How to Increase Mob Limits in Minecraft Legends – Trick that Works

How to Increase Mob Limits in Minecraft Legends

Mobs are important in Minecraft Legends because they help players in battle. However, if you opt to establish a personal army in Minecraft Legends, you will have to first unlock the mobs and you will run into issues with mob restrictions. Still, the limit issue can be resolved by increasing it, which is a difficult process.

Given that the game is still relatively new, many players have been unsure about how to do so. In the game, you must collect several types of mobs to form your own mob army. The unfortunate reality is that, while you may expand your mob army, there is a mob cap. This basically restricts the maximum number of mob spawns you can obtain. However, don’t worry because there is a way to exceed this limit and expand your mob even further. 

Learn how to increase the mob limit in Minecraft Legends with this article. While the feature appears to be minor, it benefits everyone regardless of gaming experience or other details.

How to Increase Mob Limits in Minecraft Legends?

The default mob limit in Minecraft Legends is 20. To construct a formidable army, you’ll need to dramatically boost this cap. This can be accomplished by constructing Flames of Creation upgrades at the Well of Fate. Here’s a breakdown of the two Flames of Creation enhancements:

  • Flames of Creation: Each of these upgrades increases your mob limit by four. They are $200 in stone, $200 in Prismarine, and $25 in gold.
  • Flames of Creation +: This upgrade provides a more significant increase, raising your mob maximum by 10. They are, however, more expensive: 400 stone, 400 Prismarine, and 100 gold.

Get Flames of Creation Improvement

You can get this Improvement by spending money. Each standard upgrade raises your mob limit by four. The Large upgrade, on the other hand, would boost your Mob limit by ten. However, given the amount of resources required, I do not believe it is worthwhile. In any case, the following materials are necessary to create the improvements: 

Improvement: Flames of Creation:

  • 200 x Stone
  • 200 x Prismarine
  • 25 x Gold

Improvement: Large Flames of Creation

  • 400 x Prismarine
  • 100 x Gold
  • 400 x Stone

You can also obtain the Banner Improvement in addition to the aforementioned. It is just as crucial to control your spawned mob as it is to increase the mob limit. This Improvement would grant you authority over all of your mobs. You could control 15 more mobs with a single Banner Improvement. You can make this at the Well of Fate in exchange for some materials.

Improvement: Banner

  • 100 x Prismarine
  • 25 x Gold
  • 100 x Stone

How to Manage a Mob Army in Minecraft Legends?

You’ve successfully boosted your mob counts! However, it is critical to efficiently manage your new mob army. Use banner upgrades to control your extra mobs and make sure they’re working for you. Remember that when it comes to unleashing the full potential of your mob army, proper banner placement can make all the difference.


There you go! Now you know how you can increase mob limits in Minecraft Legends. In Minecraft Legends, building a big, powerful army mob is critical to fighting the Piglin invasion.

You can construct an unstoppable force capable of taking on any obstacle by investing in Flames of Creation and Banner upgrades. As you can see, it is a quite costly process that necessitates the use of Stone, Diamond, and Gold. Still, it is critical to progress in the game, and gives you the best chance when fighting Piglins.

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