Ficmax Gaming Chair Review | Is It Worth Buying?

ficmax gaming chair review

Ficmax is a popular brand and company that deals in Gaming Chairs. It is known for dealing in high comfort and extremely premium quality Gaming chairs. They are also quite famous for their top notch customer services. The Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is one of Ficmax’s best selling gaming chairs which has been recognized to be of best quality in many countries.

The advantages of Ficmax gaming chairs are that they fit the style of the customers, are made of premium quality material, are built to last, are extremely comfortable and are priced modestly. For instance, after reading this review, you’d be able to make out that that ficmax gaming chairs provide much more value than some overhyped counterparts like Clutch chairz (Pewdiepie’s Chair) and some others across popular brands.

Similarly, the Respawn 110 and Respawn 200 racing style chairs, despite being priced quite in the same range, lack the wide collection of attractive features as those included in the Ficmax RE-FX-008.

Many of Ficmax massage gaming chairs are already best-sellers which prove the reliability and the credibility the brand has in the market. This is a piece of writing where we will have a Ficmax Gaming chair review in order to decode the reason behind such popularity of these Ficmax gaming chairs and also analyze various other aspects in detail.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Review

Ficmax Gaming Chair with Massager
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Footrests Yes
Padded Armrests Yes
4D Armrest Adjustability No
Lumbar Cushion with MassagerYes
High-Density Seat CushionYes
Headrest Pillow Yes


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great customer services
  • Sturdy Build
  • Comfortable for long hours of sitting
  • Great Value for money


  • No instruction manual
  • The Lumbar support vibrator is hokey

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1. Build Quality and Design of the Ficmax Gaming Chair 

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Design Review

Let’s talk style. the Ficmax gaming chair has clean lines, and embodies the typical racing style gaming chair similar to chairs from GTRacing and Rocker X. It may look like a typical gaming chair at first glance, however Ficmax truly nailed the look. Some gaming chairs are way over the top; i.e. too many crazy lines, colors and strange-looking features.

The Ficmax Gaming Chair also comes in several different colors, and we are a fan of all of them. However, we have noticed that the color options change over time. What we mean by this is that on Amazon, we don’t see some of the color options that were available a few months ago. That being said, the colors have all been solid and nice looking.

Last but not least, the Ficmax, like most any other gaming chair, is fitted with PU composite leather. PU leather is a smooth, sturdy material used to fit many computer chairs. Believe it or not, composite leather has made a lot of strides over the years and the material used on the Ficmax gets two thumbs up. It’s soft, comfortable and somewhat breathable.

2. Performance of the Ficmax Gaming Chair 

Ficmax gaming chair costs around $190, which might sound a little pricey. In reality, though, this is considered a mid-budget chair. It also offers several features that aren’t even found in more expensive models. There is a USB-powered lumbar cushion. Why would a cushion need power? Well, because it can be used as a massager if you’d like. This doesn’t compare to an actual massage chair in terms of strength, but it’s a neat little gimmick regardless. There’s also a retractable footrest in case you want to take a load off.

The connector supporting the footrest is a little flimsy so that you won’t be napping on this any time soon, but it’s okay for short breaks. The headrest cushion is attached with straps and can be moved both vertically and horizontally. This allows you to remain as comfortable as possible, regardless of your position.The cover is made of PU leather, which helps reduce the impact of spills. 

This chair is filled with high-density sponge. What does this mean? Essentially, it’s very well-padded and won’t sag or harden over time like some other foam-filled chairs. We also liked that the armrests can be moved up, down, in, and out. They can even be removed if you’d prefer.

3. Notable Features of the Ficmax Gaming Chair

a. USB Powered Lumbar Massage Pillow:  We’re going for a gaming chair here, not a massage chair. This feature seems so forced, and frankly if you buy this chair, you’ll probably never use it.

To be upfront, it’s a bit of a disappointment and doesn’t make too much of a difference. It doesn’t have much of an impact on relieving lower back pressure and just kind of vibrates. The vibration is fairly strong, but we think Ficmax missed the ball on this one.

Anyway, it’s not too bad given the gaming chair is comfortable and affordable, but could be better. If you’ve used a massage gaming chair in the past, you’d know that it’s a universal problem. If you really wish to spend some extra dollars on augmented features, getting a gaming chair with built-in speakers and vibrations might be a wiser choice.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Review

b. Heavy-Duty Frame & Wheel Base: The Ficmax gaming chair is sturdy and has a really strong and smooth wheel base with a heavy duty frame in order to carry up to 300 lbs of weight and still provide very nice and comfortable service. The weight-bearing capacity if this chair rivals that of specialized killabee chairs for big and tall gamers.

The wheelbase is extremely smooth and is made of premium quality material for long and unhindered use. Further, there’s always a certain factor of safety included in the design. Meaning, the disclosed weight-bearing capacity is not the absolute maximum weight that the chair can bear. This, in concurrence with first-hand reviewers, means that the wheel base of the chair is indeed sturdy and robust.

c. Retractable Footrest: The retractable footrest is a very good feature to have in a gaming chair as it does not put much pressure on your legs and helps you to play and enjoy freely. This feature is also useful for watching videos as you can relax with ease. This is also a very useful feature if combined with the 180 degree tilt mechanism. So much so, the absence of a retractable footrest is often a deal-breaker for gamers. If it’s the same with you, you may want to check out our carefully selected list of the best gaming chairs with footrests.

d. Large Size Seat Cushion: This Ficmax gaming chair has a 4.8 inch high density seat cushion for providing comfort in long seating sessions. While it’s still fairly comfortable for long periods of sitting, it can feel a little stiff as opposed to some other gaming chairs out there. That being said, it still holds its own and the comfort level is about what you’d expect for the cost of the chair.

The seat cushion is flat and hence it could be said that heavy gamers wouldn’t have a problem with the seat’s surface. Flat seats are an essential factor to watch out for if you or someone that might use the chair classifies as a tall and heavy person. The Secretlab Titan is another good example of a flat-seated gaming chair, best suited to heavy gamers.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Review

e. 180° Tilt Mechanism: A 180° tilt mechanism means that the chair can tilt so much that it can become a straight line. It is a very helpful feature as most of the counterpart chairs only provide this tilt mechanism up to 120°. This is helpful to relax in short breaks and also watch shows and videos. 

f. Casters: Ficmax has not specified the size of the casters used in this Ficmax massage gaming chair but the picture depicts that it is of the normal gaming chair casters’ size and can work on both hard and soft finishes floor. 

g. Color Options: The Fixmax gaming chair is available in Black, Black/Red, Black/Red/White, Black/White, Blue/Black, Blue/Red/White, White/Black and White/Red/Black. These are an extensive amount of color variants to choose from.

Final Words

So if you are a gamer and are fanatic about the selection of a gaming chair then ficmax gaming chair is an amazing option with lots of features and color variants to choose from. Ficmax gaming chair has premium quality of features which include a thick cushion on the seat, good arm and footrests. Ficmax gaming chair gives you good value for money and can be used for long periods of time. Go for it if you have a good budget and a use that can optimally use this Ficmax gaming chair. 

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