Destiny 2 Best Titan Subclasses [2023]

Destiny 2 Best Titan Subclasses

The Titans are the tanks of Destiny 2. They’re the ones for you if you wish to feel like a soldier fighting in zero gravity. Titans rely on their aggressive strategies to protect their fire team, attack on the move, and dive headfirst into combat. Titans come equipped with multiple levels of protection while simultaneously offering excellent movement speed.

Titans are heavily armored and can withstand immense damage. However, the heavy armor makes it comparatively slower in pace and provides less mobility in the process. 

The Boost perk allows Titans to sprint through a straight bot line. Another primary ability of the Titan class is to open barriers that provide you with additional tactical moves and drops, such as ammo refills.

Though Titans are the strongest, they are also the slowest, making them equally good and bad for PvP and PvE. Titans has four different subclasses, namely the Striker, Behemoth, Sentinel, and the Sunbreaker.

In this article, we will discuss all the best Titan subclasses in Destiny 2.These subclasses can help shape your gameplay by adapting to your gaming style. Each class and subclass In Destiny 2 has its own set of weapons for you to use, along with numerous perks and abilities.

Best Titan Subclasses Listed

While there are numerous weapons and armor pieces to choose from, not every weapon can match your gameplay. And if you are a Titan, you know that you are all that stands between humanity and the Darkness. Given their heavy armor, Titans are the damage buffs that are the best pick for fire support. Titans allow you to punch an enemy to death while absorbing a full-scale RPG at the same time. 

However, choosing the proper subclass from 10 other subclasses is quite challenging. Every subclass has its unique perk that might come in handy during a boss fight. Though each subclass is balanced, some of these subclasses outweigh the other while providing significant benefits during boss fights.

Therefore, here are some of the best Titan subclasses for you to choose from.

1. Behemoth (Stasis)

Behemoth (Stasis)

No other super can match the Behemoth’s power and the unique perks and abilities it has to offer. The Behemoth is primarily known for giving Titans a horrible amount of mobility. The Shiver Strike allows Titans to launch themselves halfway across Crucible maps and smash enemies into walls, instantly killing them. 

Meanwhile, the Glacier Grenades allows Titans to cover large distances in a single jump. Also, these glacier grenades are perfect when it comes to add-clearing in PvE. With the help of Cryoclasm, Titans can slide at incredible speeds. Also, the Techtonic Harvest helps Titans gain melee energy by shattering Stasis Crystals.

Behemoths can help you take down other Guardians and PvE enemies Paired with the right mods and exotics. Although these Behemoths lack in debuffs or utility, they make up for it with the sheer aggression they bring to the table. This makes Behemoth an excellent choice for both Gambit Prime and other PvE content. 

2. Code Of The Protector ( Top Tree Sentinel )

Code Of The Protector ( Top Tree Sentinel )

This is one of the critical supers in Destiny 2, which deploys a ward of dawn bubble. This ward of dawn bubble is a large void dome that protects you from incoming bullets and grants your a whopping 35% damage increase to all allies that enter it. With the Protector’s Defensive Melee strike, meleeing a target will reward everyone nearby with an over-the-shield as well as increased reload speed. Though it may not be the most preferred super, it is undoubtedly the go-to choice for PvP and PvE matches.

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3. Code Of The Fire-Forged ( Top Tree Sunbreaker )

Code Of The Fire-Forged ( Top Tree Sunbreaker )

With the Hammer Strike, you can swing your hammer while on the run to weaken them. When an enemy is debuffed, you deal 50% more damage to them for 5 seconds. While you can affect multiple enemies with the Hammer Strike, it has a minimal range meaning that the enemies need to get close to you to debuff them. Meanwhile, the Tempered Metal rewards you and your allies with bonus movement and reload speed post every solar ability kill.

The Vulcans Rage causes your hammer to split and deal extra damage. This super has a wide variety of grenades on offer, and the Vulcans Rage can clear out a room of enemies in just a few throws. The Code Of The Fire-Forged is a solid spec for the Gambit Prime, pinnacle, and several other contents. 

4. Code Of The Missile ( Solid Tree Striker )

Code Of The Missile ( Solid Tree Striker )

This Arc subclass helps Titans imbue their fists with devastating lighting. And with Forsaken’s Code Of The Missile, you can turn your Guardian’s entire body into a weapon.

With the Thundercrash, you can launch a player in the air. However, this deals lesser damage than you would expect. Meanwhile, the Ballistic Slam melee ability grants you super energy with each kill and pairs perfectly with the Insurmountable Skullfort.

The Ballistic Slam allows you to wipe a horde of enemies with the wave-clearing potential. Meanwhile, this super also lets you dive into the defensive for additional team kills.

The Thundercrash is particularly effective in the Crucible to wipe out an entire fireteam if you fly too close to them. While the Code Of The Missile may be a risky choice in the Pinnacle, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice in other Destiny 2 content.  

5. Code Of The Commander ( Middle Tree Sentinel )

Code Of The Commander ( Middle Tree Sentinel )

This new super is considered the best all-around super in Destiny 2, with impressive perk trees in the respective subclass. A significant perk in this skill tree is the Banner Shield that creates a defensive wall, and allies who shoot through this wall are rewarded with improved weapon damage. The more you guard your allies, the stronger your shield gets. 

Another key feature is the detonation that comes with this. When you strike an enemy using a melee strike, it will cause a void explosion that can down any enemy in the vicinity.

When your void detonators explode, you will be rewarded with complete health regeneration along with your nearby allies. These detonators significantly damage the enemy and can grant energy to your whole fire team. This super is a blessing, especially during PvE matches or Nightfall strikes. 

6. Code Of The Siegebreaker ( Bottom Tree Sunbreaker )

Code Of The Siegebreaker ( Bottom Tree Sunbreaker )

This is primarily a support class that makes use of the Snapshot rewards to increase enemy damage. In addition, every solar kill regenerates your health while grenade and melee kill leave a deadly Sunspot on the way.

With the mortar blast, you can hit an enemy to trigger a solar explosion that can take out all the enemies in the immediate vicinity by setting them on fire. The Siegebreaker creates a sunspot immediately on impact. 

This is the best super when it comes to dealing with the damage and working as a support tree. The Sunspot rewarded you with increased damage capacity and recharged melee ability and recharge rate.

Meanwhile, the Siegebreaker’s ability allows you to generate Warmind cells. This means that even your grenades, melee, Super, and your Sunspots can generate Warmind cells. The Hammer Of Sol increases your damage speed while standing in a Sunspot. 

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7. Code Of The Devastator ( Middle Tree Sunbreaker )

Code Of The Devastator ( Middle Tree Sunbreaker )

While this may be a fun subclass to enter into combat with, it is not that practical compared to the rest of the classes. As the name suggests, the Code Of The Devastator has multiple perks on display that can cause severe damage to your enemies. You can throw your hammer from a distance and pick it up again to recharge your melee abilities.

However, if you don’t pick up the hammer, it will explode and consume your melee charge. Upon hitting the enemy with your hammer, picking up the hammer triggers health regeneration. While there is nothing to buff your grenade damage, the hammer strike can vastly enhance your super. With the Hammer Strike, you damage your enemies while on the run.

Using the Wormgod Caress, Guardians can slay the Riven of A Thousand Voices all by themselves. 

8. Code Of The Juggernaut ( Bottom Tree Striker )

Code Of The Juggernaut ( Bottom Tree Striker )

Even though Destiny 2 rolled out multiple updates, the Code Of The Juggernaut continues to remain a top-tier PvP spec. It offers substantial damage that can break through shields, followed by numerous grenade options and a fantastic super. While it currently may not be the best subclass to go for, the Code Of The Juggernaut has its perks. The Juggernaut super has got massive damage buff in its kit.

However, you tend to lose energy every time you slam your opponent. But if you knee your opponents, your energy remains the same, and you gain a supercharge after kneeing a cluster of enemies. The Code Of Juggernaut is perfect for eliminating hordes of enemies or clearing forges or the Escalation Protocol. 

9. Code Of The Earthshaker (Top Tree Striker)

Code Of The Earthshaker (Top Tree Striker)

If you’ve done it before, you know that a well-timed seismic shake can down multiple enemies at once. In addition, the Aftershock continues to damage the enemies if they stick around. The Code Of The Earthshaker offers a perfect combo of melee and grenade benefits that enhance Fist Of Havoc’s damage. 

When using this subclass, you can damage your enemy with a shoulder charge. And every shoulder charge attack will reward you with grenade charges. This spec allows you to hold two grenades at once, helping you take down enemies over longer distances.

Sprint for a while and shoulder charge your enemy to create a powerful seismic strike that releases an Arc explosion on impact. Also, the greater the magnitude of your seismic striker, the longer the duration of your grenade effects will be. 

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10. Code Of The Agressor ( Bottom Tree Sentinel )

Code Of The Agressor ( Bottom Tree Sentinel )

This subclass is the one to go for if you wish to direct your complete focus on the Sentinel Super Shield. This subclass can help you maximize your Sentinel Super Shield along with a few added perks and benefits.

While this may not come in handy in open areas, you can use the Code Of Agressor in missions wherein you’ll be using your shield repetitively. For example, throwing shields in a dungeon can help take a hoard of enemies simultaneously.

The Superior Arsenal rewards you with grenade energy after every grenade kill. Meanwhile, getting kills when surrounded by enemies reduces your Super cooldown. The Second Shield perk gives you an additional shield throw charge while the Sentinel Shield is active.

The Bottom Line

We hope our article was able to walk you through the best Titan subclasses in Destiny 2. Note that each subclass comes equipped with its own set of perks, fragments, aspects, and abilities. While all these subclasses are well-balanced, choosing the suitable subclass will give you a considerable edge over your opponents.

From throwing shields at missiles to turning your Guardian into a missile, there are plenty of options to choose from. It is recommended that you choose a Titan subclass that gels well with your style of gameplay.

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