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D&D Dragonborn Fighter

The Dragonborn is an illustrious race in D&D 5e, and adventurers prefer to create a strong character by integrating the Dragonborn race with classes such as paladin, druid, fighter, and warlock. The Dragonborn fighter is a formidable warrior, possessing both a dragon’s strength and a seasoned fighter’s skill.

Born with a draconic heritage, this fighter possesses exceptional physical attributes that make them well-suited for battle. Their formidable scales, sharp claws, and natural affinity for magic make them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

In addition to their physical prowess, the Dragonborn fighter also possesses an unwavering sense of honor and a deep loyalty to their allies. Whether they are battling fierce monsters or defending their homeland, the Dragonborn fighter stands ready to face any challenge head-on, with courage and determination.

After getting introduced to Dragonborn fighter, it is time to dwell on how to create and roleplay as a dragonborn fighter. That is what we will do in this Dragonborn fighter character Guide.

What is a Fighter Class in D&D 5e?

The first thing you should know about playing as a fighter is that it is the most flexible class available. You must also determine what sort of fighter you want to be and if you want to be an STR or DEX fighter. 

Quest-seeking samurai, knights, conquering overlords, royal champions, elite foot soldiers, tough mercenaries, and bandit kings—as fighters, they all share an unmatched command of weapons and armor as well as a deep understanding of fighting techniques. They are also quite familiar with death, having both experienced it firsthand and confronted it obstinately.

Fighters are taught the fundamentals of all martial styles. Every combatant has some proficiency in the usage of an axe, a sword, a greatsword, a longsword, and even a net to capture an opponent. Similarly, a fighter is skilled with shields and all types of armor. 

Aside from that fundamental level of knowledge, each fighter specializes in a certain type of battle. Others focus on using two weapons simultaneously, archery or magic, to improve their martial arts prowess. Due to their exceptional fighting skills both on the battlefield and in dungeons, fighters combine their strong general knowledge with deep specialization.

Knowing that the fighter class is the most adaptable one available is the first thing to know before playing as one. You must also determine what sort of fighter you want to be and if you want to be an STR or DEX fighter. 

The various subclasses will also have an impact on your stat array. For example, if you want to be an Eldritch Knight, your highest stat should be INT or CON. What subclass you choose will also affect the races. But don’t worry; we’ll go through all the subclasses.

How To Create a Dragonborn Fighter in D&D 5e

How To Create a Dragonborn Fighter in D&D 5e

The Eldritch Knight and Purple Dragon Knight are the best Dragonborn fighter martial archetypes (subclasses). If you are reading this tutorial, you presumably want something a little easier to play with than one of those animals.

Due to dragonborn personality qualities, Battle Master is a powerful roleplaying choice, although Champion is the simplest of the two and provides a higher damage gain.

Fighters require martial skills in addition to other abilities. Being a Dragonborn grants us an extra +2 STR, which allows us to deliver some damage early on before our fighter advantages shine through. We won’t need DEX because we’ll be wearing heavy armor.

As front liners, CON is our second most essential talent; our score should represent our capacity to endure. DEX, INT, WIS, and CHA are all average – we’ll need them for some crazy rolls and checks, but 10-12 is normally fine for all of them. Our Dragonborn’s smooth and sophisticated disposition adds a +1 to CHA, but it’s little.

Fighters may select a “fighting style” which benefits them for certain weapons. This is where the build can become very interesting. You should become a duelist and use a traditional sword and board’ for maximum assault and protection.

However, talk to your DM about using your dragon talons and fangs and selecting the Unarmed Fighting style – it may be a really entertaining way to play your Dragonborn fighter. Of course, you can go this route regardless. 

However, unless your DM is on board and enhances the default unarmed striking owing to the talon issue, you’ll be thirsty for unarmed feats and less effective in battle than a sword and board.

How to Play as a Dragonborn Fighter in D&D 5e

How to Play as a Dragonborn Fighter in D&D 5e

An STR-based fighter isn’t all that complicated, but you can bet we’ll have one of the most intriguing backstories and personalities since we’re DRAGONS!

The breath weapon is incredibly crucial to a Dragonborn, at least in the early stages. But don’t be misled – the breath weapon is a fantastic area-of-effect damage output for a class that normally lacks it. Our damage type, breath weapon form, and damage resistance are all determined by our draconic background.

This damage grows with our character, beginning at 2d6 and increasing as we level until it reaches 5d6 when we reach level 16. We only get one use for every brief rest, so we should reserve it for when we really need it, even if it’s helpful in a hurry.

We want to be in the fight, but our HP and AC aren’t as high as a barbarian’s, so even though we want to be in action, our purpose is to inflict damage, not to hold off five enemies at once.

How to Roleplay as a Dragonborn fighter in D&D 5e

How to Roleplay as a Dragonborn fighter in D&D 5e

The majority of Dragonborn are of good alignment. Those that are not are capable of wreaking havoc on their worlds. 

Dragonborn tend to go to extremes depending on whether they choose good or evil in the cosmic struggle between Bahamut (good) and Tiamat (evil) (evil). This decision and following ‘worship’ will frequently shape the Dragonborn’s personality.

Dragonborn are often cautious of strangers and aim for mastery of a certain talent as a lifelong goal – this should also be underlying the personality of your Dragonborn. A Dragonborn prioritizes their clan over anything else. Before requesting assistance from other races or the Gods, they will normally trust and rely on fellow dragonborn clans.

The majority of Dragonborn have interbred with humans and other races; therefore, they only have dull, rusty, scarlet, golden, or coppery scales. However, if you pick a Dragonborn clan with a very strong lineage, you’ll have vivid and vibrant scales with a spectrum of colors.


Fighters are one of the most versatile subclasses in D&D 5e. Part-human, part-dragon, all-powerful. Dragonborn is one of the most popular D&D races, and it’s easy to see why. 

You acquire free damage resistance and a free-breath weapon (you can breathe fire!). Or even lightning. Or even acid. Or Ice. In any case. Epic. ), Draconic speech, reading, and writing (objectively the boss language). You’re essentially controlling a human-sized dragon on two legs.

The dragonborn subclass is cool, and pairing it with a fighter class makes it even better. The soldier history is the only one that makes sense for a standard combatant; nevertheless, you can play around with the other histories because you’re half-dragon and deserve more than just being a soldier.


Dragonborn Fighters can overcome their weaknesses by investing in their mental stats, choosing the best feats and equipment, and coordinating with their party members to compensate for any gaps in their abilities.

Known weaknesses of Dragonborn Fighters are lower intelligence, wisdom, and charisma scores, which can make them vulnerable to spells and other effects that target mental abilities. Another minor weakness of Dragonborn fighters is that they can also be slower and less agile than other characters.

Dragonborn Fighters can work efficiently with their party members by covering them against enemy attacks, flanking enemies, and communicating effectively to coordinate attacks and strategy.

Dragonborn Fighters can enhance their combat abilities by picking the most suitable weapons and armor, selecting powerful feats, and investing in their strength, dexterity, and constitution stats.

The most beneficial feat for a Dragonborn fighter that compliments their character is the great weapon master. Great weapon master allows heavy damage attacks and toughness that increases hit points and survivability.

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