How To Get Hammerhead In Destiny 2?

How To Get Hammerhead In Destiny 2

The Hammerhead was first unveiled during Season Forge: Black Armory of Destiny 2. This legendary machine gun comes loaded with perks such as the Random Roll and God Roll. If you are seasoned to Destiny 2, you’ll agree when we say that machine guns are the highly adaptive weapon in Destiny 2. The Hammerhead can do it all from bringing down enemy towers, clearing ads, and ripping through the Guardians. 

If you are looking to get your hands on this legendary machine gun but don’t know how to do it, then this article will walk you through everything you need to do to get Hammerhead in Destiny 2

What Is Hammerhead?

The Hammerhead is a legendary machine gun that was unveiled during the 5th season of Destiny 2. This is one of the most competitive weapons alongside The Recluse for both PvP and PvE and ranks at the top on the PvP charts. This powerful machine gun is the 1st black armoury weapon created by a Guardian. It is one of the two machine guns currently available in Destiny after the exotic Thunderbird. Hammerhead has random roll perks, and therefore cannot be re-acquired from collections.

The hammerhead comes equipped with an adaptive frame making it well-rounded, reliable, and sturdy. The hammer-forged ranging allows you to hit over longer distances. With the armour-piercing rounds, all you need are two shots to down your enemy. These rounds also tend to cause severe damage to the enemy’s shield and over-penetrate targets. It also comes with two notable traits; the “Feeding Frenzy” and “Rampage.” The “Feeding Frenzy” will increase your reload speed for a short time after kills, whereas “Rampage” grants increased damage post two successive kills. 

This legendary machine gun is an adaptive frame with a well-rounded grip. This is a full 50 round permanent machine gun and fits 60 in the magazine. This runs perfectly with added perks such as surrounded, high-impact reserves, and quick-draw, along with a few other options. 

How To Get Hammerhead In Destiny 2?

 Two significant ways are using which you can get your hands on this legendary machine gun.

1. Unlock VolundrForge

Unlock VolundrForge

Follow the steps given to open the forges:

  • Visit “The Spider” in the tangled shore
  • Got to the Annex Arena of the tower and talk to Ada-1
  • Obtain the weapon core from the Black Armory Crate 
  • Collect 25 compound ether from fallen enemies
  • Get multi-kills and hive kills
  • Takedown 25 powerful enemies
  • Collect radiant seeds from the downed powerful enemies. 
  • Return to Ada-1
  • Visit the Volundr Forge

Following all these steps will unlock the Forges.

Now, follow the steps given to get the hammerhead.

  • Return to Ada-1 in the tower
  • Collect the Machine Gun Frame
  • Prepare the frame 
  • Look at the frame and complete the quest steps present on it
  • Talk to Ada-1
  • Complete the weapon by working the daily forge found on the European Dead Zone (EDZ) 

Note: Remember that these forges rotate daily, ensure to look at the shadowkeep schedule.

  • Collect the frame 
  • Follow the instructions on the frame and get the Hammerhead Machine Gun

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2. Reclaiming The Volundr Forge

Reclaiming The Volundr Forge

To get the weapon, you’ll have to break into the Volundr Forge and scouting the Smidur’s Cavern in the EDZ. Inside the cavern, you’ll see an artefact suspended mid-air. Interact with the artefact to set things in motion.

You will need the Radiant Batteries for the floating furnace. You will now be hit with waves of enemies. And to get the Radiant Batteries, you will need to kill the enemies, which are BLUE. Once you obtain the batteries, shotgun them into the floating furnace. 

Keep repeating this until more powerful enemies emerge. Kill them along with the boss that accompanies them to successfully reclaim the Volundr Forge. You will now be rewarded with Hammerhead Machine Gun. To look at the stats of the hammerhead and compare it with other guns, look at out Destiny 2 Weapon Spreadsheet.

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The Bottom Line

We hope our article was able to help you through how you can get the Hammerhead in Destiny 2. Just follow the instructions in our guide, and you’ll have the legendary machine gun in your hands in no time. 

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