Fallout 4 Companion Likes And Dislikes – Complete Guide

Fallout 4 Companion Likes & Dislikes

It has been years since Fallout 4 came out, and the game remains popular even after all these years. Thanks to DLCs, Perks and other expansion packs, we all can look forward to something new within the game every now and then. Those seasoned in the game know that there is so much more to the game than just the story. Multiple elements within the game make it immersive for one and all.

One such is the Fallout 4 companion perks, aside from companion perk fallout 4 got plenty other perks which can be seen in this fallout 4 perks guide. Throughout the Wasteland, you are bound to meet several characters. While some of them will have a short stay, many of these characters will likely become your Fallout 4 companions as you go ahead in the game.

Your best chance of surviving the Wasteland is to have a strong companion whom you can trust. To do this, you will first need to know about the fallout 4 companions perks, likes, and dislikes.

Therefore, this article will walk you through the different Fallout 4 companion likes and dislikes in hopes of helping you find and mold the right character. 

As we mentioned earlier, you will meet dozens of people along the Wasteland. Each of these companions will help in your quest. But for them to help you, you will need to get to know what your fallout 4 companion likes or dislikes. Before we start, here are all the companions available in Fallout 4. 

There are a total of 13 permanent companions present in the game, with each character featuring their unique perks and storyline. Apart from that, 4 temporary companions will be available based on the quest.

Female Romanceable Companions

  • Cait
  • Curie
  • Piper

Male Romanceable Companions

  • Danse 
  • Hancock
  • MacCready
  • Preston

Automated Companions

  • Ada 
  • Automatron

Far Harbor Companions

  • Old Longfellow

Nuka World Companions

  • Potter Gage

Fallout 4 Companion Affinity Explained?

Affinity is the key prerequisite if you are going to make the most out of your companions. Every action you perform with your companion will either increase or decrease the score. Each of these companions comes with a special perk.

However, you will need to have maximum affinity with that character before the perk can be unlocked. Doing something your companion dislikes will decrease the affinity, whereas the affinity will only increase if you do something the companion approves of. 

Your dialog choices will greatly impact the affinity in the initial stages. Use your best judgment when talking to NPCs. Along with your dialog options, your everyday actions also impact the affinity. As you increase the affinity, the hate meter will automatically decrease.

Apart from dialog choices, there are other ways via which your companion affinity will either increase or decrease. For example, some companions won’t like it if you join other factions or speak ill of their factions. In such cases, you will need to keep your words and actions in check. 

Strangely, a few of the companions like it when you walk around butt naked. In such cases, you can fast travel without wearing any armor to gain affinity quickly. On the other hand, some companions like it when you use chems are the easiest to gain affinity. Throughout the Wasteland, there will be a variety of quest interactions that can increase/decrease your affinity with your companion. 

How To Unlock The Companion Perk?

As we mentioned earlier, you will need to have maximum affinity with your companion to unlock the special companion perk. For this, the affinity should hit 1000, and when it does, you have unlocked the new perk without any conditions whatsoever.

While some companions will ask you to complete a particular quest for them, some will just need you to talk to them to increase that affinity level. Meanwhile, some companions will have a quest for you when you reach the maximum affinity level. 

Affinity is the most important when in the Wasteland with your companion. The best way to increase companion affinity is by getting to know what your companion likes and dislikes. We have mapped out all the fallout 4 companion likes and dislikes to make it easier for you.

Fallout 4 Companions Likes and Dislikes

1. Cait

Cait Fallout 4

Cait is one of the toughest companions you will have throughout the game. The Irish-born pit fighter has a temper but is grateful to have you as her partner. Although she’s tough, Cait is ridiculed by demons and carries a heavy emotional baggage.

Cait generally approves of vices and destructive behavior but isn’t set in her ways as such. Cait can be initially found in the combat zone of the theatre district of Greater Boston. 


Loves all kinds of violence and acts of selfishness. Highly approves of you when you drink booze, steal, and walk around butt naked. 


Cait dislikes all sorts of generosity, meanness, or acts aimed toward maintaining or burning peace. Also, Cait hates it if you use chems or donate items. However, this will change once you embark on the Benign Intervention quest. Surprisingly, Cait dislikes cannibalism.

Companion Perk

Trigger Rush: Helps speed up your AP generation when your health drops below 25%. Prerequisites require maximum affinity with Cait and the completion of the Benign Intervention Quest. 

2. Codsworth

Codsworth Fallout 4

The Wasteland has several characters you can partner up with. From humans to animals, everything is an option. One option is a Robot, Codsworth, who happens to be your most faithful companion. 

Codsworth fought alongside you during the Great War, and his value has only gone up since then. Choosing between Codsworth and Dogmeat will probably be your toughest choice as you go ahead in the game. If you opt for Codsworth, you can find him outside your previous home at the sanctuary.


Unlike Cait, Codsworth loves all acts of generosity and kindness. He likes it even more everytime you sharpen your weapons or modify your armor or when you heal Dogmeat when he gets injured in combat. Similarly, Codsworth likes it, even more when you donate items. 


As a loyalist, Codsworth dislikes all acts of selfishness. Furthermore, he dislikes it if you use chems, steal, or kill non-hostiles. 

Companion Perks

Robot Sympathy: 
Grants +10 additional damage resistance against robot energy weapons. However, it requires to have a maximum affinity with Codsworth. 

3. Curie

Curie Fallout 4

Curie is nothing but a female version of Codsworth. But unlike Codsworth, she comes loaded with dozens of skills and perks. Many consider her to be a medical science expert who knows her way around a flamethrower.

Curie is a romanceable character. If you are looking for her, Curie can be found in Vault 81. Simply complete the Vault 81 And The Hole In The Wall Quest to acquire Curie. 


Approves highly of any act of kindness, meanness, or decisions to preserve or maintain peace within the Wasteland. She likes it, even more when you donate items and heal Dogmeat’s injuries.


Just like Codsworth, Curie dislikes all acts of selfishness. She dislikes the use of chems, stealing, or killing of non-hostiles.

Companion Perks

Combat Medic:
Automatically grants you 100 healing points once per day if your health drops below 10%.

4. Danse

Danse Fallout 4

If you join The Brotherhood Of Steel faction, then Danse will be your first CO within the faction. His loyalty lies primarily with the faction and then with you.

Thus, Danse won’t take kindly to any comments against the faction’s ideals and morals. If you want to meet Danse, you can find him at the Cambridge Police Station.


Danse likes all acts of kindness or decisions that lead to a violent outcome. Danse approves of you every time you use your power armor and the Vertibird. His affinity towards you increases drastically when you modify your weapons and armor.


Strongly disapproves of a mean personality. Moreover, dislikes all acts that are intended toward bringing or maintaining peace. Just like the majority of the characters, Danse dislikes it when you use chems, eat corpses, steal, or kill innocents.

Companion Perk

Know Your Enemy: Grants 20% additional damage against Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants, and Synths. However, it requires you to have maximum affinity with Danse.

5. Deacon

Deacon Fallout 4

A member of the Railroad faction, Deacon, is your biggest fan in the Wasteland. Surprisingly, the faction will temporarily lend him to you every time you need his services. Has a strange fixation for sunglasses but happens to be the faction’s best field agent.

He has a thing for discretion and stealth, which makes him a pivotal companion in most of your quests. If you need of Deacon’s services, you can find him at the Old North Church once you have found the Railroad Faction.


Surprisingly, Deacon likes both kind and mean behavior. He highly approves of you when you donate items, hack portals, heal Dogmeat’s injuries, and pick locks.


Dislikes all choices that lead to a violent outcome. Deacon dislikes it when you use chems, eat corpses, steal, or kill innocents.

Companion Perks

Cloak And Dagger: Grants 20% additional sneak attack damage. Increases stealth duration by 40%. However, it requires you to have maximum affinity with Deacon.

6. Gage

Gage Fallout 4

This is one of the most intense characters you will find in the Wasteland. To escape the raiders, Gage ran away from his house at the age of 12. But after years of running, Gage decided the best way to avoid raiders is to become one himself.

If you want to dominate the Wasteland, then Porter Gage can be a pivotal element to your success. To find Gage, you must first follow the Main Quest Of The Nuka World and complete An Ambitious Plan.


Having run away from his settlement, Gage likes it when you help settlements. He loves it when you mod your weapons, kill non-hostiles, steal, pick locks, perform acts of selfishness and take decisions that lead to violence.


Gage dislikes it if you help settlements under attack. Surprisingly, he dislikes it when you use chems, consume alcohol, or donate items. Overall, Gage dislikes all acts of kindness or decisions aimed at bringing in peace.

Companion Perk

Lessons In Blood: Grants an additional 5% more XP per kill. Additionally grants a +10 damage resistance.

7. Hancock

Hancock Fallout 4

Out in the Wasteland, you have all kinds of characters. While some are enemies, some are vital companions. One such is Hancock, a ghoul, and a very helpful partner. Hancock is one of the least judgemental companions you’ll ever find in the Wasteland.

However, know that Hancock doesn’t tread lightly about betrayal. If you want Hancock, look out for the best-dressed citizen roaming the streets of the Good neighbor. Additionally, you can also find Hancock during the Silver Shroud side quest.


He is a big fan of generosity and supports decisions that lead to peaceful outcomes. He approves of it highly when you use chems and donate items. 


Doesn’t like acts of selfishness or meanness. Also, Hancock doesn’t like it when you murder non-hostiles or walk around butt-naked.

Companion Perk

Fills up the criticals bar 20% faster every time the radiation levels reach 250 or higher. Needs maximum affinity with Hancock.

8. MacCready

Macready Fallout 4

Mercenaries are the best if you are looking for ways to dominate the Wasteland. A pro sniper, MacCready will follow you into battle and respect your every command. If you want to make the most out of his services, ensure he has easy access to long-range rifles.

The more you bond, you more you will get to know about his back story, which can present you with a side-quest. He can be found at the Third Rail Bar at Good neighbor.


Approves of decisions that lead to violent outcomes. Likes it even more when you steal


Doesn’t like good behavior of any kind, meanness, or decisions that lead to peaceful outcomes. Not a fan if you murder non-hostiles, donate items, or use chems.

Companion Perk

Increase VATS headshot accuracy by 20%. However, you must first complete the Long Road Ahead quest and need maximum affinity with MacCready.

9. Nick

Nick Fallout 4

Nick Valentine is one of the hard-boiled detectives you will find in the Wasteland. He is highly skilled with his fists and a revolver. If you stick with him for a few hours, you will see Fallout 4’s highly impressive writing.

The more connection you develop with Nick, the closer you get to the ‘Close To Metal’ side quests. You can find Nick Valentine in Vault 114 upon completing the Unlikely Valentine quest.


Surprisingly, Nick likes acts of kindness as well as meanness. He highly approves of you when you donate items, heal Dogmeat, and hack portals. 


Nick isn’t that big a fan when you make decisions that either lead to violent or peaceful outcomes. Additionally, he doesn’t like it when you develop a chem addiction, eat corpses, or murder non-hostiles

Companion Perk

Close To Metal:
Grants an extra hacking guess and speeds up the terminal cooldown time by almost 50% once hacked. 

10. Old Longfellow

Old Longfellow Fallout 4

This is one of the seniormost characters in the game. However, his strong physique has served him well into his old age. Old Longfellow is a seasoned hunter and a legend in the Far Harbor. Being a native of the land, Longfellow recalls every occasion wherein his land was covered with dense radioactive fog.

This has rendered him as the best guide capable of guiding a person safely through the fog. If you need his services, he can be found at the Bar in Far Harbor.


He likes it when you drink alcohol and heal Dogmeat of his injuries. He loves it when you help settlements under distress. 


The Longfellow dislikes it when you develop a chem addiction or donate an item. He disapproves highly when you eat corpses or murder non-hostiles. Meanwhile, the Longfellow isn’t a big fan of you being too violent or too generous.

Companion Perk 

Hunter’s Wisdom:
Reduces damage and energy resistance or animals and sea creatures by 25%. 

11. Piper

Piper Fallout 4

Piper happens to be one of the inquisitive and perhaps the most assertive companions in fallout 4. She is highly skilled with a pistol.

You are certain to find her background as a vault dweller quite fascinating. You can find Piper once you reach the Diamond city if you require her services. 


Approves of generous as well as mean behavior. You can also impress her by healing dogmeat or picking locks of unclaimed properties. 


Doesn’t approve of acts that lead to either violent or peaceful solutions. She hates it even more when you eat a corpse, murder non-hostiles, or steal. 

Companion Perk

Gift Of Gab: Grants double XP during speech challenges and upon discovering new locations. However, it needs you to have maximum affinity with Piper if you want to unlock this perk.

12. Preston

Preston Fallout 4

Those seasoned with Fallout 4 know that Preston Garvey happens to be one of the most important characters in Fallout 4. He is a leader of The Minutemen who will grant you a ton of quests and act as a catalyst if you are building settlements in the Commonwealth.

With him by your side, you can easily establish trade routes and build new settlements within the Commonwealth. To find Preston, complete the When Freedom Calls quest in the Museum Of Freedom.


Likes all acts of generosity, meanness, and the ones aimed towards bringing in peace. Garvey also likes it when you donate items and mod your weapons and armor.


Highly disapproves of all acts of selfishness or those that lead to violent outcomes. Has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to killing non-hostiles. Garvey disapproves when you use meds, steal, or eat corpses.

Companion Perk

United We Stand:
Grants 20% extra damage and 20% extra damage resistance when facing three or more resistance. Needs you to develop maximum affinity with Garvey

13. Strong

Strong Fallout 4

As we mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of characters available within Fallout 4. Just like a ghoul and a synth, Strong happens to be a super mutant who is an educated brute.

Strong has some mad skills with a missile launcher. The best way to increase your affinity with Strong is by showcasing maximum acts of kindness. Strong can be found at the Trinity Towers during the Curtain Call side quest.


Approves of generosity and acts that lead to violent or peaceful outcomes. He also likes it when you murder non-hostiles and eat a corpse. 


Highly disapproves of acts of selfishness and meanness. Strong doesn’t like it when you are using a power armor, a vertibird, or heal Dogmeat and pick locks.

Companion Perk

 Grants 20% additional melee weapon damage when your health is below 25%. Needs maximum affinity with strong

14. X6-88

X6-88 Fallout 4

What if we told you, you could have a terminator as a companion in Fallout 4. That’s right! The X6-88 happens to be a terminator with excellent long-range vision and proficiency in advanced weaponry.

You can find him in the Institute after completing the Mankind Refined. 


Dislikes all acts of selfishness or the ones aimed towards maintaining peace. But he likes it when you use power armor, mod your weapons, and hack portals.


All acts of kindness or generosity. Also, he dislikes it everytime you enter the Vertibird, heal Dogmeat, or walk around naked. 

Companion Perk

Shield Harmonics: Grants 20% added energy resistance. Requires maximum affinity with X6-88. 


If you plan to dominate the Wasteland, you will need loyalists or companions who will stick with you through thick and thin. These are some of the best companions available in Fallout 4. Once you know the companion’s likes and dislikes, it becomes relatively easy to increase your affinity with the character. Upon reaching 1000, you can access a new perk without any conditions whatsoever. 

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