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herman miller sayl review

Herman Miller is an American company based in Zeeland which is sought-after by a huge bracket of customers for its excellent and reliable office furniture. This company also takes pride in the brilliant eco-friendly production with recyclable materials.

Boiling down the admiration to its paramountcy in gaming chairs’ production, it can be noted that the gaming chairs products by this company are exceptionally designed by qualified doctors.

The fact that many famous game streamers have given a green signal to the excellence of these gaming chairs makes it even more reliable, and that is exactly where the hype about these chairs escalated from (Check which gaming chairs are most popular among professional gamers).

This would give you an idea about how perfectly these chairs would suit the needs of many customers. From built design to quality and other notable features, this company works extra specially to make every chair a top-notch choice.

The Herman Miller Sayl chair is a power-packed chair suiting the desires and expectations of many customers around the globe. With their robust and clean design, adaptive features, flexibility and other unique features, these chairs make a perfect piece with all the glory packed inside one box delivered to you in no time. Let us enlighten you with every detail about this chair in this herman miller sayl review!

The Herman Miller Sayl Review

The Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review
1. Dimensions26″ x 24.5″ x 37″ inches
2. Chair Weight38 pounds
3. Weight Capacity350 Pounds
4. Lumbar SupportYes
5. Foot RestNo
6. Country of OriginUSA


  • Retains​ the natural S-shape of the spine
  • Highly Durable
  • Adjustable Height
  • Padded armrests
  • Flexible provides great support
  • Excellent build material (recyclable)


  • A bit expensive

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1. Build Quality and Design

Herman Miller Sayl Review

The three basic stepping stones of quality; comfortable support, detailed design and excellent value- Sayl incorporates all three in its Herman Miller Sayl chair. With its expert engineering and attention towards minute details, Sayl has prepared a chair that is exemplary when it comes to its built quality and design.

With due consideration to every necessary quality that makes a gaming chair outstanding, Sayl prepared the Herman Miller Sayl chair such that you can spend hours without your chair posing any discomfort at all.

The built of the chair is focused to provide ultimate comfort. This brings us to the quality of the backrest. The built of the backrest might appear to be flimsy, but is one of the most supportive of all.

Besides comfort, the Herman Miller Sayl chair is also impeccable when it comes to a unique and classy look. Although it cannot be termed as the universally perfect chair, it still matches the standards of quality and sophistication. If a modern and elegant gaming chair is your fetish, you might as well consider the Herman Miller Sayl chair. However, it’s not for everyone. But you could still give it a shot.

When it comes to the built quality, Herman Miller Sayl chair bags a perfect score, the armrest is perfectly placed besides being adjustable, the backrest is comfortable, and the chair provides pores for excellent airspace. It gives the user the best and most comfortable option at a fairly affordable price.

When it arrives at your door, it is as good as completely built, ready to use at the very moment. Only minute details have to be fixed before use. But it shouldn’t take more than five to six minutes to fix it and place it properly because you only have to set its top portion and the base. It comes with a manual that has crystal clear instructions that are literally a child’s play to follow.

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2. Suitability

Herman Miller Sayl Review

Let us critically examine every detail of the Herman Miller Task chair in this herman miller sayl review to see if it matches your suitability.

These Herman Miller Sayl chairs are designed to support the spine extensively. Long hours of working can make your posture go meek if the support is not optimum. Sayl chairs have a Y-tower structure which keeps your body posture in great shape by supporting it unconditionally.

It definitely would suit you if you spend most of the time working on a chair. Not only does it lessen the strain but also protects your natural spine framework to maintain its natural structure.

This chair has many notable features all in one. As different people can have different expectations out of their chairs corresponding to the type of work they are in, this chair is still capable to suit the needs of many. From different age groups (kids, adults and older people) to different workspaces (office, home, etc.), this chair has covered it all.

An overview on the basic features tells us that the chair has adjustable seat height, a 360° rotating structure, extremely comfortable armrests and hot seat, a structure that maintains the natural S-shape of the spine. The company has also designed a variant of this Sayl chair to meet the aesthetic quotient of the customers. A look that is modern, fashionable, and very eye-catching.

The sustainable and eco-friendly design of the Herman Miller Sayl chair would be able to combat the frowns of many people’s forehead. Yes, this chair has included the best of everything inside. The company has designed the chairs in a way that even after critically examining and using it, people have not found any major cons in the product whatsoever.

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3. Notable Features

A. Durability: Durability is one of the chief features in every product. We began our evaluation by assessing the levels of wear and tear that it can take without any severe damages. Based on our thorough evaluation of the durability of this Herman Miller Sayl Chair, we would rate it an 8 out of 10 (10 being excellent).

Our tests were based on some manual tricks to check its durability and resilience; we considered several things. When subjected to harsh conditions, the chair was found to be adaptable enough to stay intact without any severe damage. Nevertheless, the padding of the armrest towards the front had some signs of damage. The lever to adjust the height that comes in Herman Miller Sayl Chair also appears to be rickety.

Some of the Herman Miller Sayl Chair reviews by the existing consumers also drew our attention. We found that the padding in the front seat Or the armrest became frayed and tattered. However, this is not such a botheration because the 12- year warranty that Herman Miller Sayl Chair comes with covers it all.

Herman Miller Sayl Review

B. Adjustable Armrests: The best part about the armrest is its quality to adjust according to your comfort. While rating, our primary focus was on how well the Herman Miller Sayl chair can be customized by the user to adjust it according to themselves.

Proceeding further, we focused on the quality of the chair to be adjustable enough that it could be brought to a position that is user friendly and comfortable enough to nail the game you’re playing.

To maximize your comfort and minimize your efforts, Sayl has featured an entirely customizable armrest. You can move the armrests to a position that suits you; up and down, further or closer to you or adjust in any manner you wish.

However, we weren’t very convinced by its mechanism that raises it or lowers it. You may even confuse it with the version of the same chair with the same design but lack adjustable armrests. So, you might want to make sure and confirm that your chair does have an adjustable armrest.

C. Excellent Airflow: Of course, when it comes to gaming, it’s not over till you don’t nail them all. Then be it hours or days, it’s just how it is. But how do you imagine achieving that score when you can’t even spend an hour on the chair you’re on?

Often when you spend a lot of time on a chair, there’s a buildup of heat. And the next thing you’d know would be your chair feeling like the seat of a bike that has been standing under the sun for hours.

This is why the chairs need to be properly equipped with cushions at the base that allow good airflow. The Herman Miller Sayl chair comes with an excellent quality of airflow that allows you to spend hours on it without even an ounce of discomfort.

Thanks to the pores in its seat base and the holes in the back that are fashioned in such a way that the chair allows full airflow. This makes it a lot more comfortable to spend hours on it until you finish the whole gig.

Herman Miller Sayl Review

D. Adequate Weight Capacity: We all are quite aware of how some chairs break due to overload. You might have come across at least one funny video of this kind.

Well, we are guessing that it is funny only when it happens to others and none of you would want that to happen to you. The Herman Miller task chair can hold the weight of your body (and your sorrows) perfectly.

As it is stated, this chair can manage up to 350 pounds (158 kgs approx.) of weight very easily. The average weight of the working-class ranges between 40-80 kgs so this chair is offering you exactly the double of what you need.

Since the product is made of high-end, premium quality materials, it can withstand up to 350lbs, which is more than Embody and about the same as the Aeron.

You don’t have to worry about stressing the structure of this chair even if you crash over it in bizarre body postures. It won’t get severed even if it’s used in a party where two to three people crash over it at once. This baby is made to handle weight perfectly and goes on with you for the long run.

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E. Adjustable Seat height: One of the most exciting features of this Herman Miller Sayl chair includes its adjustable height. This feature makes it a deal-sealer because adjustable seat height adapts itself to suit the height of different age groups. In case a customer is buying it for their home, it can be easily used by parents and kids alike.

Adjustable seat height also helps you work with different platforms like a computer table, a low stool etc. As we noted, this Herman Miller Sayl chair does not have a footrest; the adjustable seat height can make the users set it to a height at which they are able to keep their legs on the floor. This way, the user’s legs won’t strain or go numb.

Herman Miller Sayl Review – Final Words

The excellent Y-tower structure of this modern chair makes it a tough candidate in the chair realm. With its great support, excellent structure, outstanding build quality and eye-catching design, we would give it a star. Fitting the needs brackets of many, herman miller sayl chair has nearly everything you would desire a comfortable seat to have.

A user who is ready to go for a slightly high-end product in exchange for a fantastic and highly durable chair can go for this one. You must, for once think of it as pricey, but just like your inheritance, this chair would be a long-term friend and can be passed on to your kids as well. I hope this herman miller sayl review was help and had everything you needed to know.

The perks are bold, the company’s old. Grab your piece before it gets sold!

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