Best Viper Lineups on Bind

Best Viper Lineups on Bind

Bind is the Valorant’s hot and dry wasteland, an amazing map where you effectively play Viper. Bind is a somewhat complex map, and only a few agents are equipped to tackle such a map. Viper lineups are the best picks on this hard and complicated map.

Even though it is hard, Bind is a small map. It is ideal for an agent such as Viper, and with a few lineups, viper lineups can be invincible on a map like Bind. In this article, we will explore the best viper lineups on Bind and try to describe some of the molly lineups for post plants and retake defense.

Attacking Viper Lineups for Bind

The best thing about Viper lineups is that they can be used for both attacking and defending.

1. Snakebite Lineups

Viper Snakebite Lineup

I. For A Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

This Viper lineup is a very simple and easy-to-understand lineup. It makes it difficult for the enemy to soften the spikes and can give you some crucial rounds. In the lobby, just up the crate, there will be a garden on the second floor near the back wall. There, aim at the crosshairs and perform a normal throw (left click).

II. For A Bombsite Boxes Plant Lineup

This is another great Viper lineup. This is for the box factory location. When you mainly plant in this location, enemies will expect you to play from inside the bathroom. 

That way, you can surprise them, and they won’t know where the snake bite came from. In this lineup, you are also in a safe position. To do this, stand above the barrel near the entrance for a short circuit. Then line up your last HUD letter and do a normal scroll (left click).

III. For B Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

There are a few different queues for the default factory location in site B. This is not a very difficult style to break, but it will be difficult for the opponent to break the spear. If you’re in a 1v1 situation, the defender will have to check multiple angles so you can throw the snakebite and reposition yourself. 

Since you are also close to B main, you can quickly reset your position and get a view of the peak. Just stand near the left wall near the gate near B for a long time. Then draw the last white line as you see in the picture, and proceed to throw normally (left click).

2. Toxic Screen Lineups

Viper ToxicScreen Lineup

The Toxic screen lineup operates through the line of sight. Therefore, shooting it in the air or over a building will give it more range than just shooting it at the building.

I. For A Bombsite Toxic screen

This toxic screen lineup will completely block the enemies’ vision on the left side of the lineup. This makes it easy for you to enter the site and exert control over the plant zone.

II. For B Bombsite Toxic screen

This toxic screen lineup will block the enemies’ vision from the elbow, including the enemies’ teams. This kind of forces the enemy to reposition or forces them to play aggressively, passing through the toxic screen.

3. Poison Cloud Lineups

Viper Poison Cloud Lineups

I. For A Site Poison Cloud Lineup

The poison cloud lineup will completely block the enemies’ vision in heaven. The cloud formed combined with the poison is perfect for executing on the A site of the Bind map. Because of this, enemies will need to reposition themselves otherwise, they won’t be able to see or do anything.

II. For A Site Heaven Poison Cloud

This is a very easy and useful poison cloud that forces the enemies to reposition. Hence, you will have one less spot to take care of. To achieve this, you can stand on the edge of the corner near the stairs and aim at the triangle, and then jump-throw (left click).

Defensive Viper Lineups for Bind

Viper Defensive Lineups

1. Defending Site A of Bind

When it comes to defense, Viper’s Poison Cloud is more important than any other ability. Using it as a one-way smoking strategy is one of the most effective ways to monitor and defend your site. 

At the A site, players need to go near the entrance to the A Bath and get a box for using disposable smoke. Stand by the spikes in the crate and aim for the upper right corner of the red tile at the top of the door. This can cause unidirectional smoke when activated. Players can also use Snake Bite to resist the enemy invasion of the site and place a toxic screen to block the two entrances to the A site.

2. Defending B Site

In the B site poison cloud lineup, users need to stand in the corner near the entrance to the B garden and point the edge of the door frame to eye level. Then, they can throw it and land there, which later makes smoke in one direction.

Snake bites can also be used when enemies rush to the spot and try to do heath damage. You can also place a toxic screen and block the B Hookah and B Garden on the Valorant Bind map.


You can completely throw your enemies off with the Viper’s abilities, especially on a map like Bind. Thanks to the narrow passages into the bombsites A and B, Viper has a lot of value in maps like Bind. Viper is great for defense since Viper can slow down and delay advancing attackers. However, Viper works best as an attacker in Bind.

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