The Best Destiny 2 Reckoning Weapons And How To Farm Them

Best destiny 2 reckoning weapons

For every Guardian who has spent countless hours on Destiny 2, The Reckoning is no stranger. Not only is The Reckoning a fun activity, but it also offers excellent loot and exotics followed by some exciting lore to explore. Each coming week has new quests for you to explore and weapons to farm. And with the latest update, it has become easier to farm exotics in both the Gambit Prime and The Reckoning.

Those seasoned in Destiny 2 know that they need to act fast if they really want their hands on the best Destiny 2 reckoning weapons. Destiny 2 tends to retire some of the previously existing weapons in the game with every new update. However, with the latest update, not only has it become easier to secure weapon drops, but you can now farm-specific weapons in The Reckoning. We’ll cover all the best rolls and the best way to farm precisely the weapon you want.

While some of the Reckoning weapons are bound to leave Destiny 2 at some point, it doesn’t change the fact that the Reckoning had some of the best weapons to offer. However, with several weapons retiring soon, what all weapons are worth grinding for? And how do you get your hands on a particular Reckoning weapon before it’s too late?

If you, too, are someone who’s plagued with such questions, then we have got you covered. In this article, we will be listing some of the best Destiny 2 Reckoning weapons. We will specify the weapon’s perks and abilities and tell you how you can farm these weapons. 

Destiny 2 Reckoning Weapons 

Here are some of the best Destiny 2 Reckoning Weapons as of May 2020.

Weapon NameTypeSlotPerkTierSource/Farm Method
Spare RationsHand CannonKineticSnapshot Sights/Rapid Hit/ Kill Clip/ RampageBestLikeness Of Oryx/ Gambit Prime
Gnawing HungerAuto RifleEnergyTap The Trigger/ Kill ClipBestLikeness Of Oryx
Sole SurvivorSniperEnergyTriple Tap/ Firing LineStrongThe Swords / Gambit Prime
Last Man StandingShotgunEnergyGrave Robber/ DemolitionistAverageThe Swords/ Gambit Prime
LonesomeSidearmKineticFull Auto Trigger System/
Kill Clip
AverageThe Swords/ Gambit Prime
Just In CaseSwordHeavyAverageThe Swords
OutlastPulse RifleEnergyAverageLikeness Of Oryx/ Gambit Prime
DoomsdayGrenade LauncherEnergyAverageLikeness Of Oryx/ Gambit Prime
Night WatchScout RifleKineticWeakThe Swords/ Gambit Prime
Bug-Out BagSMGEnergyWeakLikeness Of Oryx/ Gambit Prime

Though we have listed some of the best Reckoning Weapons in Destiny 2, there are even better alternatives available in the game that can probably gel well with your gameplay. Similarly, you will need to consider your in-game activities as well. While The Reckoning may not have the most potent weapons in the game, it certainly offers you some of the best PvP weapons in the game. 

1. Sole Survivor (Sniper Rifle)

Sole Survivor

This adaptive sniper rifle can clock 90 rounds a minute with 4 in the magazine dealing severe arc damage. The added perks such as the Snapshot Sight allows you quickly aim down your sights while the Outlaw allows for precision kills followed by faster reload speed. This 90 RPM archetype can spawn with Snapshot Sights that can get you a decent PvP roll. The Sole Survivor is arguably the best sniper rifle in Destiny 2 when it comes to PvE. This is because it offers perks such as Triple Tap, Fourth Time’s The Charm, and Firing line. 

This weapon deals with increased precision damage when near two or more allies. This makes it the perfect weapon to carry in a boss fight, especially if you’re going in with your fireteam. To top that off, if you can acquire the extended mag, you set off seven shots in a row before you have to reload. For PvP, you can be on the lookout for the Slideshow, Snapshot Sights, and Ricochet Rounds. 

2. Last Man Standing (Shotgun)

Last Man Standing

The last man standing is a legendary shotgun like the Ikelos and the Dust Rock Blues. Though it isn’t the best in its class, the Last Man Standing is a solid shotgun during PvE games and the perfect choice of guardians who like to melee everything that moves. This is the highest damage archetype for shotguns offering perks such as Grave Robber, Demolitionist, Full Auto Trigger System, and Auto-Loading Holster. This heavy-damage archetype can clock 55 rounds a minute with four pellets dealing severe solar damage. 

Given its heavy damage, this is best for a one-shot kill. For the absolute PvP god-roll, the Last Man Standing can spawn with a rifled barrel, accurate rounds, open shot, and rampage. Unfortunately, this shotgun cannot get a quick-draw perk. Not just PvP, but this shotgun also has a good PvE application since it can get the new perk One-Two punch that increases melee damage for a short time after you hit an enemy with every single pellet in your shotgun

3. Outlast (Pulse Rifle)


The Outlast is a rapid-fire pulse rifle that can clock around 550 RPM with 32 in the magazine dealing severe solar damage. Along with its stability stats at 48, it has a great aim to assist with stats of 78. This legendary energy pulse rifle is a pretty rare energy weapon that spawns with much better stability compared to the Claws Of The Wolf. When it comes to PvP, pulse rifles always take the front seat and go in there pretty effectively when playing in the Crucible. 

It comes loaded with various perks such as the Full Auto Trigger System, Outlaw, Feeding Frenzy, Rampage, Kill Clip, and the demolitionist. The Kill Clip gives you added kill damage after each reloads, whereas pairing it with the Zen Moment grants your weapon increased stability. While the Rampage, Outlaw, and Appended Meg are perfect for PvE, the Rangefinder, Kill Clip, and Accurized rounds work best when it comes to PvP matches. 

4. Bug-Out Bag (Submachine Gun)

Bug-Out Bag

This mini SMG fits perfectly into your energy slot. Firing at 900 RPM, it has 32 in the chamber that deals severe solar damage. In addition, the Bug-Out Bag has got impressive handling, good reload, and significant recoil hidden stats. Meanwhile, it has access to some pretty decent perks such as the Zen Moment, Subsitinance, Multi Kill Clip, Swashbuckler, and demolitionist. 

The Multi-Kill clip grants you increased weapon damage post every reload but is dependent on how many multi-kills you have. Meanwhile, the Slideways give this weapon excellent handling every time you partially reload your magazine. The Alloy Magazine allows for faster reloading when your magazine runs dry. After using this gun, many have mentioned that they felt the Bug-Out bag is better than the Recluse.

5. Night Watch (Scout Rifle)

Night Watch

Scout Rifles have taken a major hit ever since Bungie rolled out the latest Destiny 2 update. However, you can make an exception for this one. The Night Watch is a highly lightweight kinetic scout rifle that can fire at a rate of 200 RPM and contains 16 total bullets in the magazine. The light feature allows you to maneuver quickly while aiming down the sight, allowing you to take down enemies when on the move. The Overflow trait will enable you to pick up heavy/special ammo reloads beyond average capacity.

With the corkscrew rifling, the weapon has slightly added range and stability along with improved handling speed. Every Shadowkeep update has buffed-up scout rifles. You can pair this with Explosive Payload, wherein your bullets create an area of effect damage. The Night Watch scout rifle pairs perfectly with Rampage, Substinence, Appended Mag, Moving Target, or Outlaw for an added edge in PvE matches. If you find it challenging to make it through the Pinnacle Quests, the Night Watch can get it done. 

6. Gnawing Hunger (Auto-Rifle)

Gnawing Hunger

Auto-Rifles have always dominated multiplayer online shooters and not just Destiny 2. Similarly, the Gnawing Hunger is one of the best Auto-rifles in Destiny 2, which is well-suited for PvP and PvE. This adaptive energy frame rifle can shell out 600 rounds per minute and has 43 in the chamber dealing severe void damage. Also, the Gnawing Hunger comes with great reload speed, handling, and also a great range. The Appended Mag perk drastically increases your magazine size, making it perfect for carrying in a boss fight. ,

It pairs well with perks such as Rampage that improves your weapon damage post every kill, and the Arrowhead break for improved recoil and handling by giving you a lightly vented barrel. While auto-rifles may have taken a hit and no longer are in the meta, the Gnawing Hunger has impressive stats for both PvP and PvE matches. Also, this energy auto-rifle pairs perfectly with other perks such as sustenance, tap the trigger, zen moment, with the curated roll coming with Overflow in the first slot. 

7. Spare Rations (Hand Cannon)

Spare Rations

Introduced during the Season of the Drifter, the Spare Rations has quickly become the most potent weapon in Destiny 2. This lightweight hand cannon allows you to move faster while simultaneously taking down enemies. The Spare Rations is one of the most lethal weapons in the game, with an impact of 80, handling at 74, and a faster reload speed of 60, followed by a 100 recoil. Given its unique perks and abilities, the Spare Rations is the best fit for both PvP and PvE. 

The Spare Rations is the best hand cannon in PvP and comes with both pinnacle and exclusive. Fitting in your kinetic slot, the spare rations can clock 150 RPM and contains a total of 13 cannon pellets in the chamber. This is a lightweight hand cannon that allows for faster maneuvers. The Explosive Payload gives your bullets to create an area of effect damage where the Overflow perk will enable you to pick up heavy ammunition beyond the magazine capacity. 

Learn everything you need to about Spare Rations here.

How To Farm God-Rolls?

Before you get started on farming The Reckoning weapons, note that most guns in the Reckoning and gambit prime will be retiring after Season 12. Meanwhile, the way to farm a few Reckoning weapons is also bound to change. 

As of now, you can get Reckoning weapons to drop exclusively from Gambit Prime/reckoning loot pool. We have mentioned all the sources and ways to farm the Reckoning weapons in the table mentioned above. Meanwhile, this is how you can farm Reckoning weapons exclusive to the Reckoning Tier 3.

  • The Gnawing Hunger ( Auto Rifle ) will drop after you complete the Likeness Of Oryx.
  • The Doomsday (Grenade Launcher) will drop after you complete the likeness of the Oryx.
  • The Just In Case (Sword) will drop after defeating The Sword’sguns most boss.

Meanwhile, all the other weapons can drop either from Reckoning T3 bosses or Gambit Prime. 

Here are all the weapons you can farm by defeating The Swords Final Boss and by completing the Likeness Of Oryx

The Swords ( Final Boss )Likeness Of The Oryx
Sole SurvivorSpare Rations
Last Man StandingOutlast
NightwatchBug-Out Bag
LonesomeGnawing Hunger  ( Exclusive to Tier 3)
Just In Case ( Exclusive to Tier 3)Doomsday  ( Exclusive to Tier 3)

How To Farm Weapons In The Reckoning?

While the Reckoning may not offer weapons as potent as the Black Armory, it still has one of the best PvP weapons in Destiny 2. It is easy to farm weaponsplant in The Reckoning. To farm weapons in the Reckoning, follow the given steps.

  • Visit the “Gambit” section in the game directory.
  • Select “Reckoning.”
  • Select “Tier-3” Activity

The activity is either a match or a quest, and you will be rewarded with a weapon for .completing the pursuit or killing the final boss. To make things easier, Bungie’s latest patch has made it simpler to farm weapons after completing your activity. Note that these weapons tend to change every week. Therefore, you must keep track of the weapon rotation schedule so that you know the right time to farm weapons in The Reckoning.

The Bottom Line

We hope our article was able to cover everything you need to know regarding the Reckoning weapons. We have listed some of the best weapons to choose from in The Reckoning. In addition, we have also included the guide to help you farm god-rolls and weapons in Destiny 2. 

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