How To Equip Arrows And How To Switch Arrows In Elden Ring?

How To Equip Arrows And How To Switch Arrows In Elden Ring

Elden Ring provides players with a selection of weapons and items to employ in conflict as an action role-playing game set in a large and open universe. One such instrument is the bow and arrow, a ranged weapon that is very effective at eliminating adversaries at a distance.

However, players must understand how to equip and switch arrows in order to wield this weapon properly. This article will go over how to equip arrows in Elden Ring and how to switch between various arrow types while playing the game.

How To Equip Arrows In Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, equipping arrows is a rather simple process. Players must have a bow equipped in their first weapon slot to begin. They can use the designated button to access their inventory once they have a bow in hand. They can then choose the kind of arrow they want to use and add it to their quick slots.

Players can access their fast slots by tapping the correct button during combat to equip arrows. This will open a menu that lists all of the gear and weapons that are currently mounted in the quick slots. After choosing their preferred arrow type, players can shoot by pressing the corresponding button.

It’s significant to remember that various arrow varieties affect foes in different ways. For instance, poison arrows might gradually deplete an opponent’s health over time, while fire arrows can do additional damage to foes who are vulnerable to fire. Learning how to equip arrows in Elden Ring takes some practice, but having the ability to quickly switch between various arrow kinds may be immensely helpful in the fight.

How To Switch Arrows In Elden Ring? 

In Elden Ring, switching arrows is a crucial ability to master if you want to defeat foes successfully. Depending on the platform you’re using to play, switching arrows requires a slightly different procedure, but the fundamental stages are the same.

The number keys are the simplest way for PC users to switch arrows. Players can swiftly swap between different arrow types by pressing the key that corresponds to each type of arrow’s assigned number. Another choice is to scroll between the various arrow types using the mouse wheel.

Switching arrows is done on the PS4 and Xbox One by using the D-pad. The various arrow kinds can be switched between by pressing left or right on the D-pad while pressing up equips a group of arrows. Additionally, players can activate a quick menu by pressing and holding the left bumper (LB) or L1 button to enable even quicker arrow swapping.

It’s critical to remember that making quick and effective arrow changes can mean the difference between victory and defeat in battle. You may easily defeat even the most difficult foes in Elden Ring if you take the time to practice swapping arrows until it comes naturally.

Getting The Most Powerful Bow ( Lion Greatbow ) In Elden Ring 

switch arrows in elden ring

Finding the Lion Greatbow in Elden Ring is a difficult task, but it is well worth the effort. This strong bow is a favorite among gamers that choose ranged combat because it can do tremendous damage at a great distance.

Players must defeat the game’s last boss in order to enter the secret space behind them and obtain the Lion Greatbow. A formidable foe known as the Lion Knight is present in this region, and upon defeat, he drops the prized Lion Greatbow.

It is difficult to defeat the Lion Knight, though. To stand a chance against this deadly monster, players must have top-tier equipment, weaponry, and skills. The struggle is also made more difficult by the restricted amount of room for movement in the region.

The Lion Great bow, however, will prove to be a useful addition to their arsenal for those who fight through and succeed, enabling them to easily take out adversaries at a distance.

How To Craft Arrows For The Greatbow?

How To Craft Arrows For The Greatbow?

A crafting station and particular supplies are needed to make arrows for the Lion Greatbow. Players must first gather Greatwood and Dried Root resources from the surrounding area or by taking out adversaries.

The next step is for players to visit a crafting location, like a workbench or a blacksmith, and choose the option to create arrows. The player must choose the kind of arrow they want to make from the crafting menu, such as Iron or Fire arrows, and then utilize Greatwood and Dried Root to finish the task.

It’s vital to remember that making arrows in Elden Ring takes a lot of time and materials, so players must be wise about how they use this priceless ammo.

Best Bows In Elden Ring

Bow TypeDamageRangedurabilityweight
Pulley BowGreatbow180long6012
Serpent BowComposite Bow130medium708
Horn BowShort Bow90medium503

The Pulley Bow, which has a high damage output and a long-range, is the most potent bow in the game. However, it is challenging to operate properly due to its heavy weight and poor durability.

With a respectable damage output and exceptional endurance, the longbow is a dependable choice for long-distance warfare. It is also simple to operate due to its lightweight construction. The Serpent Bow is a multipurpose composite bow with respectable durability, good damage, and range.

The Horn Bow is a quick-firing, lightweight weapon that excels in close-quarters combat. Although it produces less damage than other alternatives, players nevertheless like it because of its lightweight and quick attack speed.

This is all about equipping the arrow in Elden Ring. If you’re intrigued to know about the questline and characters in Elden Ring, you should definitely check out the articles listed below.


Elden Ring offers gamers a variety of bow and arrow alternatives. Success in the game depends on the player’s ability to equip and switch arrows, which they must rehearse to master. It is a difficult but worthwhile undertaking to obtain the Lion Greatbow, and making arrows for it takes special materials and a manufacturing station.

Last but not least, some of the best bows in the game include the Pulley Bow, Longbow, Serpent Bow, and Horn Bow, each of which has a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. In Elden Ring, players can substantially improve their combat skills and beat even the most difficult foes by becoming proficient with bows and arrows.

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