Fallout 4 Virgil’s Serum Location | Ultimate Guide (2023)

Fallout 4 Virgil’s Serum Location

If you have been straying away from your journal, you might have landed yourself in an interaction with the scientist, Virgil. If you happen to take his help to infiltrate the Institute, you would know of the favor he asks you for in return. And, if you want to fulfill that promise, you might be wandering in search of Virgil’s serum location. After all, why wouldn’t you want to help a man transform in peace? 

Now, the catch is that you are on the clock here. Take too long, and you can forget a victory, even if you bring the serum to Virgil. So, here’s a little tip: stock up on healing items and gear up for some violence; as for how to get Virgil’s serum, read fallout 4 Virgil serum location guide to know more.

Where is Virgil’s Serum Located?

Since this quest does not feature in your journal, you will need to perform a specific few actions to be able to unlock this one. So, a little self-fed exploration will go a long way if this quest is on your agenda. In your main storyline, you will unlock a quest named ‘The Glowing See’ that requires you to locate Virgil. 

He is usually there at the Rocky Cave, where you must go and prod him for more information that will, in turn, assist your entry into the Institute. During the course of the conversation, he will ask you for a cure that will help him recover from his unwanted physical mutations.

You have the choice to find Virgil’s serum before you dip your feet into the main storyline progression (quest ‘Institutionalized’), where you will meet and tell Father that you wish to work for the Institute to allow free access around the location. At any point during this, you might come across the Bioscience department and see the blocked backdoor to the FEV lab. 

Hack into the terminal and go ahead inside. You will find the main room with mutants stored in large pods filled with some strange green substance. There’ll be a small container on the desk: the ‘Experimental Serum’ is what you are looking for.

You may access the FEV Lab after beginning a side quest for the Institute (A House Divided). Newton Oberly will open an alternative route for you that lets you enter without hacking into the terminal. However, you will need to destroy all robots and turrets on your path this way.

Here’s an in-depth guide to Virgil’s serum location;

Head to the Institute

You should be able to fast travel to the Institute unless you have irked some residents. Getting to the Institute is the first step. 

Locate the Bioscience Lab

Next in line is looking for the Bioscience lab. It has the words marked under the symbol to help you identify the lab. Once inside, find the FEV lab at the back, shielded by a novice-level lock, which means anyone can pick their way inside.

Inside FEV – Fight for the Serum

This is a heavily protected area, guarded by turrets and a nasty Assaultron. Tread carefully, as you remain unsure of when the real threats of the area can appear. After you slay the Assaultron, nothing major of note will come up. Maybe just 5 or 6 turrets and tons of materials, but that’s about it.

The lab will look like it’s been entirely abandoned. Tread through the hallways, and you will see the serum machine. You may use a terminal towards the end to make your way out and back into the Institute. You can bring the serum to Virgil at his Rocky Cave in the Glowing Sea.

Note, if you are going down the evil path, you may con Virgil into killing himself with three speech checks. He won’t have the guts for it, so you might have to do the job after he is convinced. You can take his Virgil’s Laser rifle that does +50% damage to super mutants and is, therefore, one of the best sniper rifles and automatic weapons in the game. 


That’s all there is to know about how to get Virgil’s serum. Act as per Virgil’s request and wait around for a week of the game’s time (or use the bed a few more times) and meet him again. He will consume the cure, and it will succeed with Virgil returning to his original form. You are here rewarded with full freedom to venture into and use the items of Virgil’s lab. 

However, if you want an alternate ending, use Charisma during your last interaction with Virgil and lie to him about not finding the cure in the Institute. Fallout is known for choices, so make use of them as and when possible to unlock a whole new side to the game.

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