How To Sit In A Kneeling Chair?

How To Sit In A Kneeling Chair

Sitting down for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from exercise. Unfortunately, our hectic lifestyles have us sitting for hours and hours on a chair without any ergonomics whatsoever. No matter how much time we spend trying to avoid sitting, we end up sitting for an hour more than usual. Many people think that using a standing desk could get them off their chairs and keep their bodies in motion. However, there are several drawbacks to using a standing desk, just as there are several to sitting for prolonged periods. 

Even after trying, we all end up sitting back on our chairs. If we believed what the media has to offer about sitting, we might never sit again. Sitting for prolonged periods is bad not only for those with a sedentary lifestyle but also for those with an active one, this is because sitting for prolonged periods can cause Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome to an individual. To counter this, people nowadays are shifting towards ergonomically designed chairs that provide excellent lumbar and back support, preventing the neck, back, and lower back muscles from coming under extreme stress. 

Just as there are chairs designed explicitly to cater to your neck, back, and lower back, there are chairs that are designed to take care of your hips, thighs, knees, and legs. These chairs are generally termed as kneeling chairs. In this article, we will be highlighting everything a kneeling chair has to offer. Similarly, we have laid down a detailed guide that will tell you how to sit in a kneeling chair. 

What Is A Kneeling Chair?

There are now plenty of chairs available with advanced ergonomics that are designed explicitly to provide utmost comfort neck, back, spine, lower back, hips, and legs. Similarly, a kneeling chair is something that allows you to sit in a position wherein your knees are directly in sync with your leg muscles and the ground simultaneously. The idea behind using a kneeling chair is that it opens up a hip angle with your buttocks and thighs supported by a single pad, whereas one pad supports your knees and shins. This ‘kneeling’ position eases your hips forward to encourage a more upright posture to align your back, shoulders better, and lower back muscles.

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Are Kneeling Chairs Good For You?

People have been debating this question for decades. While several of them disagree about kneeling chairs having a positive impact, several others have reported a significant improvement in their posture ever since they started using a kneeling chair. One of the critical features a kneeling chair bank on is that it frees you from the daily static positions, which induce tension in your neck, back, spine, and lower back muscles. In addition, these static positions are known to drastically slow down the body’s metabolism and regulate sugar levels giving rise to problems such as obesity. Instead, using a kneeling chair ultimately encourages your body to undertake more movement by promoting “Active Furthermore, since there is no back support involved in using a kneeling chair, the body has to rely entirely on its core muscles to remain in an upright position. 

How To Sit In A Kneeling Chair?

How To Sit In A Kneeling Chair

Every ergonomically designed chair has a particular manner in which you should sit on it. Maintaining the right posture when sitting on a chair will ensure that the posture stays that way for long. Kneeling chairs have been around for quite some time and offer an excellent alternative to a traditional office chair. A normal chair is known to induce back pain if sat on for prolonged hours. To counter this, people have slowly started using a kneeling chair. However, many are still unaware of how to sit in a kneeling chair. If you are one of them, then we have you covered.

When using a kneeling chair, your hips and buttocks carry the bulk of your weight. The knee pad present on the chair provides support to your chins and knees. To properly sit in a kneeling chair, follow the given steps.

  • Start by sitting on your kneeling seat ( NOT KNEELING POSITION)
  • Slowly move into the kneeling position

However, maintaining the same posture on a kneeling chair can cause you to feel pain in your thighs and lower back. To ensure all-around comfort, here are some variations which you can practice when sitting on a kneeling chair.

  • Place your right knee on the knee pad. 
  • Place your left floor on the ground
  • Extend your left leg as much as possible

Repeat this variations with both legs with reversed roles.

Alternative Ways To Sit On A Kneeling Chair

No matter what chair you are using, you must change positions throughout the day when sitting. Doing so tends to reduce the tension of the internal as well as external organs. The same applies to sitting on a kneeling chair. Prolonged hours of sitting on your knees can cause pain or irritation on the hips, buttocks, knees, and thighs. Therefore, when sitting on a kneeling chair.

  • Sit with one leg on the chair and the other outstretched on the floor ( Do this with both legs with their roles reversed )
  • Alternate between a kneeling chair and standing desk

Kneeling chairs are perfect for your posture, but based on experience and research, it’s ideal using them in conjunction with a standing desk.

Benefits Of Using A Kneeling Chair

Benefits Of Using A Kneeling Chair

People who have shifted towards using a kneeling chair have noticed a significant improvement in their core strength and overall muscle tone. Other benefits of using a kneeling chair are 

  1. Using a kneeling chair helps distribute your body weight evenly, ultimately taking the pressure off your neck, back, and lower back muscles.
  2. A kneeling chair distributes the excess weight from your hips and buttocks and spreads them evenly throughout your legs.
  3. Using a kneeling chair is known to boost focus and lead to improved productivity.
  4. Kneeling Chair stimulates blood circulation.
  5. Strengthens the back and core abdominal muscles
  6. Encourages overall body movement
  7. Helps boost metabolism, which can lead to better overall digestion
  8. Easier to do tasks that involve reaching forward

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Are Kneeling Chairs Worth The Hype?

We hope our article was able to successfully walk you through everything a kneeling chair has to offer. Opting for a kneeling chair is a good option for those who spend countless hours sitting on a traditional office chair. The whole point of upgrading to a kneeling chair is that it can help boost productivity and improve overall efficiency. While kneeling chairs promote active sitting, they can take a toll on your lower body muscles since it focuses your entire body weight on your shins while over flexing the knees and ankles. Therefore, using a kneeling chair is complete up to the individual, and it is always beneficial to alternate between a sitting and a standing desk for added comfort. 

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