Destiny 2 Class Population Statistics

Destiny 2 Class Population Statistics

Be it in real life or gaming, juggling three classes at the same time isn’t easy. As modern-day gaming evolves by the minute, multiplayer gaming has reached new heights. It was precisely six years ago when we first got to see a glimpse of Destiny. Though the 1st edition didn’t come out to PC, it still was the most popular multiplayer game. 

Having released Destiny back in 2014, Bungie followed it up with Destiny 2 back in 2020. Like its predecessor, the sequel was a huge hit and remains a favorite amongst online gamers. The modern-day multiplayer has people playing for more than wins. With periodic updates and new rewards up for grabs every week, online gaming has evolved largely. 

Similar is the case with Destiny 2. The game allows you to differentiate between multiple classes and subclasses. Each class and subclass has its own set of weapons for you to use, along with numerous perks and abilities.

As Destiny reaches 167 million users worldwide, Bungie has officially revealed the class population statistics to determine the most popular class in Destiny 2. Post the release of Destiny 2 and some expansion packs, Bungie has primarily expanded the skills tree with added perks and altered super for each class.

In this article, we will discuss all the classes in Destiny 2 and what each class and subclass has to offer. Also, based on Bungie’s class population statistics, we have included the most popular class in Destiny 2. 

Different Classes In Destiny 2

As we mentioned above, there are a total of 3 classes in Destiny 2. Each class is divided into further subclasses. Every class and subclass comes equipped with its own sets of perks and skills. These subclasses can shape your gameplay and tweak it according to your playing style and tendency. 

Each class offers four different subclasses that have their perks, skills, aspects, and fragments. The four subclasses are Arc, Void, Solar, and Stasis. Your supers are altered or can be completely changed according to the class you choose. Every class is modeled after familiar RPG roles such as the mage, rogue, and tank and is tweaked accordingly to match your pace and progression. 

Here are the three different classes to choose from in Destiny 2

1. Hunter Class

Hunter Class

The Hunter class is the most popular amongst the Guardians. This Marksman class is solely focused on trapping and killing enemies from a distance and relies on enhanced body movements to disorient opponents.

With a equip percentage of 36%, it continues to remain the majorly used class throughout Destiny 2. When you choose the Hunter class, you get medium armor strength followed by their default melee attacks. 

They offer you an option to cloak yourself and use the double/trip jump ability making their overall mobility the best in the game. Also, it helps you strafe faster when aiming and cover long distances with the double jump ability. It is the highly recommended class for PvP matches. However, you must learn this class through as only then will you be able to move.

The “Dodge” helps you reload your weapons and energy and has a faster running speed than the remaining two classes. The hunter class makes you quick on your feet and gives you a quicker draw.

Since most users using the Hunter class are focused on mid range combat, using machine guns and sub-machine guns such as the Hammerhead and the Recluse are ideal. You can find Hammerhead and Recluse by reading our Destiny 2 guides.

Here are the 4 Hunter subclasses in Destiny 2

  • Gunslinger
  • Arcstrider
  • Nightstalker
  • Revenant

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2. Warlock Class

Warlock Class

The Warlock is primarily the mages of this world and the lightly armored class in Destiny 2. Though they are lightly armored, their palmed forward strike or a melee strike can significantly injure your opponent.

These mages come with higher mobility allowing you to glide in the air for long periods. Warlock offers you a faster recovery rate which means you’ll heal faster as compared to other classes. To make the most of this class, you must learn all about the skill trees along with the perks.

Compared to the other classes, a Warlock provides you with a highly efficient horizontal movement, making it more challenging for your enemies to target you. In addition to its team healing benefits, the Warlock offers powerful attack spells. This is the right class for you if you are aware of your fireteam’s location at all times.

Here are the 4 Warlock subclasses in Destiny 2

  • Dawnblade
  • Stormcaller
  • Voidwalker
  • Shadebinder

3. Titan Class

Titan Class

The Titans are the tanks of Destiny 2. They’re the ones for you if you wish to feel like a soldier fighting in zero gravity. Titans rely on their aggressive strategies to protect their fire team, attack on the move, and dive headfirst into combat. Titans come equipped with multiple levels of protection while simultaneously offering excellent movement speed.

Titans are heavily armored and can withstand immense damage. However, the heavy armor makes it comparatively slower in speed and provides less mobility in the pr process. 

The Boost perk allows Titans to sprint through a straight bot line. Another primary ability of the Titan class is to open barriers that provide you with additional tactical moves and drops, such as ammo refills. Though Titans are the strongest, they are also the slowest, making them equally good and bad for PvP and PvE.

Here are the 4 Titan subclasses in Destiny 2

  • Striker
  • Sentinal 
  • Sunbreaker
  • Behemoth

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The Most Popular Class In Destiny 2

If you ask the pro Destiny 2 Guardians, they all will have the same answer. The “HUNTER” class is by far the most popular class in Destiny 2.

With over 36% of the total users, the Hunter class is the most popular class played throughout Destiny 2. Bungie’s online survey found that most of the players equip the Hunter class before going into combat. This is because the rating of the subclasses is higher compared to the rest.

The Hunter has always held the upper hand ever since Destiny 1 because it offers various weapons and exotic armors to the users. With the Hunter class, you can cloak yourself or equip the double/triple jump. Though Hunters were penalized last year because of overpopulation, they came back strong to dethrone the Titan class. 

This is how these subclasses fall into the popularity ratings.

  1. Arcstrider: 4.3%
  2. Dawnblade: 4.3%
  3. Stormcaller: 5.5%
  4. Sentinel: 6%
  5. Striker: 6.8%
  6. Voidwalker: 7.9%
  7. Sunbreaker: 7.9%
  8. Nightstalker: 12.6%
  9. Gunslinger: 20.8%

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The Bottom Line

We hope our article was able to guide you through all the different classes and subclasses available in the game. These subclasses can help shape your gameplay by adapting to your gaming style. Though the HUNTER is the majorly equipped class among Destiny 2, the Titan and Warlock classes too can help you get an edge over your competitor during PvP and PvE matches. 

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