Best Cleric Spells in DND 5e

Best Cleric Spells in DND 5e

As quintessential healers in D&D, Clerics combine a few of the best healing spells across the board with the ability to create any spell from their spell list and a full complement of spell slots at their disposal. DnD 5E adds a new twist to this class with the addition of their martial prowess. Clerics can now be found near the front lines, if not right in front of it. This evolution sets them apart from their arcane Wizard counterparts.

If you are trying to gauge the best Cleric spells, this duality must be taken into account. This class is great at offering support to their party members and even going to the length of throwing their own damaging spells. Keeping all these in mind, we have accumulated the top 20 D&D 5E Cleric spells. Let’s take a look:

Cleric Spells List 5E

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Guidance (1A)1 MinuteTouchBuffTouching a willing creature enables it to roll a D4 which is added to the ability check.
Light (1A)1 HourTouchCreationTouching an object that is no longer than 10 feet makes it shine bright light. Hostile creatures need to make a DEX Save to avoid spell.
Mending (1M)instantTouchUtilityRepairs a single break or tear in an object as long as it is smaller than 1 foot.
Resistance (1A)1 MinuteTouchBuffTouching a willing creature enables it to roll a D4 which is added to the one saving throw.
Sacred Flame (1A)instant60 ftRadiantA target within range sees a flame of radiance descend on it and must make a DEX save or receive 1d8 radiant damage.
Spare the Dying (1A)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature with 0 hit points makes it stable.
Thaumaturgy (1A)1 Minute30 ftControlCreates one of many supernatural effects with effects lasting up to a minute.
Toll the Dead (1A)instant60 ftNecroticSound of dolorous bells fills the air around one creature of choice.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Bane (1A)1 Minute30 ftDebuffCreatures targeted with this spell must make a CHA save or roll a d4 and subtract that number from their attack roll or saving throw.
Bless (1A)1 Minute30 ftBuffBless up to three creatures that gives them an additional d4 roll that can be added to their attack and save throws.
Command (1A)1 Round60 ftProneCommand a creature within range using a single word. The creature must make a Wis save or follow the command.
Create or Destroy Water (1A)instant30 ftCreationCreate or destroy 10 gallons of water.
Cure Wounds (1A)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature regains its hit points by 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier
Detect Evil and Good (1A)10 MinutesSelfDetectionFor the duration of the spell, your learn about aberration, celestial, elemental, fey, fiend, undead or magically consecrated objects within a 30 feet range.
Detect Magic (1A)10 MinutesSelfDetectionSense magic within 30 ft of you. See a faint aura around any visible creature that bears magic, and you learn its school of magic.
Detect Poison and Disease (1A)10 MinutesSelfDetectionSense the presence and location of poisons, and diseases within 30 feet of you.
Guiding Bolt (1A)1 Round120 ftRadiantA creature within range is attacked by a flash of light streaks. on a hit, the target takes 4d6 damage and the next attack roll made against the creature has an advantage.
Healing Word (1BA)instant60 ftHealingA creature of your choosing within range regain hit point equal to 1d4 + your spellcasting ability modifier. 
Inflict Wounds (1A)instantTouchNecroticMake a melee attack on a creature within range. a successful attack causes 3d10 necrotic damage.
Protection from Evil and Good (1A)10 MinutesTouchBuffOne willing creature you touch gets protected against certain creatures.
Purify Food and Drink (1A)instant10 ftUtilityReceive food and water within a 5 foot radius.
Sanctuary (1BA)1 Minute30 ftBuffWard a creature within range from attacks. Creatures targeting the warded creature must make a WIS save or find a new target.
Shield of Faith (1BA)10 Minutes60 ftBuffA creature within range is surrounded by a shimmering field and is granted +2 bonus to AC for the duration of the spell.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Aid (1A)8 Hours30 ftBuffBolster up to 3 allies with resolve and toughness and have their hit points and (Maximum and Current) increase by 5.
Augury (1M)instantSelfForeknowledgeYou use a divine tool to receive an omen from an entity a course of action you plan to take within the next 30 minutes.
Blindness/Deafness (1A)1 Minute30 ftBlindedWhen you use this spell, a creature needs to make a CON save or get blinded or deafened.
Calm Emotions (1A)1 Minute60 ftCharmedThe spell is used to suppress strong emotions. Creatures who are unwilling, need to make a CHA save or become charmed/frightened.
Continual Flame (1A)Until DispelledTouchCreationA flame springs forth from an object you touch.
Enhance Ability (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTouching a creature enhances its magical ability. For spell effects, check the manual.
Find Traps (1A)instant120 ftDetectionSpell shows traps present nearby. You don’t get specific locations, but you learn general nature of the damage.
Gentle Repose (1A)10 DaysTouchWardingTouch the remains of a corpse
Hold Person (1A)1 Minute60 ftParalyzedParalyze a humanoid within range.
Lesser Restoration (1A)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature ends its disease or conditioning affecting the disease.
Locate Object (1A)10 MinutesSelfDetectionSense the direction and distance of the closest object within 1000 feet of you.
Prayer of Healing (10M)instant30 ftHealingSix creatures within range regain hit points equal to 2d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier
Protection from Poison (1A)1 HourTouchBuffNeutralize poison when you touch it. If you touch more than one creature with poison, choose one poison to neutralize.
Silence (1A)10 Minutes120 ftControlThe spell creates a sphere where no sound can be created. Creatures in the sphere are immune to thunder damage and can’t cast spoken spells.
Spiritual Weapon (1BA)1 Minute60 ftForceCreate a floating weapon that is used to melee a creature within 5 feet. The target takes force damage equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier on a hit.
Warding Bond (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTouch a willing creature to ward it and create a bond. The target receive +1 ac for the duration of the spell and is resistant to all types of damage. You receive damage if the warded creature receives damage.
Zone of Truth (1A)10 Minutes60 ftControlThis spell creates a magical zone that guards against deception. A creature must make a CHA save or it cannot lie in the magical zone.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Animate Dead (1M)instant10 ftCreationThe spell creates an undead servant from bones or a corpse. The stats of the undead servant are with the DM
Beacon of Hope (1A)1 Minute30 ftBuffBestow hope and vitality on creatures within range. Targets have advantage on Wis and Death Saving Throws and regain max hit points from any healing.
Bestow Curse (1A)1 MinuteTouchDebuffTouching a creature makes it cursed if it cannot make a WIS save. Check manual for the effects of getting cursed.
Clairvoyance (10M)10 Minutes1 mileDetectionCreate an invisible sensor in range and choose whether you want to see or hear through the sensor.
Create Food and Water (1A)instant30 ftCreationCreate 45 pounds of food and 30 gallons water within range.
Daylight (1A)1 Hour60 ftControlThe spell creates a 60 foot radius of light that can be applied to any point or an object. Darkness spells lower than level 3 are dispelled.
Dispel Magic (1A)instant120 ftControlChoose any creature or magical effect and remove the spell if it is level 3 or lower. Spells higher than level 3 need an ability check.
Fast Friends (1A)1 Hour30 ftCharmedA creature within range that can see and hearb you needs to make a WIS save or be charmed.
Feign Death (1A)1 HourTouchBlindedTouch a willing creature to put it in a cataleptic state which makes it indistinguishable from death.
Glyph of Warding (1H)Until DispelledTouchAcidInscribe spell glyph or explosive runes when the glyph is triggered by a creature.
Incite Greed (1A)1 Minute30 ftCharmedCharm creatures to stare at the gem and nothing within a range of 5 ft.
Life Transference (1A)instant30 ftNecroticUse this spell to sacrifice some of your health to heal another creature. You receive a  4d8 necrotic damage while the creature regains twice the health.
Magic Circle (1M)1 Hour10 ftControlAffects creatures of choice within a range of magical energy in certain ways.
Mass Healing Word (1BA)instant60 ftHealing6 creatures of your choice within range regain hit points equal to 1d4 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
Meld into Stone (1A)8 HoursTouchMovementYou step into a stone object that can contain your body. Inside the stone, you can cast spells on yourself without seeing events happening outside.
Protection from Energy (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTouching a willing creatures gives it resistance to a damage type of your choice.
Remove Curse (1A)instantTouchBuffDisable all curses affecting a creature or an object.
Revivify (1A)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature that died in past minute is revived with 1 hit point.
Sending (1A)1 RoundUnlimitedCommunicationThe spell sends a short message with a creature. If the target is in a different plane, there is a 5% chance that the message does not arrive.
Speak with Dead (1A)10 Minutes10 ftCommunicationUse this spell to ask 5 questions to a corpse with a mouth. Answers can be brief, cryptic and repetitive.
Spirit Guardians (1A)10 MinutesSelfRadiantCall spirits to protect you. Creatures affected by the spell have their speeds reduced and when it enters the area for the first time, it must make a WIS save or receive 3d8 radiant damage (if you are good or neutral) or 3d8 necrotic damage (if you are evil). On a successful save, the creature takes half as much damage.
Spirit Shroud (1BA)1 MinuteSelfColdSummon invulnerable spirits of the dead around you for the spell’s duration.
Tongues (1A)1 HourTouchCommunicationTouch a creature to give it the ability to understand any spoken language.
Water Walk (1A)1 Hour30 ftMovementGives up to 10 willing creatures the ability to walk on liquid surfaces.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Banishment (1A)1 Minute60 ftBanishmentTransport one creature within range to a different plane of existence.
Control Water (1A)10 Minutes300 ftBludgeoningUse the spell to control freestanding water. Creatures entering the Vortex must make a STR Save or receive 2d8 bludgeoning damage.
Death Ward (1A)8 HoursTouchBuffTouch a creature to protect it from death. If it reaches 0 hit points via damage, it gets 1 hit point. If the effect against it can kill the creature without causing damage, then the effect is negated.
Divination (1A)instantSelfForeknowledgeContact god or god’s servant and ask them about a specific question on events that might happen within 7 days. You will receive the reply in forms of a short phrase, a cryptic rhyme, or an omen.
Freedom of Movement (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTouching a willing creature enables it to walk through rough terrains or spells as if they weren’t there.
Guardian of Faith (1A)8 Hours30 ftRadiantSummon a guardian to protect you. A hostile creature within 10 feet of the guardian must make a DEX save or receive 20 radiant damage. Successful saves will halve the damage.
Locate Creature (1A)1 HourSelfDetectionSense the direction of a creature if it is 1000 ft or lower away from you.
Stone Shape (1A)instantTouchControlTouch a medium sized or smaller stone and change its dimensions.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Commune (1M)1 MinuteSelfForeknowledgeAsk a deity three question within the spells duration and receive the answers in yes or no.
Contagion (1A)7 DaysTouchBlindedTouching or using melee on a target gets it poisoned. Target must make a CON Save in 3 attempts or get a disease.
Dawn (1A)1 Minute60 ftRadiantLight of dawn falls on a point of your choosing. Creatures within range must make a CON save or receive 4d10 radiant damage.
Dispel Evil and Good (1A)1 MinuteSelfCharmedYou are protected from creatures beyond the material plane. Attacks against you are rolled at an disadvantage. Use functions such as break enchantments or dismissal to end the spell early.
Flame Strike (1A)instant60 ftFireIn a location you specify, divine fire rolls down from heaven and creatures within a 10 foot radius must make a DEX save or receive 4d6 fire damage. On a successful save, the creature receives half the damage.
Geas (1M)30 Days60 ftCharmedPlace a magical command on a creature that can understand you. The creature must make a WIS save or be charmed. The creature receives a 5d10 psychic damage every time it disobeys you.
Greater Restoration (1A)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature gives it positive energy and removes charmed, curse and exhaustion from the target.
Hallow (24H)Until DispelledTouchBuffInfuse an area of a 60 feet radius with holy power. Fey, Elementals, Undead, Fiends and Celestial cannot enter the area.
Insect Plague (1A)10 Minutes300 ftPiercingSphere of biting locust appear that make the area a difficult terrain. Creatures must make a CON Save or receive a 4d10 piercing damage.
Legend Lore (10M)instantSelfUtilityName a place, person or object and receive a lore tales, stories and secrets.
Mass Cure Wounds (1A)instant60 ftHealingCreates a wave of healing energy. Creature in the spell range recover hit points equal to  3d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
Planar Binding (1H)24 Hours60 ftControlThe spell is used to bind fey, celestial or fiend to your services.
Raise Dead (1H)instantTouchHealingRevive a dead creature if it has not been dead for more than 10 days. The willing creature return with 1 hit point.
Scrying (10M)10 MinutesSelfDetectionSee and hear a particular creature of your choice in the same plane of existence.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Blade Barrier (1A)10 Minutes90 ftSlashingA wall of razor sharp blades is created. The area covered by the wall is a difficult terrain. Creatures entering the area or starting their turn in the are must make a DEX save or receive a 6d10 slashing damage or half of it on a successful save.
Create Undead (1M)instant10 ftControlUpto three corpses become a ghoul under your control at night.
Find the Path (1M)1 DaySelfDetectionThe spell provides you with the shortest route to a specific location.
Forbiddance (10M)1 DayTouchRadiantCreates a ward against magical travel. The spell also damages (5d10 radiant damage) creatures such as Fey, Fiends, Celestial, Undead and Elementals trying to enter the area.
Harm (1A)instant60 ftNecroticUnleash a disease on a creature within range. The creature must make a CON save or receive 14d6 nectrotic damage or half of it on a successful save. Hit point can be reduced to 0 via this spell.
Heal (1A)instant60 ftBlindedA creature within range and of your choosing regains 70 hit points and ends diseases, blindness and deafness.
Heroes’ Feast (10M)instant30 ftBuffBrings forth a feasts that cures diseases, poison and increases maximum hit points by 2d10.
True Seeing (1A)1 HourTouchDetectionGives a willing creature you touch the ability to see through everything like secret doors, etc.
Word of Recall (1A)instant5 ftTeleportationFive willing creatures and you are instantly teleported to a sanctuary.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Conjure Celestial (1M)1 Hour90 ftSummoningSummon a celestial with CR 4 or lower. The celestial disappears when its hit points reaches 0.
Divine Word (1BA)instant30 ftDeafenedUtter a divine word and creatures within range must make a WIS save or receive effects based on their hit points.
Etherealness (1A)8 HoursSelfBuffYou remain in the Border Ethereal for the duration of the spell
Fire Storm (1A)instant150 ftFireA Fire storm appear within range. Creature must make a DEX Save or receive 7d10 fire damage
Plane Shift (1A)instantTouchBanishmentYou and 8 willing creatures are transported into another plane.
Regenerate (1M)1 HourTouchHealingTouching a creature stimulates its healing abilities and regains  4d8 + 15 hit points.
Resurrection (1H)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature that has been dead for no longer than 200 years gets revived if it did not die of old age. The soul of the creature must be free and willing.
Symbol (1M)Until Dispelled TouchNecroticThis spell inscribes a harmful glyph on an object. When triggered, it can cause a wide range of effects. Look at the manual for effects.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Antimagic Field (1A)1 HourSelfControlAn anti magic sphere surrounds you and suppresses all kinds of magic.
Control Weather (10M)8 HoursSelfControlTake control of the weather using this spell. You must be outdoors to cast this spell.
Earthquake (1A)1 Minute500 ftBludgeoningSpell makes a seismic disturbance in the ground. Creatures within range must make a DEX save or get knocked prone.
Holy Aura (1A)1 MinuteSelfBlindedDivine aura washed out from you in a 30 foot radius and creatures of your choice in that area have an advantage on saving throws.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Astral Projection (1H)Special10 ftTeleportationProject astral bodies into the Astral Plane (You and upto 8 willing creatures).
Gate (1A)1 Minute60 ftControlThe spell conjure a portal linking an unoccupied space you can see within range to an exact location on a different plane of existence.
Mass Heal (1A)instant60 ftBlindedRestore up to 700 hit points for injured creatures around you. You also clear any disease or effect they might have had.
True Resurrection (1H)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature that has been dead for no longer than 200 years gets revived if it did not die of old age. The soul of the creature must be free and willing.

Best Cleric Spells 5E

1. Revivify 


Revivify is simply a different way to get an ally back into the fight following their death. Note that the target can’t be dead any longer than a minute. Once this spell becomes available at the 3rd level, every Cleric should have it prepared regularly. You will see the target return to life with 1 HP. This spell does not replace lost body parts, and it will not work on creatures that have died of old age. The 300 GP worth of diamonds might be hard to acquire early on, but it is definitely worth it. Note that characters can drop on an ill-timed critical, and Revivify provides a bit of insurance against creating a new character.

2. Spirit Guardians 

Spirit Guardian

Out of all Cleric spells, this one is to Clerics as Fireball is to Wizards, or better- hitting a thing a second time is to Fighters. This spell does double duty as both a control and a damage spell. This forces your targets to make a Wisdom saving throw or take 3d8 radiant or necrotic damage when they move into or begin their turn within a 15ft aura. When in your aura, their speed becomes halved, in turn locking down even higher speed and hit-and-run flying targets. This will tie up your inspiration nicely, but for a duration of 10 minutes, it can be precast and even last 2 encounters! Try pairing Spirit Guardians with Spiritual Weapon along with an offensive cantrip, and see the hordes of evil turn themselves to ash.

3. Guidance 


This is one of the best Cleric spells which lets a character add 1d4 to their next AC. Sure, it does not sound like much, but the fact that this is a cantrip essentially means all your out of combat AC can do with a little boost.

Its only shortcoming is that it can be quite easy to forget about. 

4. Bless 


This spell is relevant even in high-level campaigns. You can apply the additional 1d4 to so many rolls that it will certainly turn a failure into a success. The bigger the size of your party, the better it gets.

Make sure you stay out of trouble, so you don’t lose focus. Several other Cleric spells can be valuable for concentration, so do not cast Bless unless you know you will not use another concentration spell.

5. Spiritual Weapon 

Spiritual Weapon

A terrific offensive spell for all Clerics with 1 significant boon; this spell does not require concentration at all! So it is great to use in combination with control and buff spells such as Bless or Spirit Guardians. This takes a bonus action to cast and lets you make a bonus action attack, including the turn you cast it, for a 1d8+ spell-casting modifier force damage. 

It can be a little challenging against mobile opponents with a weapon speed of 20 feet, but a little careful positioning and the most unrestricted damage type in the game qualifies this as a staple offensive pick. Moreover, it upcasts pretty well for higher levels too!

6. Greater Restoration 

Greater Restoration

Greater restoration isn’t a spell you are going to use often even if you are playing as a bard or a druid, but you should probably always have it prepared solely for one reason: it fixes problems. Be it removing a level of exhaustion, a petrified or charmed condition, an ability score reduction, maximum HP reduction, or a curse including attunement to a cursed item; this deals with it all.

Simply put, Greater Restoration can be your party’s get-out-of-jail-free card. It can help keep players alive through some deleterious effects.

7. True Resurrection 

True Resurrection

This is a 9th level necromancy spell that lets the caster bring creatures back from the dead. Note that the creature can’t have been dead for any longer than 200 years, and they must not have died from natural causes.

To be the one who brings a party member back from the dead is an epic role-playing opportunity and must not be passed up. Note that this is only available to Clerics and Druids.

8. Sacred Flame 

Sacred Flame

This is one of the best Cleric spells solely because Clerics do not get many offensive cantrips. This deals radiant damage, a rather reliable damage type. Note that it requires a Dexterity saving throw in place of an attack roll, which might not be ideal.

A few circumstances will make targets less likely to pass a Dexterity save (such as the Restrained condition). This spell also happens to be unaffected by the cover!

9. Thaumaturgy 


Thaumaturgy in the DnD 5E Cleric spell list is one of those multipurpose spells that can be terrific in the right hands and useless in the wrong ones. It allows you to create several small effects, such as altering the appearance of your eyes or magnifying your voice. It can be great for enhancing your roleplaying or giving a bonus on Persuasion or Intimidation checks. This happens to be one of the only ways to magnify your character’s voice in DnD 5E, so if you can see yourself being heard over the din of the battle, this is your chance to do so!

10. Scrying 


This is a 5th-level divination spell that can be used by clerics, wizards and warlocks. It grants the caster the ability to hear and see a particular creature that are on the same plane of existence. Here, the target will get a wisdom saving throw to oppose the Scrying. The DC will be modified by how well you are acquainted with the target creature, and if you are familiar, it will be easier to scry. This creates an invisible sensor that follows the opponent on a failed save. This ensures the sensors don’t move while tracking a location. Its cost is the only downside to this spell, requiring a component worth no less than 1000 GP.

11. Plane Shift 

Plane Shift

This is a dual-purpose level 7 conjuration spell. 1 use allows the all spellcasters including bards to transport themselves and up to 8 other creatures to a different plane of existence (the exact location is up to the DM). If you know the runes of a teleportation circle, you can also travel to that specific circle.

Plane Shift can also be used to target an enemy and send them to another plane of existence. Here the creature gets a Charisma saving throw or gets teleported to the chosen plane and must find its own way back.

12. Antimagic Field

Antimagic Field

The Antimagic field happens to be the ultimate playing field leveling spell available at level 8. This can give the cleric and a wizard a fair fighting chance against nearly any foe. It creates a 10 feet radius sphere inside which magic doesn’t work. All magic items become mundane, spells cannot be cast, and magic summons and effects cannot be blocked. Clerics usually have heavy armor and martial weapon proficiencies, making them a force to be reckoned with, at least in non-magical combat scenarios. Clerics with an Antimagic Field can take down nearly any other full caster.

13. Mass Heal

Mass Heal DnD 5E

This one heals up to 700 HP in all creatures within your 60 feet, including curing diseases, blindness, and deafness. There are 4 9th level Cleric spells, each with its own uses and utility, but this one makes this list due to the sheer amount of support you can offer. Use this to bring your party to full health, or better, cast among many ordinary people on a battlefield or in a sickbay. In scenarios where there’s a disease sweeping the land or worse, the enemy spell casters have downed a large swath of your party; this one saves the day. 

14. Guiding Bolt 

Guiding Bolt

One of the best 1st level Cleric spells, this one is good enough to use throughout the whole campaign, starting off as a ranged spell attack dealing 4d6 damage at the base. It can also stay relevant at higher levels. Moreover, the next attack on a creature hit with this spell is made at an advantage. When spell slots become quite hard to come by at higher levels, this spell dealing 4d6 damage comes in handy. Of course, the advantage on the next attack is definitely something the tank is going to thank you for.

15. Death Ward 

Death Ward DnD 5E

Nothing beats bringing your friends back to life, except not letting them die to begin with! When under the effect of this spell, creatures reduced to 0 HP will instead drop to 1 HP. It will also cancel out an effect that would lead to instant death, like the Power Word Kill spell or the disease of a Gas Spore.

With no concentration and a duration of about 4 hours, this 4th level slot can be an invaluable buff to your party, especially in 3rd and 4th tiers when you can afford to spend more spell slots.

16. Heal 


This one is the ultimate one-shot healing spell to get your ally back into the fight as fast as possible. Available as a level 6 spell, this one grants the caster the ability to birth a surge of positive energy, immediately healing 70 HP to the target.

The spell also ends blindness, deafness, or any disease affecting the target. The HP increases by 10 when cast at higher levels.

17. Holy Aura 

Holy Aura

This 8th level spell is the king of aura buff spells, even though it only lasts a minute. This lets you pick creatures in a 30 feet radius to affect. They shed dim light and have an advantage on all saving throws, while other creatures will have a disadvantage on attacks against them.

If fiends or the undead happen to attack those under your aegis, the characters must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or else be blinded.

It is a great spell for supporting a group of adventurers delving into a dreary dungeon to slay the vampires or skeletons lurking there, especially if you expect to face creatures that can force tons of saving throws (think of Beholders). It is very hard for your targets to harm your party until this spell ends.

18. Aid 


Aid increases the current and maximum HP for up to 3 targets by 5 for a whopping 8 hours. This can be a great buff as it doesn’t provide any temporary HP. Since the HP maximum increases, Aid stacks well with other sources of temporary HP. 

It can also be used as a discount Mass Healing Word in the field of combat to bring 3 of your party members back from unconsciousness. Note that Aid can’t stack with itself, which means if it is already active, you will have to use an actual healing spell.

19. Enhance Ability 

Enhance Ability

This one is a rather versatile spell, especially for when you know a party member is about to try something challenging, such as a social encounter or lifting a heavy weight.

It can be used to great effect to amp up the carrying capacity of a group’s strongest members, letting them move several objects that would otherwise be beyond their ability.


The days of the heal-bot Clerics are long gone. Now, this class packs a punch in combat while still having some game-changing spells. Most of the character classes have a way to heal themselves anyway, so the Cleric’s ability to lend major support in a conflict or serve as the emergency escape for the party can be great. If it seems like this takes away from the requirement of this class, its aptness for removing conditions such as missing limbs, blindness, or even death makes it worth consideration. Happy questing!

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