or Sorcerer Origin. The subclass will determine where your magic comes from and your primary playstyle as the sorcerer.

The Player’s Handbook has two sorcerer origins: Wild Magic and Draconic Bloodline. Sorcerers with a Draconic bloodline belong to the bloodline of dragons. This means you can have dragon features like scales or slit pupils. Wild Magic sorcerers are more chaotic, and their source of magic can be from any source like crystals, a blessing from a powerful creature. Run your imagination wild.

Playing as Aasimar Sorcerer

Now that your Aasimar sorcerer is ready, there are some best guidelines to play as an Aasimar sorcerer. When your party jumps into combat, try to maintain a distance between the Aasimar sorcerer and your frontline. Although you are not a glass cannon, you are not as sturdy as martial classes.

Your main strength lies in your Metamagic traits and Font of Magic as a sorcerer. You can use your Font of Magic to increase your spell slots by converting Sorcery Points. You can use Sorcery Points to cast Metamagic.

Here are some important Metamagic spells you should have in your kitty:

  • Twinned Spell
  • Empowered Spell
  • Quickened Spell
  • Chromatic Orb
  • Mage Armour
  • Haste
  • Fireball
  • Disintegrate
  • Dominate Person

How to Roleplay as Aasimar Sorcerer?

Now that your Aasimar sorcerer is ready with its origin story and powers, you can inject some more personality into your Aasimar sorcerer with simple additions like gender, attitude, looks, etc. When you roleplay as a character, you basically adopt the mindset of that character. It is important to know what kind of character your Aasimar is. Is he/she stubborn or haughty? Is he proud of his powers or humble about it?

Ponder over such questions to give a more solid foundation to your character. Since sorcerers are charismatic, you can employ that in your roleplay as an Aasimar sorcerer. Basically, let your creative juices flow!


Aasimar is a special race among humans and rare. If you want your character to have the factor of rarity, Aasimar is a great choice for you. When you combine Aasimar with sorcerer class, your character becomes more compelling.

Aasimar sorcerer can be the most interesting character you create for your next game of D&D. Keep in mind that Aasimar sorcerers are not a martial class. They take advantage of magic, spells, and intelligence. Go ahead and create your own Aasimar Sorcerer with a great character who can turn the tides of any battle or game.

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