Fallout 4 Creation Kit Multiple Masters & How to Install Guide

Fallout 4 Creation Kit Multiple Masters

Having released way back in 2015, Fallout 4 still has managed to keep a stronghold over its audience. Thanks to its immersive gameplay and gripping storyline, this action RPG is undoubtedly one of the best games of the past decade. From a mechanical resistance to battling waves and waves of infectious molerats, Fallout 4 leaves nothing to the imagination. Since its release, Bethesda has made several significant improvements to the game in the form of expansion packs. 

One such cool expansion mod is the Fallout 4 creation kit multiple masters. As the name suggests, this expansion mod automatically adds all the craftable junk items containing the basic settlement structure. The creation kit multiple masters is generally visible in working interior lights, fireplaces, and exterior doors. In addition, the creation kit lets you shift your character from Charisma, local leader, and template. 

This article will walk you through the entire Fallout 4 creation kit guide. Also, we have included a guide on how to install the creation masters guide. 

Fallout 4 Character Build

Fallout 4 Character Build

Those seasoned in the game know that character building is one of the coolest features of Fallout 4. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or someone who is just starting Fallout 4; you are guaranteed to have fun in the character-building experience. Character building happens when you meet the Vault-tec salesman in a tutorial in Fallout 4. Here, the salesman will present you with seven attributes and ask you to make a choice. Every attribute comes with a numeric value that affects your raw abilities. Then, there are special attributes that give you perks like hacking, damage, and so on.

1. Fallout 4 Creation Kit Multiple Masters

You will first need to enable the creation kit in the control systems. Only then the creation kit will be able to build master files. Enabling the control system automatically integrates the ESP data with the master ESM file, controlled by the ESP data. In the case of a mod, these ESP data files are edited to edit the ESM files in the Fallout 4 masters creation kit. Upon the successful creation of an ESP file, it automatically converts file meta and extensions to Masters. 

2. Fallout Creation Kit Multiple Masters Fix

Over the time, majority of the multiple master kit files have failed to load up upon starting Fallout 4. Which has left many people asking, “how to load multiple master files in creation kit?” There is a solution using which you can fix this problem. To load the multiples masters files, follow the given steps.

Step 1. On the first line of CreationKit.ini and CreationKitPrefs.ini, place BallowMutlipleMasters.

Step 2. Next, go to the Fallout 4 folder on your system.

Step 3. In the folder, locate and open the Fallout4.ini file

Step 4. Next, find the Resource Archive List.

Step 5. The file will look something like this.


DLCCCoast-Main.ba2, DLCRobot- Main.ba2, DLCWorkshop.ba2. DLCWorkshop01-Main.ba2

How To Rollback Fallout 4?

At times, no fix will be able to help you solve the problem. In such cases, rolling back the entire application can do the job. There are different ways to rollback Fallout 4. Here are some of the different ways using which you can rollback Fallout 4.

1. Fallout 4 Manifest ID

Using the below-mentioned command, you can roll back Fallout 4 on your system.

download_depot[Game ID] [Depot Id] [Manifest ID].

To know your Manifest ID, follow the givens steps.

Step 1. Go to SteamDB

Step 2. In the search bar, type in your Fallout 4 Base Game ID

Step 3. Hit Enter

Step 4. You will now be redirected to SteamDB

Step 5. Here, search for Fallout 4 Page

Step 6. Next, go to the Manifest Tab

Step 7. Here, you can get Fallout.exe versions 

Step 8. Locate the version which you need with the Manifest ID

Step 9. Download

2. Fallout 4: Downgrade

The majority of the application updates are automatically updated every time Fallout 4 breaks the Script Extender. However, some updates need to be downloaded manually to work with the version. But some of the updates may not be compatible with the Fallout 4 version you are running. Therefore, you will replace the old files to downgrade Fallout 4. To downgrade Fallout 4, you can use the Stream Bootstrapper to replace the new files with the old ones and vice versa.

3. Fallout 4 1.10.162 Rollback

The company has been rolling periodic updates about Fallout 4. Every new update has new and exciting content for everyone to look out for. Bethesda’s latest patch is for Xbox, PS4, and PC. the overall size is 1.40 GB. Despite the large file size, this delayed multiple masters creation kit has exciting new weapons such a CR-74L Rifles, customized suits, cannons, etc. 

4. Fallout 4: Script Extender

This is another great resource for modders. As we mentioned earlier, updates are automatically updated when Fallout 4 breaks the Script Extender. This is because the script extender largely extends the scripting possibilities of the game. However, note that this does NOT modify any executable files present on the disk, nor does it affect your gameplay. 

How To Revert To The Previous Version In Fallout 4?

The revert to the previous version in Fallout 4, follow the given steps.

NOTE: This guide is ONLY for Steam users. Therefore, ensure that you have access to Steam consoles.

Step 1. Open your Notepad

Step 2. Open the Steam Console

Step 3. Next, go to the following website https://steamdb.info

Step 4. Here, search for Fallout 4

Step 5. Now, note down the Application ID, depot ID, and the manifest ID on the notepad.

Step 6. Next, note down the manifest ID of the version you want to download

Step 7. Download the version

Step 8. The download will automatically finish in the steam console.

Fallout 4 Bethesda Mods

Fallout 4 Bethesda Mods

Here are some of the top-listed Bethesda Mods available for Fallout 4.

  • Another Life
  • Armorsmith Extended
  • Craftable Ammo
  • Darker Nights
  • DEF_UI
  • Full Dialogue Interface
  • Homemaker
  • True Storms
  • Script Extender

Fallout 4 Creation Kit Not Launching

This is a recurring problem several Fallout players have reported in the past. To fix this, you will need to install the directory of Fallout 4. To do this, go to the folder in your system where you have installed the game. It should be the path mentioned below.

 C:\Programme Files(X86)\Steam\SteamAppps\Common\Fallout 4. 

After you navigate to the above-mentioned path, create a shortcut named CreationKit.exe. Now launch the game. 

How To Mod On Fallout 4?

As we mentioned earlier in the game, the creation kit integrates the ESP data onto the ESM file. However, you cannot create a master of ESP since the creation kit does not accept ESP to become a master of ESP. And without the ESP, you are practically helpless as you cannot modify anything. But to tackle this, you can configure a particular ESP to remember ESP. Once you have achieved this, you can create a new mod and use the old ESP.

The Bottom Line

We hope our article was able to successfully walk you through the Multiple Creation Masters Kit in Fallout. Also, we have included a few fixes that will help you fix the problems related to the Masters Kit not loading. If you think we might have missed a few fixes, be sure to drop down your suggestions in the comment section below.

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