Fallout 4 Automatic Weapons Build [2023]

Fallout 4 Automatic Weapons Build

The debate between semi-automatic and automatic weapons has been in place for quite some time now, and it seems like it will be in place a few years from now as well. Unfortunately, the entire gaming community has been at loggerheads when it comes to choosing between semi-automatic and automatic weapons in a game. Such is the case with Fallout 4.

For those seasoned in the game, know that the game has a plethora of weapons to choose from. While there are many cool things to explore and play in Fallout 4, the weapons certainly top that list. 

Players can find a certain number of weapons throughout the game and can modify them to bring peace to the Commonwealth. And it is generally the ones with the guns that can bring or disrupt peace simultaneously.

But to do that, you need to get your weapon right. There are a lot of weapons to choose from in Fallout 4. While some may appear as if they’re on the show, some weapons are equally destructive and give you the very edge you wanted. 

Although SMGs and hunting rifles will get your job done in the Wastelands, you need something concrete going into battle. Something that will do the talking for you.

Something like an automatic. There are a lot of automatics to choose from in Fallout 4. However, getting the selection right is tricky. This is where we come in. In this article, we have listed some of the best Fallout 4 Automatic Weapons Build for players to choose from just like we did in our articles on the best heavy build and the best unarmed build

Stats Recommended For Fallout 4 Automatic Weapon Build

While the game has many automatics to choose from, there are a few recommended stats you need to have in place to get the most out of your automatic weapons. Here are the stats recommended for Fallout 4 Automatic Weapon Build.

  • Strength: 7
  • Perception: 2
  • Endurance: 6
  • Charisma: 1
  • Intelligence: 7
  • Agility: 6 
  • Luck: 2

Out of the above-mentioned stats, you must meet the requirements for Strength and Endurance. Your Strength should be a solid seven if you want to carry heavy weapons while donning heavy armor. Automatic rifles are heavy, which means you’ll need the upper body strength to get those hitpoints. 

Meanwhile, you need to get that Endurance up to 6 to heal better and be more resistant to radiation and poison. A high endurance will give you a considerable edge in battle. Also, your Intelligence lets you unlock perks and figure out better ways to upgrade your weapons while simultaneously granting you unique abilities. 

Automatic Weapon Build Perks

Automatic Weapon Build Perks fallout 4

Perks are added incentives that will give you an edge over your opponent. There are a lot of perks to equip and level up in Fallout 4. Mentioned below are some of the bonuses that can help you with your automatic weapons build. 

Some of the automatic weapon perks you will need to max out are:

Commando: This weapon perk grants you bonus damage and improved accuracy when using an automatic weapon. Equipping this perk will only increase your damage output. You want to have the Commando perk when you reach 50 levels.

Big Leagues: This is a must-have perk for close-combat situations, which happen more often than we predict. You will find yourself in close-quarter combat every time you go through buildings or move through caves. This perk adds extra damage output to close-range attacks, making it a vital perk in your armory. The Big League perk would also activate, granting close-range damage with melee weapons.

Armorer: This is one of the essential perks in Fallout 4, as this perk will give you access to multiple armor mods and so on. Equipping the Armorer will let you build better armor pieces, ultimately resulting in more hitpoints for your build. The more you unlock, the bigger your armor options will be. 

Sneak: As the name suggests, have the Sneak perk will make it harder for your enemies to detect your presence. This perk works perfectly in close-range settings such as caves, buildings, or narrow paths.

Gun Nut: This perk grants you different weapon mods that focus primarily on projectile weapons. This perk works best if you’re into turrets and other similar projectile weapons. Additionally, this perk grants you extra defense.

Medic: Just like the same, this perk allows you to heal faster by removing radiation altogether. The more you level up this perk, the more health regeneration will occur, along with the removal of radiation.

Mister Sandman: This perk lets you kill sleeping targets more easily and is perfect for close-quarter situations. Upgrading this perk will automatically improve your sneak attack damage.

Scrounger: Levelling up this perk increases your chances of securing more ammo drops. Automatic weapons tend to consume a sizeable part of your ammunition, meaning you’ll need to replenish your ammo from time to time. Upgrading this perk will also improve your chances of getting high-quality weapons and ammo drops.

Fallout 4 Best Automatic Weapons

Now that you know the perks and stats you need to have, the next important thing to familiarise yourself with is the best automatic weapons in Fallout 4 . As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of weapons to explore in Fallout 4. Similarly, there are a plethora of automatic weapons to choose from in the game.

While these weapons conserve a significant amount of ammo, they provide you with enough damage output to inflict as much pain as possible over your opponents. However, choosing the right automatic from a pool of options can be challenging. This is why we have listed some of the best automatic weapons in Fallout 4.

1. The Railway Rifle

The Railway Rifle Fallout 4
  • Damage: 100
  • Ammo: Railway spike
  • Clip size: 10
  • Fire rate: 10
RangeAccuracyAP cost

This is one of the high-damage rifles available in fallout four with a projectile similar to a crossbow. The Railway rifle is a rare custom-made rifle shooting railway spikes at a speed that can sever body parts instantly. While the gun can be obtained for a low price, the ammunition may be tough to get your hands on. When used conservatively, the Railway Rifle can give you 200 damage per shot or spike. This versatile gun can either be used as a full-fledged automatic rifle and even a sniper rifle. 

2. The Wastelander’s Friend

The Wastelander’s Friend Fallout 4
  • Damage: 18
  • Ammo: 10mm round
  • Clip size: 24
  • Fire rate: 46
RangeAccuracyAP cost

Automatic weapons will give you a sizeable advantage in the Wastelands. The Wastelander’s Friend is a 10mm unique pistol with randomly generated modifications. This 10 mm pistol comes with a scope, high rate of fire and deals good damage to your enemies. Also, The Wastelander’s Friend comes equipped with the legendary Crippling Effect that deals with 50% improved limb damage to your enemies. Unlike the Railways Rifle, this weapon won’t have you roaming for miles in search of ammo. If you want more practice with this gun, you can learn how to spawn enemies and practice killing them.

3. Virgil’s Rifle

Virgil’s Rifle Fallout 4
  • Damage: 29 
  • Ammo: Fusion cell

This updated version of the automatic Institute Rifle comes with preinstalled mods such as the Gamma Wave Emitter and an improved long barrel, night-vision scope, and a beam focuser. Virgil’s Rifle is special because it deals 50% more damage to mutants and ghouls. You can either steal this rifle from Virgil or kill him for it. The Mutant Slayer effect allows this weapon to deal 50% increased damage to Super Mutants.

4. Survivor Special Laser Pistol

Survivor Special Laser Pistol Fallout 4
  • Damage: 31
  • Ammo: Fusion cell

As the name goes, the Survivor Special Laser Pistol is a unique laser gun that comes bearing the Bloodied Effect that deals extra damage to enemies with lower health. It is equipped with a sharpshooter’s grip, reflex sight, and a beam splitter. Combine this gun with several other attributes to get an improved damage output. You can get the Survivor Special Laser Pistol as a potential reward upon completing The Lost Patrol quest. Or, you can steal this weapon from the Paladin Bandits before the quest ends.

5. Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential”

Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential” Fallout 4
  • Damage: 24
  • Ammo: Fusion cell
  • Clip size: Unlimited clip
  • Fire rate: 90
RangeAccuracyAP cost

When in the Wastelands, you need as much firepower as you possibly can to make it through. However, the more weapons you possess, the more ammo you’ll need to look for constantly. But the Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential” is one such weapon that you don’t have to reload. That’s right! You won’t need to reload this weapon, but it will burn through your ammo which it is recommended to use this weapon cautiously in automatic mode. 

There are also a few mods you can pair it with for added damage. You can find the Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential” at the University Credit Union at University Point locked inside a bank vault with a Novice-locked terminal. First, you will need to hack the terminal into the back door of the Credit Union post, which you’ll follow the gates to the vault to find the Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential” lying on the table in front of you. 

6. Good Intentions

Good Intentions
  • Damage: 28
  • Ammo: Fusion cell

There is no shortage of laser weapons in Fallout 4. Another unique laser rifle found in Fallout 4 is the Good Intentions. Good Intentions comes bearing the Enraging Effect that causes enemies to frenzy upon each critical heat. In addition, it comes with equipped weapon modifications such as an improved automatic barrel, gyro compensating lens, marksman stock, and reflex sight. This weapon is carried by Clint, the Gunners leader who can be found on the elevated freeway camp near Quincy Ruins. Once you defeat Clint, you can find this weapon near the workbench. 

7. The Last Minute

The Last Minute
  • Damage: 192
  • Ammo: 2mm EC
  • Clip size: 7
  • Fire rate: 66
RangeAccuracyAP cost

This unique variant of the Gauss Rifle is a legendary automatic weapon and a great choice when it comes to taking down a hoard of enemies at once. It comes equipped with a shielded barrel, capacitor boost, night vision scope, and compensators. In addition, it bears the Crippling Effect that deals 50% increased limb damage to your enemies. Also, this weapon comes with several mods that that can make this weapon completely automatic. This weapon is available to buy from Ronnie Shaw at the Castle upon completing the Old Guns quest. 

8. The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver
  • Damage: 57
  • Ammo: 7.62 round
  • Clip size: 75
  • Fire rate: 59

Along with a wild paint job, The Problem Solver comes with a ridiculous rate of fire and can be easily obtained early on into the game. This weapon is relatively easy to maintain with regular ammo drops. Also, this weapon comes with several mods that can take its damage well into triple digits. The Problem Solver comes equipped with the Furious Legendary Effect that causes per round damage to increase with each consecutive hit on the same target. This weapon can only be awarded to a Sole Survivor by passing a Charisma check and after checking with Mason during An Ambitious Plan. 

9. Spray n’ Pray

Spray n’ Pray
  • Damage: 34
  • Ammo: .45 round
  • Clip size: 100
  • Fire rate: 127
RangeAccuracyAP cost

If you prefer lighting up the area with a flurry of bullets, then Spray n’ Pray is a must-have in your inventory. With this, you will be able to spam the area with bullets and become powerful and deadlier in the process. This legendary SMG pairs perfectly with mods such as quick-eject and suppressors. In addition, the Spray n’ Pray comes with an Explosive effect in which each shot deals 15 damage points upon impact. An additional benefit to its explosive ammo is that it causes most enemy types to stumble, effectively stunning them while being fired upon. You can buy this SMG from a wandering merchant named Cricket, who can be found either in Bunker Hill or outside Vault 81, Warwick Homestead, or Diamond City. 

10. Overseer’s Guardian

Overseer’s Guardian
  • Damage: 55
  • Ammo: .45 round
  • Clip size: 20
  • Fire rate: 90
RangeAccuracyAP cost

The Overseer’s Guardian is an effective combat Rifle best known for taking down a hoard of enemies in a stretch. It comes prequipped with a shielded barrel, capacitor booster, night vision scope, and preinstalled compensators. This weapon is unique because it functions as a multifaceted automatic weapon that can be shortened to use either as a shotgun or a mid-grade rifle. The Overseer’s Guardian can be obtained easily if you are exploring the Wastelands. On the other hand, you can get the Overseer’s Guardian at Alexis Combe for a price of three fusion cores. This weapon shoots additional projectiles in one shot that grants you bonus damage.

Armor To Use For Automatic Weapon Build In Fallout 4

While choosing the right arsenal is essential, having the proper armor in place is equally vital. However, choosing the armor is completely subjected to the type of player you want to build. If you like to go out all-guns-blazing, then a power suit armor will work just fine for you.

For this, a power suit armor like a T-45 and T-60 are the better options. Unfortunately, sticking to a power suit won’t let you sneak as efficiently as you’d like. If you prefer mobility over assault, the combat armor. A sturdy or heavy combat armor can be upgraded on the go.

The Bottom Line

We hope our article was successfully able to walk you through the best Fallout 4 automatic weapons build. Before selecting the automatic weapons, it is recommended to have the correct stats in place. Choosing from a pool of options can be tough, which is why we have shortlisted some of the best automatic weapons to choose from in Fallout 4. Pair them with the several mods available, and you’re good to go.

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