Fallout 4 Respawning Enemies and Loot

Fallout 4 Respawning Enemies and Loot

It’s been years since Fallout 4 first hit the market and yet the game continues to hold a tight grip over the gaming fraternity. This is because when you think you have the Wasteland all figured out, the game offers you a whole new aspect to explore. Those seasoned in the game know that there is a whole lot more to that game than just the main story campaign. If you are someone who is into the fallout 4 multiplayer mode, then this article is for you. 

Just like the single-player, Fallout 4 has an equally lavish and interesting multiplayer mode which has different modes within itself to help give you a more intriguing gameplay experience. One of the notable things about the Fallout 4 multiplayer mode is the fallout 4 enemy respawn time and the fallout 4 respawn. In this article, we will be talking about the fallout 4 enemy respawn and will aim to fix issues with the fallout 4 respawn timer. 

How Long Does it Take For Fallout 4 Enemies To Respawn?

Everytime you clear an area of enemies, you will see a message on your dashboard indicating the same. However, after a while, you will see that the area is crawling with enemies once again. As per several Fallout 4 enthusiasts, it takes around 3 days for a cell to respawn. The cell will respawn in the same area where you killed it. Therefore, it is always better to steer clear of that area for a while. 

On the contrary, the game files state the fallout 4 enemy respawn time is 7 days in case of outdoors whereas it will take around 20 days for the cleared areas to reset completely. This means that the area inside a cleared zone will respawn faster than the loot outside. 

Issues With Fallout 4 Respawn

As we mentioned earlier, it takes around 20 days for the cleared areas to reset completely. However, when it comes to survival mode, it takes around 80 days for a cell to fully respawn. This is precisely what makes it difficult to get the exact fallout 4 enemy respawn time. 

Every time you enter a cell on the map, it causes the fallout 4 respawn timer to start all over again meaning it will now take longer for the cell to reset. Therefore, the only way to make an area reappear (respawn) is to either stay away from it or inside it. Also, note that time passes slowly when in survival mode. In the absence of fast travel, your only option will be to move from one place to another on foot in search of loot. 

How To Get Better Loots?

Those seasoned with Fallout 4 know that the danger increases as you head further east, southeast, or head south from the sanctuary. These areas will have higher-level enemies than the ones you have previously encountered. If you are new to the game during the early stages of the game, you definitely will have a challenge on your hands. You are likely to run into dangerous gunners who will stop at nothing to kill you. Therefore, the best time to head down the area is when you have the required perks and inventory to do so. 

Once you have all the prerequisites sorted, you can head down the aforementioned areas to kill the gunners and acquire better loot. Another way to get better loots is to look out for safes. Safes are a good source of newly leveled loot. If not missiles, you are bound to find atleast .50 caliber ammo. 

Similarly, if you are playing on a PC and don’t have the patience to wait out the respawn time, you could use the codes mentioned in this article to respawn NPCs in Fallout 4. With the help of these codes, you can kill the same enemies repeatedly and get some practice and loot. 

What Are The Other Things To Reset In Fallout 4?

Every locked object such as a safe or a toolbox will completely reset after you have opened it. This will allow you to pick them up again and get better loot. Already hacked terminals and protection too will rest giving you a chance to hack them all over again. Unfortunately, the things that don’t respawn are placed loot such as Power Armor Frames, fusion core, and other special weapons. This means you will have to make do with whatever you have present. Although magazines reset, you won’t receive the same perk once again. 

However, enemies will respawn from time to time and take care of all your supply and resource needs. If you are running low on supplies, you can head to previously cleared areas and take down the respawned enemies for better loot and weapons. Even shops reset after a few days making new items available for you to buy. You can buy rare items such as a ballistic wave or circuitry. This is a great way to scout for resources without having to set up your own shop.


This is everything we have when it comes to fallout 4 respawn time and the fallout 4 enemy respawn timer. As we mentioned at the start of the article, although you think you have the game all figured out, it will always surprise you with a little extra on the side. 

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  1. how do you spawn creatures in Far Harbor and Nuka World can not seam to get them to spawn doing a Retexture mod of all creatures used your FO4 spawns for the base ones

    1. I cannot think anything apart from the mod acting up, so maybe try removing the retexture mod and see if the vanilla game still causes the issue. And, considering the installed version of the game is not buggy to begin with, this mod often helps spawn in Far Harbor and Nuka World. You can try it out: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16987