How to Destroy All 3 Piglin Outposts in Minecraft Legends 

How to Destroy All 3 Piglin Outposts in Minecraft Legends 

Minecraft Legends is a brand new installment from Mojang based heavily on the most famous sandbox game of all time “Minecraft”. Ever wanted Minecraft to have that little more action in terms of fights and defeating mobs? Well, Minecraft Legends is just for you then, players in this world can play with their strategic skills. Get ready to protect Villages, destroy evil piglin outposts, and Build because this is Minecraft

To win the game and to make sure you encounter fewer evil piglins you need to destroy the evil Piglin Outposts without losing tons of resources in the process. After the first battle in the game players are introduced to the 3 Piglin Outposts. Getting close to destroying these outposts is not an easy task even for veteran Minecraft players.

There are 3 Piglin Outposts to destroy, Starting off with The Blaze Rod Tower Outpost, The Nether Spreader Outpost, and the Gated Outpost, The order in which you have to destroy these outposts is totally a choice of the player.

How to Destroy Various Piglin Outposts in Minecraft Legends?

1. How to Destroy the Blaze Rod Tower Outpost?..

The Blaze Rod Tower, found in the Southeast of the Well of Fate, is typically the first outpost to be destroyed, as it is considered the easiest of the three. This outpost consists of two tall Blaze Towers and a Piglin Pit, each guarded by their own Piglin army. It is recommended that players destroy the Piglin Pit first to avoid being overwhelmed by the continuously spawning Piglins.

To take down the outposts, players will need Cobblestone Golems to destroy the structures and Plank Goblins to fend off Piglins. It is best to use Cobblestone Golems to attack the towers and Plank Goblins to deal with Piglins. Bringing extra Cobblestone Golems is recommended, as they are highly effective in bringing down the towers.

To destroy the Blaze Rod Piglin Tower Outposts, players should face their character towards a tower and command the Cobblestone Golems to attack. Once the blue flag appears, players can expect the Golems to charge toward and attack the tower. The towers will begin to crumble as the Golems continue their assault. Once the first tower is destroyed, players can focus on the other one.

The order in which the Piglin Outposts are destroyed does not matter as long as all of them are destroyed eventually. Nonetheless, the Blaze Rod Tower is a good starting point, given its relative ease compared to the others. Remember to prioritize the destruction of the Piglin Pit to make the battle easier.

2. How to Destroy The Nether Spreader Outpost?

The Nether Spreader Outpost, the second tower, is marked on the map by the red Netherrack surrounding it in Minecraft Legends. Despite looking very intimidating, it is actually the second easiest outpost to destroy. The outpost consists of multiple towers, called the Nether Spreaders, which move up and down and deal a significant amount of damage if the player is standing too close.

To destroy the outpost, the player should use Cobblestone Golems to attack the towers and the Piglin Pits, while keeping a safe distance. It’s important to destroy the Piglin Pits first to prevent the continuous spawning of Piglins. Once the towers and pits are destroyed, the Nether Spreader Outpost will be successfully taken down.

The Cobblestone Golems are effective in attacking the Spreaders, despite suffering damage in the process. The towers emit a red smoke that causes damage to both the player and the Golems. To destroy the towers, the player should keep their distance and use the Golems to attack.

It may take a few minutes to completely bring down the towers, but once they are destroyed, move on to the next outpost. The process of destroying the Gated Minecraft Legends Piglin Outpost is similar to the Nether Spreader Outpost.

3. How to Destroy The Gated Outpost?

How to Destroy The Gated Outpost?

The Gated Minecraft Legends Piglin Outpost is widely considered the toughest of the three outposts and demands significant effort to overcome. The outpost is obstructed by barricades and a lava river, but with Allays’ help, players can easily access it.

The Ramp Player Building Melody can create a bridge over the lava that needs to be crossed to reach the outpost. Players need to be mindful of the Piglins, who may destroy the bridge; however, they can construct a new one if they have enough resources.

To enter the Outpost itself, players must break through a gate. They can command their Cobblestone Golems to attack the gate by just facing it, and once it’s down, players can proceed inside.

Upon entering the Outpost, players need to destroy two Piglin Pits to demolish it entirely. To accomplish this, they can divide their Golem group in half and instruct each group to attack one of the pits. While the Golems are attacking the pits, players need to fend off any Piglins that emerge. Once the pits are destroyed, the entire Outpost will crumble.


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