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Tiefling Druid D&D 5e

While Tiefling race may not be very popular, they have come a long way from their first appearance in D&D’s Planescape setting. While they are not mentioned in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Player’s Handbook, they are a playable race in 5E. 

Despite an infernal heritage, nothing implies that a tiefling must be evil. Indeed, tieflings have essentially grown as civilized as any other race. However, they continue to encounter unfair prejudice, which drives some of them to become wicked. They tend to become loners if they are not openly malevolent.

If you are interested in building a Tiefling race for your next D&D playthrough, this article will help you with that. This will detail everything that you need to create and play as a tiefling druid in D&D 5e.

How To Build A Tiefling Druid?

How To Build A Tiefling Druid?

When creating a tiefling druid, a few factors must be considered. They are not succubus or incubi, as many would think. They are also not well-liked but instead face prejudice.

There are three ways to produce Tieflings:

  • Having at least one parent who is a Tiefling, whether both or just one, as an ancestor
  • A mystical process converts a human into one.
  • Since Tieflings are humanoid beings and heritage must be taken into consideration when one of the nine realms of hell mates with a human, producing one is similar to those mix-and-match custom character sim games. 

Here is a breakdown of the options available when constructing a tiefling to make it easier.

1. Tiefling Druid Background

A tiefling, who is, by Nature, a loner, might become a druid for a variety of reasons. Druids tend to live solitary lives, avoiding civilization and all its complexities as much as possible, and because of their infernal lineage, tieflings frequently experience unjustified hardship inside city limits.

A tiefling with druidic training could escape these pressures by living off the earth and discovering the secrets of Nature. Keep in mind that in 5e, your character’s personality has no restrictions. Any alignment or class is allowed for tieflings. Even so, the majority of tieflings choose the dark side, favoring greed over compassion and evil above good.

Regardless of the path a tiefling takes, these individuals are typically chaotically aligned and will break the law to do what they believe is right.

Urchin or outlander are other backgrounds that work well for a tiefling druid. Both of them correspond to the typical tiefling’s experiences. Another excellent option is the haunted background from the Curse of Strahd adventure. With this background, the Druid will be characterized by a singular, terrifying experience that will live with them forever.

2. Tiefling Druid Personality

tiefling druid male

Early character development provides a character life and keeps them from being reduced to a list of facts. Though they are known for following the evil path, tieflings are capable of neutral behavior. Such a tiefling might be moved by Nature’s call and its promise of unrivaled power and eternal balance.

Tieflings are wonderful allies of the natural world because of their extraordinary innate abilities. Frequently distrustful tieflings may have an easier time adjusting to the harsh reality of many social contexts than they do to the elements. City life may be as harsh as the wildest jungle or the darkest forest.

3. Tiefling Druid Stats

Tieflings have higher Charisma and Intelligence scores. This higher charisma score attribute can be seen followed in other tiefling subclasses like warlock and bard. Players are recommended to give Wisdom and Constitution priority because Druids value those skills. For druids, Wisdom is the most crucial skill because it is a prerequisite for all of their spells.

Tieflings may prefer their charisma, but druidic magic, more than anything else, needs vision and understanding. Players may want to allocate more points to Dexterity than to Constitution because this skill will also be crucial. While some people would rather have more hit points, others would rather have the advantages of increased speed and agility.

Tieflings have a +1 advantage in their Intelligence score due to their inherent intelligence. The Druid has a saving throw against intelligence, therefore the tiefling has the advantage here.

Ability ScoreStarting ValueRace BonusLevel BonusFinal Value

The above table considers a point-buy system for tiefling druid ability scores. The table contains the racial bonuses for a Tiefling (+2 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence, +2 Charisma) and the level bonuses for a Druid. The final accounted values in the table are the total scores after adding up all bonuses.

4. Tiefling Druid Spells

male tiefling druid

Druidic magic entails drawing on the essence of the natural world and directing it in the spellcaster’s desired direction. Druids rely on their Wisdom to discover the mysteries of Nature. High-level druids grow so tuned into the elements that they appear to be a part of the landscape.

Due to the versatility of the druid class, the spells you select will primarily be determined by the character’s place in the group. A druid would make a great support character, acting as the group’s healer and dedicated magic user in a party of a fighter, a barbarian, and a ranger.

For this kind of Druid, best recommended spells are spike growth, plant growth, spells like heal wounds, find magic, entangle, and faerie fire. However, the Druid’s function will change to one of offense if the group includes a cleric, wizard, or both.

As other characters will take care of healing and utility magic, the Druid in this party can concentrate on doing damage with spells like thunder waves and call lightning.

Our Druid will naturally learn a few extra spells because tieflings are born spellcasters. Tieflings are familiar with the thaumaturgy cantrip at the first level. They are taught horrible rebuke at level 3. The tiefling Druid also learns the darkness spell at level five.

The below table contains the list of possible spells that are well suited for your tiefling druid character.

Spell LevelSpell NameSchoolSource Book
CantripThorn WhipTransmutationPlayer’s Handbook
CantripDruidcraftTransmutationPlayer’s Handbook
1stEntangleConjurationPlayer’s Handbook
1stGoodberryTransmutationPlayer’s Handbook
1stDetect MagicDivinationPlayer’s Handbook
2ndSpike GrowthTransmutationPlayer’s Handbook
2ndMoonbeamEvocationPlayer’s Handbook
2ndPass without TraceAbjurationPlayer’s Handbook
3rdCall LightningConjurationPlayer’s Handbook
3rdPlant GrowthTransmutationPlayer’s Handbook
3rdSpeak with PlantsTransmutationPlayer’s Handbook
4thGiant InsectTransmutationPlayer’s Handbook
4thControl WaterTransmutationPlayer’s Handbook
4thDominate BeastEnchantmentPlayer’s Handbook
5thInsect PlagueConjurationPlayer’s Handbook
5thCommune with NatureDivinationPlayer’s Handbook
5thAwakenTransmutationPlayer’s Handbook

5. Tiefling Druid Weapons And Supplies 

Each character is equipped for adventure at the beginning of the game. Druids can choose a wooden shield or two basic weapons at the first level. Medium or Light armor is available for druids.

Because druids won’t wear metal, this armor cannot be fashioned of that material. Druids start out wearing leather armor for this reason. Druids have various options for weaponry. The Scimitar is the traditional druidic weapon; however, daggers, spears, quarterstaffs, and slings are also acceptable options.

Also starting with a herbalism kit are druids. Druids collect particular plants and utilize them to harness elemental magic and life-giving energy because they view Nature as sacred. A good druid will understand how to take advantage of the surrounding wildlife and plants.

How To Play As Tiefling Druid?

How To Play As Tiefling Druid?

Choosing a Druid Circle

  • Hit Dice: 1d8 per level of Druid
  • First-level hit points are 8 plus your Constitution modifier.
  • Hit Points: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution modifier for each additional druid level after the first
  • Spell save DC equals 8 plus your bonus for skill level and your wisdom modifier.
  • Your proficiency bonus plus your Wisdom modifier determines the spell attack modifier.

Here are some things that default to the Druid class

  • Casting spells: Druidic magic is based on knowledge and the heavenly essence of Nature.
  • One major benefit of being a Tiefling is that you are an expert at the thaumaturgy cantrip. Hellish rebuke becomes a 2nd-level spell by the third level, and darkness becomes a 5th-level spell. These spells need charisma, which a Druid would find challenging to employ. In addition, you have dark vision, but everything is grey in the dark, with a speed advantage and protection from fire damage.
  • Ability Rating Increase
  • Timeless Body: At the 18th level, staying natural pays dividends because being a druid slows down your body’s aging process. You will appear to have aged one year every ten years.
  • Archdruid Beast Spells
  • By the second level, you can transform completely into a hairy creature. Before needing to rest, you can transform into any animal you’ve seen twice. With your DM’s OK, you can change into a hybrid, fleas included.
  • You can stay in the beast form equal to half your druid level (rounded down). If you don’t utilize this ability again for a while, you return to your normal shape. By performing a bonus action on your turn, you can change back to your regular shape sooner. You always revert if you lose consciousness, lose all of your hit points, or pass away.
  • In your beast form, you are unable to cast spells. Your beast shape constrains you in terms of speech and hand motions. It doesn’t interfere with any spells you cast right before the change that required concentration.

How To Roleplay As Tiefling Druid?

Consider Tieflings to be the half-elf counterparts who got the short end of the stick. Tieflings face a great deal of hatred and discrimination, whether they are good or evil. As a result of this, they have become highly secretive, distrustful, and independent loners. They are impetuous, stubborn, self-assured, and unstable in their love relationships.

Despite their unusual shape, their bodies are quite comparable to humans, from weight and height (a male Tiefling’s maximum height is 6’7, a female’s maximum height is 6’5) to the skeletal structure. On the other hand, life expectancy is comparable to humans, although only a few can live to be 150 years old. 

They can consume an omnivorous diet (like humans), but they prefer meat. They eat bone, gristle, marrow, blubber, blood, and ash, and they can live on coal or inorganic rock. They occasionally consume a combination of broth, oil, and sulphur. Tieflings can be both masculine and female, one of each or neither. Some Tieflings have the look of humans.

Whether they have similarities or not, they are viewed with caution as long as they have diabolical blood and traits. With the rejection Tiefling endures, many turn to a life of crime or mischief, which contributes to people’s preconceived notions about them. It’s not like changing other people’s minds is easy or that someone is pushing for them. So it’s no surprise they’d choose a life as a druid.

Druids have a special bond with Nature. As a result, a Druid will revere certain flora. They will use these one-of-a-kind plants to create spells or make weapons. Furthermore, not all druids have an “I LOVE NATURE!” mindset since others become Druids to harness their powers. 

Some traditional druids serve Nature and its deities for the sake of ancient customs. Some Druids serve non-natural deities or evil ones, but it is advisable to stick with those who protect the environment.

Apart from that, you’ll be able to speak and write infernal despite not having studied it, as well as Abyssal and Common. You can also write in Druidic, a beautiful language that only Druids know how to read. You’re also ambidextrous so that you can write with both hands and even your tail.


Tiefling Druid can be really powerful and fun to play if you do it right. With proper backstories, backgrounds, and abilities, you can create a really good Tiefling Druid.

Many would assume that tiefling druid class is impossible, but it definitely is. D&D 5e mostly eliminates all the subclass and class restrictions. You can create a really cool anti-social tiefling druid or an evil one if you want.

But you can make your character heroic too. There is no limit to what you can do. I hope this article helps you to create the best Tiefling Druid you can in the D&D 5e.


A tiefling druid’s appearance can be used to enhance roleplaying in D&D 5e, as their demonic features may elicit strong reactions from other characters.

Tiefling druids in D&D 5e can use their infernal heritage to intimidate or persuade other characters, especially when dealing with weaker creatures.

A tiefling’s alignment may influence the type of spells and abilities they use and their attitude toward other characters and the world around them.ruid’s alignment typically affect their playstyle in D&D 5e?

Tiefling druids in D&D 5e can have animal companions, just like other druids. However, their demonic heritage may influence the appearance of tiefling druid animal companions.

Tiefling druids can shape-shift like other druids in D&D 5E. However, tiefling druids’ demon-like features may make their transformations look more sinister or otherworldly.

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