Destiny 2 Weapon Spreadsheet

Destiny 2 Weapon Spreadsheet

In this article, we will provide you with a massive weapon spreadsheet providing you with all the information that is required. The destiny 2 weapon spreadsheet shows an estimate of the time it takes to kill based on the weapon archetype and your enemies’ resilience, in addition to the PVP time to kill calculations for optimal accuracy and body shots. 

Before you check the spreadsheet, there are a few things you need to know about Time To Kill or TTK for short. As the name suggests, TT dictates the time it takes to kill an enemy. Combining the time between bullets and the burst damage done, TTK is one of the best indicators of how lethal a weapon is. 

The reason I mentioned TTK being one of the best indicators instead of the best is because looking only at the TTK value can be deceptive. You should also look at the weapon’s ease of use to judge how good a weapon is. Ease of use is a combination of the weapon’s optimal crit percentage and its numerical stats such as range, aim assist, stability, zoom, etc. 

In fact, ease of use is so essential that the game’s meta uses TTK and ease of use to determine the best weapon as well. Meta is the most used weapon for a particular activity. These weapons are generally the Meta weapons because they are powerful and efficient. 

Here are a few examples of TTK and ease of use;

  1. Weapons like Auto rifles have a fast TTK and are also easy to use and, therefore, Meta as many players will use them. 
  2. A weapon with a fast TTK but low ease of use would work only when you have skilled and experienced users using them. It can be pretty annoying for a rookie to use this kind of weapon. 
  3. Weapons like scout rifles have a slow TTK and aren’t easy to use as well. You will almost never find them in the meta. The only people I have seen using this weapon in PvP are Youtubers trying to embarrass other players. 

Weapon Spreadsheet From Destiny 2


Seasoned PvP players have the knowledge and experience of the current PvP meta and TTK values. If you are new and confused, no issues. The sheet should help you use these values to your advantage. Although, in the end, you should use a weapon that you enjoy playing with and are comfortable playing with. 

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