How To Join A Faction In Destiny 2? – Help Guide

How To Join A Faction

The factions are back in full force, and no Destiny 2 guardian can keep calm about it. The factions are back, and they need your help. All you need to is pick a particular faction (one per character).

Once you’ve chosen a faction, everything you do in the game will reward you with tokens in one way or the other for that particular faction. Raids, strikes, public events, lost sectors, or the crucible, every faction event will last for one week. 

There are a total of three factions to choose from, and the faction you support will reward you with discounts on certain unique items in the game. Every faction comes with its own set of perks, abilities, skills, aspects, and fragments.

However, you will need to choose a faction that gels perfectly with your gameplay. The Destiny Faction Rally returned to Season 3, and a newly introduced mechanic called Renown, along with a unique armor ornament and Catalyst. 

However, many still remain confused as to how they can join a faction. If you are also one of them, then we have you covered. In this article, we will be discussing how to join factions in destiny 2. In addition, we have listed down the various factions to choose from

How To Join Factions In Destiny 2?

Each week, Destiny 2 guardians can side with one out of three factions to gather supplies and destroy enemy resources. Doing so will reward you with tokens that can be used to level up your faction. At the end of each week, the faction with the highest number of faction packages to his name is announced as the winner. The winner can sell one particular weapon to every player in the game. 

To join a faction in destiny 2, all you need to do is locate the faction leaders at the bottom of the tower and join that particular faction. You will need to speak to all three faction vendors before you can make a choice about which faction you need to join. Every faction offers you a different variety of weapons and armor. In addition, each faction provides a powerful weapon as an incentive. 

Different Factions In Destiny 2

Every guardian who helps factions destroy enemy supplies and garner resources is rewarded with loot and legendary weapons followed by an incentive. However, you will need to first build a reputation with your faction vendor before you can access the reward. Upon signing up for a particular faction, you will receive a Faction Emblem. To earn tokens, you will have to complete the following activities.

When you’ve gathered enough tokens, take them to your faction vendor, and in return, the faction vendor will reward you with a Faction Engram full of loot. 

There are a total of three factions to choose from, namely.

  1. Dead Orbit
  2. New Monarch
  3. Future War Cult

As an incentive, the Dead Orbit offers a scout rifle, the Future War Cult offers a pulse rifle, and the New Monarch offers a serosa sidearm. The faction with the highest packages at the end of the gameweek will sell one weapon to every player in the game. You can learn more about Destiny 2 weapons by looking at our Destiny 2 weapon spreadsheet.

If you were a part of the winning faction and wish to buy the weapon, it will cost you 1,000 glimmer. If you were NOT a part of the winning faction and want to buy the weapon, it will cost you 50,000 glimmer. Therefore, let’s take a look at the three factions and what all they have to offer

1. Dead Orbit

 Dead Orbit

To choose the dead orbit as your preferred faction, you will need to speak to the Dead Orbit faction vendor. To visit the Dead Orbit faction vendor, turn left when you’re at the hangar and proceed to the North. Members of the Dead Orbit are looking to leave the Earth for good before the Darkness takes over.

This faction focuses solely on farming for the golden age technology in vaults and shipyards to aid their escape. This is because members of the Dead Orbit think that the Earth is doomed, and it is time to leave the Traveller behind.

The Dead Orbit has its own fleet of starships which it leases to the Vanguard from time to time for defense purposes. However, the total size of this fleet is unknown. Members of the Dead Orbit seek salvation in the stars, which means that they have a considerable fleet ready to transport them through.

Protecting the Traveller has got the Dead Orbit a lot of unwanted attention and probably some rotten eggs. Therefore, leaving Earth altogether and starting afresh is undoubtedly not the worst idea.

The Dead Orbit faction is a staunch believer that humanity has a chance at survival if they run. And to continue to human race forward, they feel the need to spread humanity across the stars.

Many interpret the Dead Orbit as a group of noble explorers chasing the unknown to reach out to the Dark Void beyond humanity’s grasp to ensure the survival of the human race. 

2. Future War Cult

Future War Cult

To join the future war cult faction, turn left as soon as you enter the hangar and go up the stairs. Talk to the faction vendor and pledge allegiance to it. While the Dead Orbit and New Monarchy grind to find resources to aid their future, the Future War Cult is one group to have found its start in the golden age. Having originated on Venus, this cult took the Vex technology and designed a device that allows them to see the future. 

The more they saw the future, the more they realized its uncertainty. However, they realized that the future largely depends on the events in the present, which gives to multiple timelines occurring over time.

With this device, the Cult rebuilt the Golden Age post its fall. However, the device’s location continues to remain a mystery. It is believed that the device is hidden somewhere in the tower. 

Eventually, the cult had to abandon this device because those who used it went insane. Meanwhile, those who made it to another side could describe nothing but war and the certainty of the Darkness’s return. Since the cult can look into the future, they are primarily seen as the ones containing the coming battle. Given the device, the cult can arm themselves better for the wars to come.

3. New Monarchy 

New Monarchy

Unlike the other two, this counter-faction emphasizes more on bringing stability to the last city. The new monarchy comprises of seven tenets, and each tenant has a specific goal to establish. To join the New Monarchy faction, go to the southwest corner of the Bazaar to meet the New Monarchy faction vendor. 

The tenets of the New Monarchy are as follows:

  • To secure the walls against the enemy.
  • To secure the rights and liberties of every upstanding citizen
  • Sponsor sciences of the city and salvage the ruins for the Golden Age to be reborn
  • Leading the city in technical innovation under the orders of the Guardians
  • Support natural harmony in the town and actively dissuade anyone who poses a threat to that harmony
  • To hold all individuals, citizens, and allies to the highest behavioral standards and productivity
  • To a vote of the consensus, abolish the consensus and transfer the ultimate power to ensure all citizens’ rights and liberties are secured. 

While the first 6 tenets truly uphold the values of the New Monarchy, the 7th tenet is where it all comes apart. Tenet 7 directly means replacing the democratic body (Consensus) that runs the city by abolishing it and replacing it with a monarch who cannot be removed from their position of power under any circumstances.

Following the Cabal Invasion, the Monarchy is currently under immense chaos. Therefore, the New Monarchy is doing everything in its ability to scramble things together and bring stability to the Last City. 

How To Earn “Renown” In Faction Rally?

The “Renown” is a new introduction for Season 3. The Renown rewards you with more tokens for your in-game performance. The Renown comes into effect when you pledge your alliance to a particular faction and set out to complete different activities in public events. These are the activities that can help you earn a renown.

  • Patrol Mission: 1 Renown
  • Killing Yellow Bar Enemies In Public Spaces: 1 Renown
  • Standard Public Events: 2 Renown
  • Heroic Public Events: 3 Renown

Apart from the above quests, you gain an additional one renown per activity if you complete that activity wearing full Faction armor. Also, you’ll get more tokens when running Lost Sectors, and you will be rewarded with a total of 10 tokens upon successfully completing the Lost Sectors. 

However, the major drawback is that your Renown goes down a level every time you die. Meanwhile, fast traveling to locations will eradicate it. Additionally, the higher the buff, the difficulty increases in the following ways.

  • Reduced Health Regeneration
  • Decreased Player Damage
  • Increased Incoming Damage
  • Decreased Player Agility

Completing Lost Sectors will reset your rewards back to zero irrespective of your Renown which means you will have to build it up again before earning additional rewards. An easy way to build your week’s Renown is by tackling the different lost sectors at periodic intervals.

Which Is The Best Faction To Pledge Allegiance To? 

As to the different classes and subclasses, there is no right or wrong faction to pledge allegiance to Destiny 2. While each faction offers different individual rewards, they can provide you with the same weapons and gear via Faction drops. This is what each Faction has to offer in terms of wares.

  • Dead Orbit: Graviton Lance Catalyst’
  • Future War Cult: Sunshot Catalyst
  • New Monarchy: Sweet Business Catalyst

However, the drops each Faction offers are of little value to determining the best faction. If the faction you choose can garner the highest faction packages at the end of the week, you need 1000 glimmers to buy the specific weapon. As long as you earn these Glimmer at a steady rate, it doesn’t matter which faction you go with. 

The Bottom Line

We hope our article could walk you through on how to join factions in destiny 2 and the faction rallies in Destiny 2 successfully/ You can select your faction by talking to the faction vendors ( Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, Future Of The Cult ).

If your faction has the most packages, you can get the legendary weapons at just 1,000 glimmers. There is no bad or good faction in Destiny 2. All that matters is that you keep earning those glimmer at a steady rate. 

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