How To Save Takemura In Cyberpunk 2077 During Search And Destroy?

How To Save Takemura In Cyberpunk 2077 During Search And Destroy

Throughout Cyberpunk 2077, you will be required to complete several missions and side missions such as beat on the brat and in order to finish the game. Being an RPG, the game will present you with dialogue options at frequent intervals. What you choose to say will ultimately have an impact on the story going forward. Besides a gripping storyline, the game has a plethora of weapons (Check out this Cyberpunk guns list) and Legendary armor pieces on display. Similarly, the game introduces numerous characters every once in a while, both friends and foes. 

One such is Takemura, the former bodyguard of Saburo Araska and an unexpected ally to your character. A man, once fiercely loyal to Arasaka who now finds himself betrayed and out of his element in the Night City. Takemura helps you out on several missions throughout the course of the game and eventually helps you breach the Aresaka Tower. But one particular mission requires you to save Takemura. In this article, we will guide you through how you can save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077 during Search and Destroy

How To Save Takemura During Search And Destroy?

How To Save Takemura

As we mentioned above, the dialogue options you choose tend to impact the story going forward. For example, when Takemura, V, and Johnny are ambushed by Adam Smasher, V and Johnny manage to escape. However, Takemura is left behind along to face the Aresaka soldiers. Here, V can choose to either leave Takemura behind or save him during search and destroy. When on the mission “Play It Safe,” Arasaka forces breach through the hotel wall causing you to fall several stories down. 

Now, Johnny will advise you against saving Takemura, but there is a way to get to him in time. When you wake up after the fall, talk to Johnny and exit the room. You’ll now see a huge blue neon cross in the wall in front of you. Now, locate a small gap to the left of the cross and go through it. Once through, move through the room beyond the gap and take out the four Aresaka soldiers. When you get through this red-flare lit room, you’ll come across into another beyond which a staircase awaits. Go up those stairs. Johnny will be waiting at the top of the stairs advising you again not to save Takemura. 

When you push past Johnny on the stairs, you’ll get an optional option on your screen reading “Try To Save Takemura.” Keep going through the staircase until you come across a corridor. Note that there guards beyond the corridor waiting to ambush you. Take out the guards in the corridor, and you’ll find Takemura there safe and sound. To save Takemura, escort him safely outside the hotel building. Once outside, the two of you will split up but will remain in contact throughout the course of the game. 

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The Bottom Line 

We hope our article successfully walked you through saving Takemura during Search and Destroy in Cyberpunk 2077. You will get an option to leave Takemura to die in the hotel. But if you ignore Johnny’s chat and continue to save Takemura, the optional side mission of saving Takemura will appear on your screen. 

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