How To Unlock First Mobs And Their Locations in Minecraft Legends

How To Unlock First Mobs And Their Locations in Minecraft Legends

“The First” are some of the most powerful companions that players in Minecraft Legends may recruit for their armies. Before they went to sleep, these Golems worked to build the world, and their relics can be found all around the Overworld. When fighting the Piglin Hordes, each of the Minecraft Legends First might be a player’s greatest ally and provides a unique set of benefits.

This article will detail where you can find the First mobs and how you can revive them.

All Known Minecraft Legends Firsts Mobs

The first is a set of mobs that you can unlock as you go through the game. There are four of them that you may unlock, and there is no right or wrong way to get them. Each First has a distinct ability that makes them all useful in their own way. 

There are four Firsts in Minecraft Legends, and each one may be obtained by consuming specific materials. The four Minecraft Legends Firsts you can obtain are detailed below, along with the benefits they can bring to a conflict:

  • First of Stone: Throws large boulders at Piglins
  • First of Diorite: Spawns other Golems
  • First of Brick: Creates shields to protect allies
  • First of Oak: Powerful ranged attacks using a cannon

Once you’ve obtained the Firsts, they’ll wait for you wherever you spawn and fight alongside you for as long as you bring them. They are one of the most effective mobs to fight and are extremely powerful; thus, the effort is well worth it.

First Mobs Locations in Minecraft Legends

1. First of Stone

first of stone mob in minecraft legend

The First of Stone use their enormous power to hurl big rocks at piglins. They are extremely useful when you require hostile mobs to concentrate on a single victim.

The Meadow biomes are frequently home to the First Of Stone. But, like other mobs, you’ll have to walk around looking for them.

2. First Of Diorite

first of diorite mob in minecraft legends

The First Of Diorite can create more golems to fight alongside you. The First of Diorite is best employed on the front lines alongside the First of Stone because if you run out of troops, the First of Diorite can save you a trip to a spawner.

Head to the Jagged Peak biome to find a First Of Diorite.

3. First Of Brick

first of brick mob in minecraft legend

The First Of Brick is a helper horde. They can use their shield to protect any friendly mobs in the area. When you first storm a base, this is the greatest time to employ them. Their shield can frequently provide you enough time to smash the first gate in your path.

You’ll find the First Of Brick sleeping in the Dry Savanna biomes. While you’re there, you should check out the Tiger Mount as well.

4. First Of Oak

first of a oak mob in minecraft legend

The First Of Oak possesses a strong cannon capable of launching ranged assaults. It’s preferable to keep them in the back with the Skeletons. If you’re lucky, other hostile mobs in the area will target the First, giving the Skeletons a chance to fight back.

You must travel the Badlands biomes to discover the First Of Oak. They can be found napping anywhere in the vicinity.

Unlocking Up First Mobs in Minecraft Legends

When you find the remains of a First, the guardians will tell you to go back to the Well of Fate and make the Wake the Firsts Improvement. It takes 100 Gold and 100 Prismarine to construct, and you only need one to resurrect all four Titans. 

Return to the Firsts locations, which will appear on the in-game map once you find their final resting place, and spend the required materials to make a new companion. You shouldn’t require the capacity to carry more resources to revive them, but having more Gold always helps.

You’ll need to spend some extra money to get them on your side in addition to purchasing the Wake the First Improvements. If you lose track of these titans or they die in battle after resurrecting them, you can find them in any town or the Well of Fate. All of the Firsts’ revival costs are listed below:

  • First of Stone – 100 Gold and 500 Stone
  • First of Brick – 100 Gold and 125 Iron
  • First of Oak – 100 Gold and 500 Wood
  • First of Diorite – 100 Gold and 125 Coal

You can then return and reawaken these creatures. You’ll need Gold and another resource, so ensure you have plenty on hand.

After the cutscene, the First will be yours. They will spawn and battle alongside you if you return to a fountain.


Each of The First is a powerful mob with a unique specialty, such as the First of Oak’s tremendously powerful long-range blows or the First of Stone’s boulder-throwing attack, which has the potential to demolish large buildings.

That’s all we have about Minecraft Legends Firsts, how to wake them, and where they can be found. These improvements also enable units under players to collect more diverse and one-of-a-kind resources near the Well of Fate. Because Minecraft Legends is a randomly generated game, figuring out how to collect Prismarine and use it for upgrades is critical to progressing and conquering obstacles.

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