Best Sova Ascent Lineups For Valorant

Best Sova Ascent Lineups For Valorant

Sova is one of the most popular agents in Valorant, preferred by various players on maps like Bind, Fracture, Ascent, etc. While you’re playing as Sova and want to know which lineup would be best for you and your team members on the ascent map, then this article will help you out.

The best Sova ascent lineups for Valorant can be found below. This guide provides players with a comprehensive overview of the most viable options for a successful sova ascent. Whether you are looking for a straightforward training option or a more challenging challenge, these lineups have you covered.

With their unique abilities and playstyles, these agents can provide the perfect toolkit to help you reach the top of the leaderboard. Read on to find out which agents best suit your climbing goals.

Best Sova Ascent Lineups 

1. Attack Site A Recon Sova Arrows Ascent Lineup

sova arrows ascent

The Recon Sova Arrows ascent Lineup is one of the best approaches to attacking Site A in Valorant because it allows for a comprehensive attack.

Using a combination of port scanning, vulnerability scanning, password cracking, exploitation, privilege escalation, backdoor installs, data exfiltration, and denial of service, the attacker can gain access to the system and successfully steal sensitive data or disrupt access to the site.

The lineup covers all the bases necessary for a successful attack, making it one of the most effective approaches.

2. Attack Site B Recon Sova Arrows Ascent Lineup

ascent sova lineups

Attack Site B Recon Sova Arrows Ascent Lineup is one of the best approaches in Valorant because it focuses on using the unique abilities of each agent to create a powerful team composition.

It combines powerful area denial from Sova’s Recon Bolt, defensive utility from Phoenix’s Curveball, and mid-range accuracy from Jett’s Cloudburst.

This lineup allows the team to rotate quickly and gain back control of the map while allowing the team to make aggressive plays with the help of the agent’s utility. This lineup is also very flexible, allowing for different strategies depending on the situation.

3. Defense Site A Long Recon Arrow Lineup

sova lineups ascent defense

The Defense site A Long Recon Arrow Lineup is one of the best approaches in Valorant because it allows for a wide range of recon options and strategies. This approach makes it easier for the defending team to identify and respond to the enemy’s movements quickly.

The long recon arrow lineup allows for a more systematic approach to scouting, as it allows for a long line of sight and more time to react.

This approach also allows for more flexibility in terms of positioning, meaning that the defending team can adjust their positions based on the enemy team’s movements.

Overall, this approach is a great way to ensure that the defending team is able to react quickly and effectively while maintaining the ability to adjust and adapt to the enemy’s strategies.

4. Defense Site B Garage Recon Arrow Lineup

sova ascent lineups

Defense Site B garage recon arrow lineup allows for a lot of flexibility in how the team can approach the defense. The lineup allows for multiple angles of Attack, including the ability to use both the garage and the catwalk area to control the middle of the map.

This allows for great rotation options and the ability to move around the map to surprise the enemy quickly.

It also allows for multiple opportunities to set up traps and ambushes, making it an extremely effective way to control the middle of the map.

5. Site A Retake Recon Arrow

sova lineups ascent

Site A Retake is one of the best approaches in Valorant for several reasons. First, it allows for a two-pronged attack on the site, as the attacking team can come in from two different angles. This makes it difficult for the defending team to cover both angles effectively.

Secondly, the mid-site arrow allows the attacking team to have a good overview of the site and to coordinate their Attack effectively.

Finally, the Retake arrow is a great way to set up a surprise attack, as the attacking team can catch the defending team off guard by coming in from an unexpected angle.

6. Recon Bolt Site A Lineup

recon bolt sova arrows ascent

Recon Bolt Site A lineup allows teams to take control of the map by having a player on each of the three sites. This allows teams to keep a close eye on the map and allows them to rotate quickly to whichever site needs defending.

It also allows teams to create angles of Attack on the opposing team and create opportunities to surprise the enemy team with a sudden burst of firepower.

Additionally, by having a player on each site, teams can create a crossfire situation which can be difficult for the opposing team to deal with. Finally, it allows teams to take the initiative in the game, as the team that takes control of the map often has the upper hand in the game.

7. Recon Bolt Site B Lineup

recon bolt site b ascent sova lineups

Recon Bolt Site B lineup allows for a mix of both aggressive and passive playstyles. It allows for a combination of close-range and long-range strategies, allowing players to respond effectively to different situations.

It also allows for efficient use of the game’s environment, allowing players to utilize the map’s cover to their advantage. Finally, it allows for great flexibility and creativity, allowing players to develop their own strategies to outplay their opponents.

8. Recon Bolt Mid-Courtyard Lineup

recon bolt sova ascent lineups

The Recon Bolt Mid-Courtyard lineup gives players a great balance of utility and aggression. With the ability to lock down the mid-courtyard with heavy zoning, the Recon Bolt lineup can make it difficult for opponents to enter the site, allowing your team to gain control of the area.

Additionally, the lineup provides a great deal of utility to support your team with smokes, flashes, and other crowd-control abilities, while still providing enough firepower to push into enemy positions.

Finally, the lineup’s aggressive nature allows your team to take control of the mid-court quickly, giving your team the advantage in most rounds.

9. Double Shock Dart Attack A Lineup

double shock sova ascent lineups

The Double Shock Dart Attack A lineup allows teams to take control of the map quickly. This strategy involves two players taking aggressive positions with Shock Darts and Suppression Grenades to gain map control and quickly establish a strong defensive line.

This strategy is especially effective on maps with multiple angles of Attack, as the aggressive positions of the Shock Darts and Suppression Grenades can help cover multiple angles at once.

Additionally, the Suppression Grenades can be used to deny enemies from pushing onto sites or finding flanking routes. This strategy is highly effective at giving teams an early advantage and can be seen in many professional matches.

10. Defense Site A double Shock Dart Anti-Plant Arrow

defense site a sova arrows ascent

The double shock dart anti-plant arrow lineup is a great approach in Valorant. It is a very effective way to counter the opponent’s plant.

The double shock dart allows you to push your opponents back and keep them away from the plant, while the anti-plant arrow prevents them from planting in the first place. This combination makes it very difficult for the enemy to plant, allowing your team to take control of the map and gain an advantage.


The best Sova ascent lineups for Valorant provide a great way for teams to gain an advantage in the game. With the right strategies and team composition, players can use Sova’s ultimate to gain the upper hand in a match.

While there is no one definitive Sova ascent lineup, players should experiment and find the right composition that works best for their team. With the right team, Sova can be an invaluable asset in Valorant.


You should use sova to secure key areas and force enemies out of cover to gain an advantage on the Ascent map with Sova lineups. You can also use lineups to create opportunities for your team to pick off enemies and gain map control.

In order to adapt your Sova lineups to different enemy team compositions on the Ascent map, you should be aware of enemy tactics and adjust your lineups accordingly. For example, if the enemy team is playing aggressively, you may need to use more defensive lineups to counter the enemy’s push.

Common mistakes to avoid when using Sova lineups on Ascent include the following:

  • Using lineups in predictable locations.
  • Using lineups at the wrong time.
  • Not communicating with your team.

To use Owl Drone effectively on the Ascent map, you should start by scouting areas that are difficult to access or dangerous for a human.

To use Recon Bolt effectively, you should aim for areas where enemies are likely to be, such as corners and choke points.

To use Shock Darts effectively on the Ascent map, you should aim for enemies with high-traffic areas and choke points. You can also use Shock Darts to clear corners and force enemies out of cover.

A good Sova lineup is precise, efficient, and highly successful. A good lineup should also be versatile, able to be used in different situations and adapted to the enemy team’s tactics.

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