What Happened To Iji In Elden Ring? Who Killed Iji?

What Happened To Iji In Elden Ring

The much-anticipated action role-playing game Elden Ring from creator FromSoftware has been making waves in the gaming world. The fate of War Counselor Iji, a significant figure in the game’s narrative, is one of the primary mysteries that gamers are eager to solve.

Iji had a reputation for being a dependable advisor to Queen Marika, so when he abruptly vanished, players began to wonder what had happened to him and who might have been to blame. We shall go into Iji’s disappearance narrative and examine some of the ideas concerning his fate in this post.

Why Did Iji Die in Elden Ring? 

Why Did Iji Die in Elden Ring? 

It’s unclear why War Counselor Iji perished in Elden Ring. However, Iji may have been slain by a strong enemy or a group of adversaries based on the information currently accessible from the game’s storyline and trailers.

Iji was a dependable counselor to Erdtree’s monarch, and the many battles the kingdom fought benefited greatly from his knowledge of military strategy and tactics. But it seems that Iji may have made a serious error or miscalculation that resulted in his premature death.

Iji’s demise might have been a part of a longer, more intricate plot since the Elden Ring universe is famed for its eerie and enigmatic lore. Players may find more hints and details regarding the circumstances behind Iji’s death as they explore the game’s expansive open world and encounter various personalities and creatures.

What Are Iji’s Regrets? 

Iji was King Erdtree’s battle Counselor, advising him on matters of battle and strategy. But as Elden Ring’s events progress, it becomes obvious that Iji had misgivings about his earlier choices.

Iji’s role in the devastation of the stronghold city of Vados was one of his biggest regrets. In order to defeat the city’s defenses, he had encouraged King Erdtree to employ a potent weapon known as the “Scorching Iron,” however, the use of that weapon resulted in significant collateral damage and the death of civilians. Iji grappled with the remorse he felt for his part in the catastrophe and the fact that he had caused innocent people to suffer.

Iji was sorry about Vados, but he was also sorry for his failure to stop the rise of the demigod Melina. King Erdtree had overestimated Melina’s strength in spite of his warnings, and she had taken over the leadership of the Elden Ring. Iji held himself accountable for failing to persuade others to accept his advice and thought there was more he could have done to stop the catastrophe that ensued.

Iji’s regrets mostly focused on his perception that he could have done more to lessen other people’s suffering. He regretted not having the option to make alternate decisions and felt responsible for the fatal results of his actions.

Where Can You Find Iji in Elden Ring? 

Where Can You Find Iji in Elden Ring? 

Iji, the enormous blacksmith and Ranni’s valued counselor, resides in Caria Manor, a property in the northernmost Liurnia of the Lakes area of Elden Ring. Iji is close to the Graceful Road, which connects to the Manor and is situated southwest of the Manor.

He is so big that it’s hard to miss him. Iji will be encountered by those traveling to Caria Manor who have not yet explored the Elden Ring. Getting close to him from the south is a little more difficult. Iji may be seen from the north and is situated on the northwest side of Liurnia Lake.

The first location gamers should look if they’re looking for Iji is around the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore. Adventurers can reach what appears to be an impassable wall at the northern end of the King’s realm Ruins by heading north-northeast from that point of grace. Torrent can double jump over the wall from the cliffside of the ruin complex on the northwest side. Iji is able to get to the wall on foot.

Iji is incredibly knowledgeable because he served as Ranni’s dependable confidante. He makes comments about how the plot is developing and his assessment of how the characters are evolving. In addition to selling Somber Smithing Stones, he also strengthens and repairs weapons.

Can You Kill Iji in Elden Ring? 

Can You Kill Iji in Elden Ring? 

Iji will be available to assist you through each step if you’ve started Ranni’s quest line; be sure to go back to him after finishing each assignment. He is essential throughout the entire experience, from the beginning to the end.

Let’s now talk about the disadvantage; what happens if you choose to attack him as soon as you see him? Some insane gamers are simply interested in whether or if these kinds of NPCs can be fought and how they will respond. Iji will tell you to stop after you strike him once, claiming that there is no need to do so because he is not an adversary. If you strike him again, he will feel degraded by your behavior and leave the area.

Can You Save Iji in Elden Ring? and Why is Iji Dead

The assassins from Black Knife assassinate Iji. You’ll discover his burned-to-death body. Three of his assassins’ bodies are close, lying dead. Iji died while still wielding his weapon, proving that he was murdered. After you speak with Iji and inform him of what happened to Blaidd, Iji dies.

You’ll discover his burned-out body when you go back to see him. It is impossible to stop his demise. Iji had earlier said he would commit suicide to atone for his error, but that did not occur. The Black Knife assassins killed him before he could act on what he said.

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War Counselor Iji’s whereabouts in Elden Ring is still unknown, but there are several indications that he was murdered by assassins from Black Knife. Iji was an important character in the game’s plot, and his passing greatly affected it.

His regrets and earlier decisions give his character depth and draw attention to the game’s themes of responsibility and consequence. Iji, a knowledgeable blacksmith who provides helpful insights on the game’s developing plot, can still be sensed throughout the game’s vast open world despite meeting an unfortunate end. 

Overall, Elden Ring’s deep narrative and gameplay mechanics create an engaging and difficult game that has captured the attention of players everywhere, and the mystery surrounding Iji’s death adds to the game’s allure.


Iji plays a minor role in the story of Elden Ring. He is initially a neutral character, but he eventually sides with the Tarnished after they defeat Starscourge Radahn. Iji provides the Tarnished with information about the war between the demigods and the Greater Will, and he also helps them to forge powerful weapons.

Iji is a skilled blacksmith and a valuable ally to the Tarnished. He is also a kind and gentle soul who is always willing to help those in need. However, Iji is also a tragic figure. He is forced to witness the death of his friends and allies, and he eventually loses his own life in the war against the Greater Will.

  • Iji is a descendant of the Numen, an ancient race of people who were once ruled by the Greater Will.
  • Iji is a skilled craftsman and a talented engineer. He is responsible for the creation of many of the weapons and armor that are used by the Tarnished.
  • Iji is a loyal friend and ally to the Tarnished. He is always willing to help them, even when it puts himself in danger.
  • Iji is a tragic figure. He is forced to witness the death of his friends and allies, and he eventually loses his own life in the war against the Greater Will.

Iji sells a variety of items, including smithing stones, whetstones, crafting materials, and the following weapons:

  • Carian Knight Sword
  • Carian Knight Shield
  • Carian Knight Greatsword
  • Carian Knight Halberd
  • Carian Knight Piercer
  • Carian Filigreed Crest

Here are a few tips for completing Iji’s quest line:

  • Make sure to speak to him every time you visit Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Be sure to help Blaidd with his quest line.
  • Defeat Starscourge Radahn.
  • Do not attack Iji.

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