11 Fallout 4 Best Companion Guide

11 Fallout 4 Best Companion Guide

Fallout 4 is undoubtedly one of the best games in the Fallout franchise that outperforms fallout 1, fallout 2 and fallout 76 and is one of my top choices. Many might disagree, but it is one of the best because it balances the story and gameplay mechanics well.

If you are playing Fallout 4, you will definitely come across some companions in the game who will give you special bonuses or special abilities when you accompany them, or rather they accompany you. But, before winning those companion over your side, you have to be mindful of companion likes and dislikes to increase their affinity towards you.

There are several companions in the game whom you will come across, but who is the best? This article will delve into the best companion in Fallout 4 you can come across.

Top Fallout 4 Best Companions

1. Nick Valentine

nick valentine fallout 4 best companions

Nick Valentine is a robotic investigator who excels at hacking computers and has a thorough understanding of the area, making him able to navigate most situations. Additionally, if you employ his special combat abilities strategically, you can use them later in the game.

Of course, this isn’t the companion for you if you’re searching for a tank or someone who will increase your health. However, those who prefer to play it a little safe may find that his cunning tactics are really helpful.

2. Dogmeat

dogmeat best fallout 4 companion

In Fallout 4, he will be your first friend, and there are several reasons why he is unique. Due to his low HP (health points) and 52 special points, he may not deserve to be all the way up here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still put him there.

Dogmeat is your true follower; thus, there’s no affection to be had. You must purchase the Attack Dog perk in the skill tree to obtain greater accuracy against adversaries paralyzed by Dogmeat.

He occasionally finds things for you randomly, which is a neat but minor advantage.

The fact that Lone Wanderer will be active while Dogmeat is your Fallout 4 companion and boosts your carry weight by 50, and reduces your damage taken by 15% is another fantastic bonus!

3. Cait

cait fallout 4 best companions

Cait is designed for players who can’t follow the rules and who find the need to change their playstyles depending on the solution continually. If you have ever wanted to go Commando in a sneaky situation, you’ll be right at home with her enthusiasm.

She can open any lock the player can discover, and because of her perk, if the player’s health is low, their AP will recover considerably more quickly than usual. Her acts can be erratic, but that’s part of the pleasure.

Nonetheless, she’ll usually be completely on board with you. Furthermore, reading about her chem problems, getting her clean, and discovering a new side to her is extremely cool and adds a new layer to her character.

4. John Hancock

John hancock fallout 4 companion perks

Our next companion is John Hancock, the ghoul. He is the mayor of Goodneighbour; therefore, you may have found him there.

He possesses 64 exceptional points, the majority of which are in the areas of intelligence, agility, and perception. When your connection is at its peak, you’ll receive a benefit called Isodoped.

When you have no fewer than 250 rads, this one offers you an additional 20% damage. He also provides you with free chems at random.

The tiny things are actually what makes Hancock so endearing to me. His sharp contrast between a violent and laid-back approach. He enjoys stirring up conflict while maintaining his steadfast beliefs And his MANY incredible quotes.

5. MacCready 

best companion fallout 4 maccready

Have you ever run out of ammo and been stumped as to what to do about it? MacCready is the answer.

As a companion in Fallout 4, he finds and offers ammo and fusion cores to the player at random, plus he has a really cool attitude to be around.

He even has a 20% chance of taking headshots in V.A.T.S when you unlock a particular perk, which is a nice ability to have in addition to his basic effectiveness.

If you’re a decent man, he can be a bit of a conflicting voice to have, but if you’re a horrible guy, you will gel well with him. It’s entertaining to observe the variety of paths this game allows you to take.

6. Preston Garvey

Preston garvey fallout 4 best companions

Preston must be a recognizable name to you since he formerly gained a lot of notoriety through online memes as a result of his persistent pleas for assistance on behalf of various Brotherhood of Steel outposts.

He is an experienced soldier who does his best to keep the wasteland peaceful, and his perk is very helpful when facing off against large enemy groups.

Once engaged, both your ability to withstand damage and how much damage you take will increase by 20%. Get Preston as your companion if you’re having trouble getting through busy regions throughout the game.

7. Curie

Curie fallout 4 best companions

In his first encounter with you, Curie appears as a robotic being that is limited to providing medical care.

Every moment your health falls below 10, she cures you for 100 pints, and you can offer her an artificial body to enhance her abilities.

When she transforms into a human, she becomes one of the game’s most powerful allies, capable of dealing massive damage to foes.

And this is still combined with her former form’s medicinal powers, so you have a kind of all-rounder friend if you keep Curie at your side. 

8. Piper Wright

Piper wright best fallout 4 companion

The companion you ought to choose if you wish to level up as quickly as feasible is Piper Wright.

Even if you can’t attain the full affinity, utilizing her gives you twice as much experience when influencing NPCs in the game. Her personality more than makes up for her fighting shortcomings. No, seriously.

She is a fierce journalist who frequently faces repercussions for telling the truth, which would be a rare commodity in a desolate place.

9. Strong

Strong best companion in fallout 4

When a guy’s name includes the word “Strong,” you can assume that strength will be his strongest suit. In addition to his brute strength, Strong has the ability to use heavy weapons, and he increases his damage when your health falls below 25%.

He is compassionate despite being a mutant, which is part of his tale since you find him just before the other mutants, who are as aggressive as normal, are about to kill him.

10. Paladin Danse

Paladin danse fallout 4 companion perks

Our next companion is Paladin Danse, a hefty fighter who fights his way across the Commonwealth. He possesses 54 special points, which may appear minimal, yet he has incredible resilience due to the hefty power armor he is wearing.

Maybe you don’t think damage resistance is vital, but it is a stat that makes him one of the best Fallout 4 companions, without a doubt.

Of course, he isn’t everyone’s favorite, but it doesn’t diminish the fact that he holds tremendous power. You’ll be able to use the ‘Know Your Enemy’ option when your relationship is strong. Synths (synthetic humanoids), Feral Ghouls, and Super Mutants take +20% damage indefinitely

11. Deacon

deacon fallout 4 best companion

Deacon is a complicated friend to have by your side, and we recommend bringing him if you want a bit of a dynamic personality or want to try something different on a game repeat.

He’s a must-have because of his stealth abilities if you wish to play the game more tactically.

He’s a spy with a perk that improves stealth duration by 40% and sneak damage by 20%. Furthermore, he is a member of the Railroad faction, so if you want to join them, this is a good place to start.


Fallout 4’s stand-out feature is its companion mechanics. You can choose any of them. Just because someone is ranked lower doesn’t mean they are bad, or the top one should be your ideal choice.

Depending on your playstyle, you can choose any compassion that complements your playstyle. You don’t have to choose the rank 1 companion to play well. Understand your playstyle and decide who is the best companion in fallout 4. I hope this article has helped you determine the best companion in fallout 4 for you.

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