How To Get Spare Rations In Destiny 2? (Legendary Hand Cannon Guide)

How To Get Spare Rations In Destiny 2?

If you played a lot of Destiny 2, you already know that there are plenty of different types of weapons such as reckoning weapons to farm in the game. Over the course of the game, you may have got your hands on some of the most lethal weapons added to Shadowkeep in the game. However, the Spare Rations should always be at the top of your list. The Spare Ration is a top-tier hand-cannon that is deadly in the crucible and certainly gives an edge to one who has it.

Therefore, the following is a guide that’ll explain how you can farm spare rations in Destiny 2.

How To Get Spare Rations?

The Spare ration is a legendary kinetic hand-cannon (Learn how to get mods for kinetic weapons) introduced during the Season Of The Drifter. With several perks in its arsenal, the Spare Rations is undoubtedly one of the deadliest weapons in the game. The lightweight frame, when equipped, allows you to move faster. Besides, the Spare Rations is a 150 rpm hand cannon, ultimately making it more quickly than most of the weapons in the game. 

The best two ways to farm spare rations is by running Gambit Prime or The Reckoning. With the drop rate buffed in update, it is now much easier to get your hands on this weapon as compared to last year. However, you’ll need to play a fair share of matches before the drops start happening for you. If you are farming spare rations by running Gambit Prime, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, as you can still receive a spare ration after losing a game.

However, the Reckoning tier-2 is the best way to farm Spare Rations when you’re fighting as the likeness of Oryx, making it more likely to get two consecutive drops in a single session. 

1. How To Access The Reckoning?

How To Access The Reckoning?

The Reckoning is an activity that was added as a part of the Season Of The Drifter. However, the Reckoning was locked behind the Season Pass in season 6. Following the release of Shadow Cube, the Reckoning was made free to play for all players. Though it is free to play, there are a few steps to go through before accessing this mode. 

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2. Complete User Testing Quest

Complete User Testing Quest

Before accessing the Reckoning, the Drifter will put you through a quest called “User Testing.” Select the User Testing plus a “Gambit Crime Bounty.” Upon completing any of these bounties by running Gambit Prime, return to The Drifter who will provide you with a “Weak Synthesizer,” which is precisely what is required to access the Reckoning

Running in Gambit Prime rewards you with synths. The four primary synths are; Invader, Collector, Sentry, and The Reaper

3. How To Use The Weak Synthesizer?

How To Use The Weak Synthesizer

Once you complete the Gambit Crime Bounty, The Drifter will present you with the Weak Synthesizer required to access The Reckoning. In addition, the Gambit Prime rewards you with synths, namely invader, collector, sentry, and The Reaper, which can be used in conjunction with the Weak Synthesizer.

The Weak Synthesiser enables you to collect the Gambit Prime Armor from the Reckoning. To activate the synthesiser, add any one of the synths (invader/collector/sentry/reaper). Interact with your Weak Synthesizer and the Synth before The Reckoning Match. While adding the synth, the Weak Synthesizer turns into a Mode, which is then used as a “Wager” in The Reckoning match…

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4. How To Upgrade To Middling Synthesizer?

How To Upgrade To Middling Synthesize

Before getting access to the Tier-2 Reckoning, you will need to upgrade yourself to the Middling Synthesizer. To do this, ensure that you have completed at least one Gambit Crime Bounty assigned by The Drifter. Upon completion of that bounty, return to The Drifter and pick up the weekly Gambit Crime Bounty. Upon successful completion of the Weekly Gambit Crime Bounty, you’ll receive an upgrade to the Middling Synthesizer which will enable you to access higher tiers of The Reckoning by crafting some extremely powerful weapons.

5. The Reckoning Tier-2: Likeness Of The Oryx

The Reckoning Tier-2: Likeness Of The Oryx

On reaching The Reckoning Tier-2, you’ll be running through the phases to defeat the Likeness Of The Oryx. Doing this might help you achieve a higher percentage of a drop for Spare Rations.

Note: There is NO guarantee that the drop rate will go up following your win against The Likeness Of The Oryx. Although, many users have reported a substantial rise in drop percentage post this activity

Post-Drop Activity

Once you have your hands on the Spare Rations, it is time to head for the crucible. In the crucible, you’ll be sharing this legendary hand cannon with your other associates (Guardians), which is an OK roll. Though Overflow and Explosive Payload are the ideal rolls, you can always farm a new roll much more suited to your style. You can farm a new roll by either running Gambit Prime or The Reckoning. 

If you find your game style incompatible with the Spare Rations, you could try using guns like the Hammerhead, Dust rock blues or bows like the Trinity Ghoul.

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