Half Orc Fighter | The Complete Guide

Half Orc Fighter The Complete Guide

Half-orcs are usually dismissed by many. Their racial characteristics usually limit them to modest martial builds. In films and fiction, orcs are often portrayed as ferocious savages. As a result, even characters’ backstories are sometimes limited to a few alternatives.

Because it lacks subraces and, unlike the half-elf, no mutations have been discovered, the half-orc race offers minimal adaptability.

Despite their outward look, Half-Orcs in D&D 5e has the potential to become the most powerful, rugged, and proud members of any adventuring party.

Half-Orcs frequently fight with orc tribes or mingle with humans who have adopted them in conventional D&D 5elore. Players who want to build brutally honest characters can create a Half-Orc for their side.

This guide will help you create a compelling half-orc fighter character for your next D&D game.

How To Create Half Orc Fighter

When rolling Fighter characters like barbarian, rogue, samurai you must decide what weapon or fighting style you want. Dexterity should be your highest ability score if you plan to become an archer. 

However, any fighting style involving melee weapons is best for Half-Orcs fighters. Strength is the highest ability score needed for users of melee weapons. There is a +2 increase in this ability score for half-orcs and a +1 increase in the Constitution, making them more durable.

There are three martial archetypes or Fighter subclasses mentioned in the Player Handbook.

  1. Champion
  2. Battle Master
  3. Eldritch Knight

When you roll your character’s ability scores first, your subclass can impact how those scores are assigned.

If you choose the Eldritch Knight’s path, Intelligence should be your top ability score. The Champion subclass is the most effective subclass for Half-Orcs. The Battle Master archetype, on the other hand, will make you more combat-adaptable.

Half Orc Fighter Trait

Half-Orcs inherit the characteristics of both Orcs and Humans; therefore, they have both the Intelligence of Humans and the physical prowess of Orcs, from the teeth to the muscles. Thankfully, Orc tribes place more value on combat prowess than on outward appearance.

Here are some common traits of the half-orcs:

  1. Ability Score Increase: STR+2, CON+1
  2. Age: They age faster than typical humans and live for a shorter period than humans until 75.
  3. They are of medium build with 5ft to 6ft and fast walking speed
  4. They lean towards chaotic alignments and enjoy the adventure with their orc brethren.
  5. Racial Features include:
    1. Darkvision
    2. Menacing
    3. Endurance
    4. Savage attacks

How To Play As Half Orc Fighter

How To Play As Half Orc Fighter

It’s interesting to role-play as a Half-Orc Fighter. You can experience increased attention to your race in some campaigns. You might need to concentrate on other topics, like politics, because Half-Orcs might be as prevalent on other campaigns as Humans or Elves.

The majority of actors that portray Half-Orcs have brash attitudes and deep, harsh voices. Using your version, you can follow suit or buck convention.

You can also play your half-orc as a nobility. Or portray a character who was raised in a safe environment and ignorant of the horrors and tragedies in the real world. There is no requirement that half-Orcs be savage and vicious.

Best Half Orc Classes

1. Barbarian

orc fighter 5e barbarian

Barbarian class is a natural choice for half-orcs. Although Strength and Constitution are desirable Ability Score Increases, the benefits extend beyond. When the Barbarian generally has nothing to do with social situations, mastery of intimidation gives you a choice.

Savage Attacks are a wonderful precursor to Brutal Critical, while Relentless Endurance will keep you alive in the face of Reckless Attacks.

2. Fighter

half orc warrior fighter

Any fighter archetype can benefit from the Half-Orc. Heavy armor makes it simple to use strength-based builds, and Relentless Endurance, in addition to the Constitution boost, will keep you alive if you decide to skip a shield. 

While you don’t get Reckless Attack or Brutal Critical skills like the Barbarian, the Fighter still gets a total of 4 attacks at high levels, and if you Shove enemies prone, you still get Advantage on your attacks against them, so you can still land several high-damage critical strikes. 

3. Paladin

d&d 5e half orc fighter paladin

Although it’s not as simple as going with the Barbarian or the Fighter, this is still a fantastic option. Although the Paladin benefits greatly from Charisma, they do not always require a boost at the first level. If you’re acting as the face of your party, Strength, Constitution, and Intimidation all function just fine.

4. Druid

half orc fighter 5e druid

Circle of the Moon is a possibility because Savage Attacks and Relentless Endurance both function in wild shape, which gives the ordinary Half-Orc a tiny advantage in terms of lethality and durability. Take into account the Mark of Finding for other circles.

5. Ranger

orc fighter ranger

Strength-based builds are challenging but not impossible. The Half-Orc is not my first pick for such a construct, but it is certainly viable.


Orcs are usually considered evil, savages, and non-charming. But you can definitely play around with a half orc fighter character and give them an interesting backstory and a good build to play with.

Half-orcs imbibe the characters of both fighter-orcs and charming, skillful humans. That’s the best combination. If you want some challenge and uniqueness in your next D&D 5e campaign, here is a good way to do it.


Barbarian and Fighter are the best and most natural classes for half-orc. They immensely benefit from the strength and Constitution and make up a really good strength-based build.

The other three good choices classes are the Paladin, Druid, and Ranger. These can be a good alternative if you do not want a strictly strength-based class.

Half-orcs age faster than typical humans at the age of 14, so it makes sense for your half-orc to be older than that or at least even close to that age if you want to take the route of child-prodigy.

Half-Orcs live around the same time as humans at around 75 years, so you do not even want them to be too old.

Half-Orcs are, again, as tall as humans. They have typical human heights of about 5ft to 6ft. You can surely make an exception and make your character taller at 7ft if that is what you like, but that would be a rarity and not the norm.

Yes, half-orcs can swim just like other humans. Water isn’t a weakness for them, unlike Orcs, since they also have human genes. To make it more interesting, you can make them water phobic stating they have more Orc genes.

Half-Orcs can wear armor.

Yes, half-orcs can be paladins. Despite being more complicated than the Barbarian or Fighter, this is still a fantastic option. Paladins benefit greatly from Charisma, but they do not always need a boost at the first level. When you’re acting as your party’s face, Strength, Constitution, and Intimidation all work well.

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