How to Get Ikelos Shotgun in Destiny 2?

How to Get Ikelos Shotgun in Destiny 2

The Ikelos Shotgun is a rapid-fire frame that comes with considerably more ammo reserves, reloads quicker when dry, and goes off in full auto. This equals good for DPS and PvE. Out of the many weapons coming from the Escalation Protocol, gamers have rated the Ikelos Shotgun as the best one so far ever since it was introduced during Season 3 of Destiny 2 through the Warmind Expansion. 

This rapid-fire frame shotgun comes equipped with a rifle barrel; hammer-forged rifling or polygonal rifling followed by a trench barrel. Another notable feature is that after every successful melee hit, the Ikelos Shotgun gains increased to damage accuracy and handling with a stricter damage fall-off for a short time. The tactical magazine slightly increases the weapon’s stability, reload speed, and overall mag size. The Ikelos Shotgun dishes out solar damage and has a 65 impact, 41 range, 39 for stability, 50 for handling, and 65 for reload speed. If you are unsure how these stats compare to similar guns, ensure too look at out Destiny 2 Weapon Spreadsheet to give you a clear idea.

There are also options such as moving target or threat detector in the trait. The moving trait will increase your movement speed,, and target acquisition,, whereas the threat improves your reload stability and handling whenever the enemies are in proximity.

This article will guide you through how you can get your hands on the Ikelos Shotgun. If you are looking for a great close-range weapon, you need the Ikelos Shotgun in your inventory.  This one is available through the Prophecy dungeon from the final chest,, and you can get some excellent rolls for PVE and PVP. You can also learn how to get the legendary shotgun, Dust Rock Blues by clicking here.

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How To Get The Ikelos Shotgun In Destiny 2?

How to Get Ikelos Shotgun in Destiny 2

Any of the weapons emerging from the Escalation Protocol will drop once you’ve laid the final boss to rest. Note that these weapons won’t come from the chest as the chest is only for armour. However, as far as the weapons go, they will drop at random,, and you can farm the bosses over and over until you get them dropped. What makes this Shotgun exciting is that it could drop with a vorpal weapon, elemental capacitor, and a disruption break in. 

Earlier, this gun dropped at random after having run through the seven waves of Escalation Protocol. However, if you want to get this weapon now, you have to head into the Prophecy Dungeon and beat the final boss for a chance at getting the Ikelos Shotgun. Once you beat the final boss in the Prophecy Dungeon, you’ll be teleported to where the chest is, wherein you can see a big 9 in the background. 

The Prophecy Dungeon is farmable,, which means you can repeat the quest until you get the Ikelos Shotgun. Addition drops include the death adder, widows bite, and the Ikelos hand cannon followed by an armour drop. However, this mode shouldn’t be too hard these days if you have Forsaken and a relatively high power level.

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The Bottom Line

We hope our article was able to cover everything you need to know about getting the Ikelos Shotgun in Destiny 2. The drop rate for this weapon is high and you are likely to get a legendary drop everytime you open a chest. After you get your first drop, you are likely to get the Ikelos Shotgun from unfocused umbral engrams as well. 

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