What Is Unstable Essence In Destiny 2?

What Is Unstable Essence In Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is the fourth expansion to the epic game. While treading through the Moon you will notice that you are collecting large red orbs which are dropped when you kill certain enemies. The moment you pick them these orbs apply the Unstable Essence to your Character. However, there is no recognisable purpose to unstable essence and the game never comes around to explain it.  

The following is a gamer’s guide to the purpose of unstable essence in Destiny 2. 

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What Does Destiny 2 Unstable Essence do?

Whenever you pick up a red orb, it is signified by an “Unstable Essence” effect on the bottom left corner of the HUD. None of the characters, including your Ghost, Eris Morn explains the use of these red orbs. The only way to understand the advantage of unstable essence is by paying close attention to your Damage number.   

Many players took to Redditt to explain that after close observation they found out that Unstable Essence helps boost your damage, specifically against Nightmares. Nightmares are new red-tinged enemies you encounter in Shadowkeep and require a lot of ammo to be killed. Once killed, Nightmares drop an unstable essence for you to pick. Therefore, every Nightmare you kill helps boost your damage for the next one. 

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Though this is a big help, there is a shortfall. There is no indication as to how much boost in damage you get unless you continuously observe your Damage meter. After close observation by multiple players, they concluded that the boos can be anywhere from 0-80%.

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