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Fallout 4 Infiltrator Build

Right from the day of its release, Fallout 4 has been the talk of the town amongst the gamers. Apart from a gripping storyline and a unique take on the holocaust, Fallout remains one of Bethesda’s best video game franchises. Those seasoned in the game know that there is more to the game than what meets the eye. While the game appears pretty straightforward, it is one of the toughest RPGs. 

To make matters interesting, Bethesda decided to reissue the whole game in the GOTY format giving gamers a reason to return to the game again. One of the key highlights of the GOTY format is the fallout 4 stealth build. As the name suggests, getting this build will have you sneaking around and getting to your enemy without engaging in combat or getting shot. 

But as we mentioned earlier, the game is as complex as it gets, and you would probably need around 100 hours just to figure out the fallout 4 stealth build. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we have laid down a detailed guide using which you can create and use a fallout 4 infiltrator build. 

Creating The Fallout 4 Infiltrator Build 

Experienced Fallout 4 gamers must have tried various builds such as the Automatic Weapons Buildheavy weapons build, or even an unarmed build to find a build that suits them best. The infiltrator build is another build that can be used in Fallout 4.

Keeping to the promise of stealth, the Fallout 4 Stealth Build is one of the best builds in the game. Not just stealth, but many consider the Infiltrator as the best build within the game period. As the name suggests, this build has you playing as a hard-boiled infiltrator. Armed with just a pistol at the start, you start taking out enemies using VATS.


Before you can reap the benefits of the fallout 4 infiltrator build, you first need to rack up the recommended SPECIAL stats. The SPECIAL stats refer to Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck are considered as best starting stats in fallout 4. You will need to rack up the SPECIAL stats before planning the perks. When opting for the Fallout 4 stealth build, the first you need to focus more on is

Strength: 3
Endurance: 1
Intelligence: 3
Luck: 3

These are the 5 recommended SPECIAL stats that you will need to acquire. However, the most important stats are 

Perception: 4
Agility: 6

If you are going to infiltrate enemy territory and go behind enemy lines, you will need to pay special attention to these two stats. Next up, upon leaving Vault 111, head over to the nursery in your old home, wherein you will find a book called You’re SPECIAL on a cabinet there. Read it again to gain one extra point. Allocate this point to Agility to move the stat up to 7. 

Always ensure that you don’t set any SPECIAL stat to 10 right of. You will find countless bobbleheads within the game to up this stat. Each of these bobbleheads will grant you a point which you can then allocate to your SPECIAL stats. 

Fallout 4 Perks To Use

Fallout 4 Infiltrator Build perks to use

Just as we pay attention to the SPECIAL stats, you will need to take care of the essential perks to gather the Fallout 4 infiltrator perk. The first and foremost perk you will need is the LOCKSMITH. 

At level 1, you are likely to go for health-enhancing or damage-reducing perks. However, we suggest you opt for the LOCKSMITH as it comes in handy later during the game. Now that you have gathered the Locksmith, you will be eyeing the SNEAK. Do not miss the chance to level up sneak when you get the chance. 

Next up are the Ninja and the Action Boy perks. While the Ninja improves your sneak attacks, the action boy will help you restore VATS points quickly. Finally, since the fallout 4 infiltrator build focuses on non-automatic handguns, you will need to get the Gunslinger perk to help increase the damage. 

You can use this perk on any weapon with a suppressor. Alternatively, you can swap the Gunslinger for the Bloody Mess. Although it starts slowly at first, it will yield valuable rewards later on. 

Ensure that you spend all your skill points to max up these essential perks. It is okay if you ignore the non-important perks in the process.

How To Play With The Infiltrator Build?

Once you gather all the necessary SPECIAL stats and the perks, it is time to put your skills to good use. You can easily take out the enemy behind enemy lines using extreme stealth and nothing more than a pistol equipped with VATS as an infiltrator. This fallout 4 stealth build requires the utmost perception and .patience 

To play with the infiltrator build, trace the given steps.

  • Always use SNEAK to approach the enemy structure
  • Ensure your AP is full 
  • Next, hammer VATS
  • If you see an enemy with a chance of 65% or more, smack it with your VATS
  • If there are multiple enemies, activate sneak and pick them off one by one
  • Use sneak attack to pick off each enemy one by one
  • Melee the nearby enemies to begin with as it becomes difficult to deal with them later on
  • When given the choice of limbs, go for the hit chance and target the legs of melee attackers
  • Use your firearms to hit the arms and legs of your enemies
  • Upon destroying a limb, cancel your VATS
  • Following that, immediately reinitiate your VATS to hit a different target
  • If your first VATS destroys the leg of a melee attacker, ignore it and move on to the next target

When you are at a low level, you will generally exhaust your VATS. At this time, if you find a horde of enemies storming towards you, Runaway and try to break their line of sight when on the way, and then enter Sneak mode. But, wait, they get their attacks over chasing you. 

Once they are done, repeat the same steps mentioned above to take them out. This process will become super annoying when you have a low level. But when you have leveled up and gone to the top, you can easily finish a room full of enemies in a single VATS session.

Weapons And Armor To Use In The Fallout 4 Infiltrator Build

Weapons And Armor To Use In The Fallout 4 Infiltrator Build

There’s no combat without the right gear. If you think an infiltrator build means you will be low on types of equipment and weapons, you couldn’t be more wrong. To play as an infiltrator, you will need to have the Deliverer which is among the best pistol present in fallout 4,rewarded when joining the Railroad faction. The key thing about the Deliverer is that it uses less action when used during a VATS session and has an increased hit chance. 

When you get the gun, you will need to add a few mods to it when you get the gun. First, you will need a suppressor, which can be found at Tinker Tom at the Railroad HQ. If you are good with aiming down the sights, you can opt for a few sights for your weapon. But since you will be using VATS most of the time, a sight won’t do you much good. Next up is a receiver that will help increase the shot damage. Note that if you go Automatic, you will Lose the Gunslinger Perk. 

Once you have got the Deliverer ready, look for backup weapons—Check-in with Tinker Tom at the Railroad HQ. Ask for the Tinker Tom Special that comes with VATS, good accuracy, and grants AP-related bonuses within the game. Ensure you put on a suppressor once you buy it. 

Try for a lighter armor as it will make it easier for you to move quick movements and perform sneak attacks with great ease. We suggest you stick to leather modded up using pockets and shadowing generally worn over clothing designed explicitly for in-game damage reduction. Ensure that you don’t use heavy armor, as it will only slow you down and reduce your chances of a sneak attack. 

On your way, ensure that you pick up some legendary armor bonuses. One is Chameleon, which makes sneaking easy but leaves you with awful visuals. Alternatively, you can also opt for VATS-enhanced armor pieces that come in pretty easily once you reach level 20. Finally, you will need to carry in a US Covert Operations manual as it will permanently boost your sneak ability. 


That’s pretty much it from our end. Once you have gathered everything mentioned in the list, you are ready to take on Fallout 4’s most brutal enemies without engaging in full-fledged combat. Just like the fallout 4 infiltrator build, there are plenty of other builds present in the game that allow you to play as per your actual playing style and ability. If there is a particular build you like in general, we would like to know about it in the comments section below. 

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