How To Get Destiny 2 Recluse? | Explained (2023)

how to get Destiny 2 recluse

The Recluse is one of the three PvP pinnacle weapons that was introduced during the Season Of The Drifter.  However, to get this weapon in your inventory, you will have have to grind for quite a while. The Destiny 2 Recluse used to be a rough weapon to grind in Competitive Crucible if you lacked in skill.

However, as of Shadowkeep, things have changed with the introduction of Survival: Freelance. Now is your time to get this weapon before it receives any further nerfs. Therefore you should keep an eye on the Shadowkeep forge rotation schedule to get the gun you like.

This article will guide you on how you can get the Destiny 2 recluse by picking up a quest and working your way through the PvP grind to get it.

What Is Destiny 2 Recluse?

The Destiny 2 Recluse is a fantastic submachine gun that makes PvP and PvE fun indeed. It has two of the most valuable perks, namely, feeding frenzy and master of arms. With the feeding frenzy, you can increase your weapon’s reloading speed for a short while. And with the master of arms, you increase your weapon damage after kills.

The primary reason everyone wants to get their hands on the destiny 2 Recluse is that it is gun allows players to melt their PvP and PvE enemies alike. Since the destiny 2 Recluse is a PvP pinnacle weapon, you will need to go through a lot of PvP before you can get your hands on this weapon. However, it’s worth the grind and is a must-have addition to any Guardian Arsenal.

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How To Get Destiny 2 Recluse?

The Destiny 2 Recluse is one of the most potent weapons in the game alongside the likes of Trinity Ghoul, Ikelos Shortgun etc. However, you need to play your fair share of PvP to get your hands on this PvP pinnacle weapon. There are two possible ways through which you can get the Recluse.

1. Collect The “From the Mouth of Babes” Quest

Collect The "From the Mouth of Babes" Quest

The first way through which you can obtain the Destiny 2 Recluse is by collecting the Mouth Of Babes quest from the tower. The first way is collecting the Babes Of Mouth Quest. To get your quest, go to the tower and speak to Lord Shaxx, and you’ll find the quest in the Pursuit Section of his wares.

Pick up the quest and it will be automatically added to your inventory. However, in order to complete the quest, you will have to first complete the The Stuff Of Myth crucible triumph.  

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2. Complete The “Stuff Of Myth” Triumph

The “Stuff Of Myth” Triumph

This can be found in the “Triumph” tab under crucible and glory. This step of the quest requires you to reach a fabled rank (2100 glory points) in competitive PvP and get around 40 wins. You can progress this in “Quick Play.” However, there  are two main requirements you need to fulfill before you get to completing this triumph

  • Win matches in the Crucible
  • Reach Fabled Rank

Both these tasks are time consuming, but have to be completed if you want to get your hands on the Recluse. To win matches in the crucible, you will need to fill the bar to 100%. Remember that each win in the crucible grants you 1%. However, matches played in the Iron Banner and Competitive playlist will grant you more to get to that 100%. To get to that 100%, you’ll need to win approximately 100 matches in the Crucible

However, winning matches in the crucible isn’t the only required as you’ll need to reach the fabled rank i.e achieve 2100 glory points to get closer to the Recluse. When it comes to Crucible rank, you can achieve a total of 6 ranks starting from the Guardian. Each ranks is further divided into three sub-ranks . The ranks you can achieve are:

  • Guardian
  • Brave
  • Heroic
  • Fabled
  • Mythic
  • Legend

The more games you play, the higher ranks you’ll achieve by winning in the Crucible. Every match won adds to your glory rank and every new rank awards with you with a package. The only way to climp up the ranks is by winning matches in Shadowkeep, which is the competitive playlist inside the crucible. The Shadowkeep is an intense survival mode wherein there are limited revivals

Note: You lose points for every match you lose in the Shadowkeep. If you are more interested in shadowkeep, here are some of the weapons you can get from shadowkeep.

Destiny 2 Recluse Pros

1. Master of Arms

The Destiny 2 Recluse can pump out bullets rapidly, but once you kill an enemy, Master of Arms perk will trigger. Master of arms gives you a temporary damage bonus, and combine it with Feeding Frenzy to melt opponents as soon as they appear in your sights.

2. Polygonal Rifling

Polygonal Rifling perk increases the stability stat of the weapon. The higher your weapon’s stability, the less recoil you’ll get when firing the rounds. This advantage of the recluse translates into higher accuracy.

3. Feeding Frenzy

The Feeding Frenzy perk allows you to reload your weapon quickly. The condition for triggering feeding frenzy Perk is to score a kill against your opponents. If you keep killing opponents, you can swap magazines constantly and rapidly.

4. Lightweight Frame

The Destiny 2 Recluse is a light weapon that handles amazingly. You can put away,draw, aim down the sights, and move faster without the hindrance of weapon weight.

 5. Ricochet Rounds

Ricochet Rounds Perk of destiny 2 recluse allows you to shoot at hard surfaces and use them to deflect rounds. The rounds from the perk deal the same damage as before, and you might still hit your target this way. Ricochet Rounds perk also increase stability and give a minor range boost.

The Bottom Line

Once you achieved the required wins in the crucible, completed the Mouth of babes, and achieved 2100 glory points (Fabled Rank), you will have successfully completed the Stuff Of Myth triumph.

As a result of these completed tasks, you will now receive The Destiny 2 Recluse SMG. Now that you’ve acquired this elusive pinnacle weapon, be sure to check out the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more help unlocking other cool weapons and gear in Destiny 2.

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