10 Best Agents For Fracture

Best Agents For Fracture

Fracture, one of the valorant’s most unique map, is filled with stunning scenes and beautiful landscapes. This Map also allows the casual and pro players like dapr, sinatraa, sick to feel the heat during a PVP combat and gives them a sense of relief when scouting for opponents.

Unlike the other valorant maps in the game, fracture contains one orb in each quadrant, meaning fracture has a total of four orbs. There is also a hall containing an automatic door that works similarly to the exit room doors for Bind’s teleporters, as it will instantly open once a player gets close enough, but be aware of players, as it also makes a loud audio cue in the process.

The Map also features two parallel one-way ziplines that bisect the Map in a way, unlike other ziplines spread across the other maps, there are certain special rules to their interactions.

While attaching to the zipline, the player will move across the zipline at full speed; also, you won’t be able to change directions and use abilities. You cannot detach midway or completely come to a halt. Without any further delay, we will look at our list of best agents for fracture.

Best Agents For Valorant’s Fracture

1. Viper

viper valorant fracture

Possessing one of the most attractive appearances, Viper is just like her name, a Viper with Venom is the top on the list for best agent for fracture. If used correctly, she is one of the easiest characters to control on Fracture.

The thin and blind corners of this Map allow Viper to use her Snakebite, a basic ability that allows her to block an entire path with a chemical zone, making it difficult for the opponents to navigate in its presence.

Using vipers ultimate ability Viper’s Pit is another strong move as it allows the player to create a large cloud that reduces vision and allows your teammates to take advantage of the different altitudes in the Map (like high ground, staircase, etc.)

2. Killjoy

killjoy best agent for fracture

Killjoy is a great Agent for Fracture due to her ability to set up traps and control the battlefield. She can use her turrets to keep the enemy team at bay, while her alarms can be used to alert her team of incoming threats.

Her Lockdown ability can be used to force enemies out of cover, and her Turret can be used to control the area. Her ultimate ability, Nanoswarm, can be used to damage multiple enemies in a large area. Killjoy is a great Agent for Fracture due to her ability to control the battlefield.

Her abilities can be used to set up traps, control the area, and keep the enemy team at bay. Her trapping ability makes her one of the best agent for fracture. She can also be used to provide support for her team, alerting them of incoming threats and providing them with information.

3. Sage

sage fracture best agents

Sage is particularly effective in the game mode “Fracture.” In this mode, the objective is to capture a set number of objectives spread across the Map.

Sage’s wall and slow orb abilities can be used to defend captured objectives, slowing enemies down and blocking them from reaching the objective. This ability of sage makes sage one of the sought out agent for bind map too.

Her healing ability can be used to keep her allies alive and fighting, while her ultimate ability can bring fallen allies back to life. This makes Sage a powerful and best agent for fracture for defending objectives in fracture, her abilities making her very difficult to overcome.

4. Astra

astra best agents on fracture

Astra is a great agent for Fracture in Valorant. She has the ability to control the Map and push enemies out of certain areas with her Starbursts, as well as using her ultimate to trap enemies or create a distraction.

Her ultimate also provides a lot of utility with the ability to smoke and wall off certain areas. All of these abilities make her a great agent for Fracture players.

Astra’s ability kit makes her a great agent for Fracture in Valorant. Her area control and crowd control abilities give her team an edge when it comes to pushing objectives and controlling the Map.

Her ultimate, Nova Pulse, can catch enemies off guard or stall an enemy team’s push. Her other abilities, Celestial Passage and Nebula, can be used to reposition herself or her team quickly or to create a smokescreen to get away from a tough fight.

5. Cypher

cypher best agents for fracture

Cypher is a great agent for Fracture in Valorant. He has a wide range of abilities that make him very versatile in various situations.

His ultimate “Cyber Cage” creates a barrier between him and his enemies, allowing him to reposition himself and his team safely.

His ability to create a hacky-sack between himself and his opponents makes him very hard to hit, and his ability to turn invisible makes him very difficult to target.

Additionally, Cypher’s “Trapwire” allows him to detect hidden enemies, making him a great asset for defending objectives. Finally, Cypher’s “Spycam” allows him to watch over objectives and important areas from a distance, making it easier for his team to make strategic decisions. All in all, Cypher is an invaluable asset and a best agent for Fracture in Valorant.

6. Jett

jett valorant fracture

Fracture is a huge map with open site areas, requires speed as the name of the game, and with Jett’s ability to dash in-site and quickly smoke the visibility of the enemies gives her the edge.

Unlike Bind and Split fracture has long-range areas and as a duelist this feels just home for Jett using her speed and dash abilities.

she can quickly flank in on the enemy giving them very less time to prepare and retaliate the challenging landscape allows Jett to climb and to attack from angles which other agents cannot!

7. Raze

Raze best agents on fracture

Raze is an excellent agent for Fracture in Valorant. He is a Duelist, which means he is an agile and highly mobile agent. His kit makes him the perfect choice for aggressive and offensive playstyles.

His kit includes a stimpack that gives him a speed boost, a teleport that allows him to quickly reposition, a wall that can be used to block off choke points, and his ultimate ability, Showstopper, which is a powerful rocket launcher that can clear out entire rooms.

His mobility makes him ideal for quickly pushing into enemy territory and taking control of objectives. Raze is also a great choice for Fracture in Valorant because he is a strong duelist.

His kit allows him to quickly close the distance between himself and his opponents and take them down with ease. His stimpack and teleport will help him get into position quickly, and his wall will give him the cover he needs to stay safe during engagements. His Showstopper ultimate can be used to clear out entire areas, making it great for taking control of objectives. 

Overall, Raze is a great agent for Fracture in Valorant. His mobility and kit make him ideal for aggressive and offensive playstyles, and his dueling capabilities make him a strong pick for close-quarters engagements. He is sure to be a valuable asset for any Fracture team.

8. Sova

sova fracture best agents

Sova is an excellent agent for Fracture in Valorant. He is the perfect agent for the Map, as his abilities give him the mobility and vision needed to control the Map and get the best angles.

His Recon Bolt ability allows him to scout out the enemy team, giving him a huge advantage in planning his team’s strategy.

His Shock Bolt ability can be used to disrupt the enemy team’s plans and can be used to control choke points on the Map. His ultimate, the Owl Drone, gives him a bird’s eye view of the entire Map, allowing him to spot enemies from far away and even provide vision behind walls. 

Sova’s kit is very powerful for Fracture in Valorant and allows him to control the Map easily. His abilities give him the advantage he needs to get the upper hand in the mid-round, and his ultimate can be used to gain an advantage in the late-round.

In conclusion, Sova is a best agent for Fracture in Valorant, and his kit allows him to control the Map and get the best angles for his team.

9. Skye

skye best agent for fracture

Many can take this to their advantage when talking about how unfair Skye can get on fracture, as this agent is a perfect pick for this Map.

Her abilities to a close-quarter recon with the tiger even exceed Sova’s dominance on the fracture; the most common and undoubtedly the most effective strategy is to use flashes on the site while helping the teammates rush in.

Using her Seekers Ultimate ability, Skye can uncover and expose enemies hiding in the landscape!


If you want to improve your game and play like there is no tomorrow, Valorant, combined with fracture, is just what you need. Hope this guide helps those who are unable to select an agent for Valorant’s 7th Map.


A fracture map is a medium-sized map containing three main areas: the courtyard, the palace, and the garden. Also, there are corridors and smaller rooms that connect these main areas.

Palace B site, the Palace A ramp, and garden A are some popular places to plant the Spike on the Fracture.

What agent’s abilities are best for you depends on the player’s playstyle. But, in general, these are some best agents’ abilities for fracture maps – Sage’s healing orb, Cypher’s traps, and Jett’s blade.

Here are a few good abilities to use on the courtyard location on the fracture map –

  • Jett’s blades for quick flanking of enemies in the Courtyard.
  • Sage’s healing orb ability for healing wounded teammates.
  • Cypher’s traps for securing keys and gathering information about the courtyard location.

Here are the few agents combinations for defending on fracture map-

  • Sage, Cypher, and sage’s clone for reviving and healing teammates and setting up traps and surveillance.
  • Sage and Cypher for setting up traps and surveillance.

Here are the agent combinations for attacking Fracture are –

  • Cypher, Sage, and Breach for making openings and disabling enemy defenses.
  • Cypher, Jett, and Sage for gathering information.

The objective of a fracture map is the same as the objective of any other valorant map; that is, the attacking team must plant the Spike in one of two designated sites ( site A or Site B) and defend it until it detonates while the defending team must prevent the Spike from being planted or defuse it if it has been planted.

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