How To Get Gnawing Hunger God Roll in Destiny 2 Easily?

How To Get Gnawing Hunger God Roll in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an enthralling online shooting video game with a first-person pov. The game includes a variety of weapons and, The Gnawing Hunger is one of the most popular auto-rifles of the game with utmost precision, speed, and agility.

The gun made its debut in the Season of the Drifter. However, another legendary submachine gun, The Recluse, overshadowed it. After some time, Bungie reintroduced the Gnawing Hunger during the Season of Arrivals, gaining considerable popularity. It became a durable choice for players to persist and carry into the Beyond Light.

The Gnawing Hunger has two alternatives – PVE & PVP, with impressive features of their own. But before delving deep into that, let’s find out how to get gnawing hunger. 

How To Get D2 Gnawing Hunger?

The D2 Gnawing Hunger is one of the considerably easier guns to obtain in the game. Broadly there are two ways for you to get The Gnawing Hunger:

Method 1: Since it is one of the world-drop items, you can quickly obtain it with Legendary Engrams or by completing weekly activities. You can also get it whenever the Banshee-44 levels up or by concentrating your Umbral Engram into a Lead-Focused Umbral Engram. Though it will cost 100 altered energy, the last alternative is your best shot at obtaining the gnawing hunger god roll.

Method 2: Another way by which you can get the gnawing hunger is to pay 100 gunsmith materials to the Exo gunsmith, Banshee-44. By expending 100 gunsmith materials, there is a guarantee for you to get a legendary weapon. However, there is no guarantee that the legendary weapon that you get will be Gnawing Hunger. So don’t try this method unless you have a stockpile of gunsmith materials lying at your disposal.

So, we advise you to decrypt the Umbral Engrams and then focus them into a Lead-Focused Umbral Engram to maximize your chances of obtaining the most popular, agile, and fast auto-rifle, The Gnawing Hunger.

Gnawing Hunger God Roll

The Gnawing Hunger’s alternatives have slots and perks of their own, which complete the gnawing hunger god roll. These are:

Gnawing Hunger PVE God Roll

This version of the gnawing hunger god roll consists of the following perks:

  • Rampage/Demolitionist – Rampage stacks damage after any kills. Demolitionist provides you with grenade energy each time you kill an opponent.
  • Subsistence – Allows kills without reloading every other second.
  • Arrowhead Brake/Chambered Compensator – This allows for better navigation and control.
  • Extended Mag – This allows you to carry more bullets.

These perks allow you to slash through the enemy forces without having to reload each time. You can also customize the abovementioned perks into the next four slots:

Slot 1 – This slot is all about the barrel of your choice. You can choose the arrowhead break with the chambered compensator or the corkscrew rifling. The arrowhead provides the best recoil (+30) and handling (+10), the compensator provides medium stability (+10) and recoil (+10) but impacts the handling (-5) and, the corkscrew rifling provides low stability (+5), handling (+5) and range (+5).

Slot 2 – Since you have to break through the enemy forces, you’ll need a lot of bullets. So, you can either select the Tactical Mag, which provides stability (+5), magazines (+10) & reload speed (+10), or the Extended Mag, which provides more magazines (+30) but impacts the reload speed (-20). The last alternative is the Appended Mag, which only provides magazines (+20).

Slot 3 – In this slot, you’ll need a perk that boosts stability. You can tap the trigger, which will provide a brief period of high stability with accuracy. You can use ‘Zen Moment,’ which solely focuses on increasing stability or use the Subsistence perk, which reduces the reserves capacity.

Slot 4 – You can select the perk for this slot based on your playing style. Rampage temporarily increases damage dealt, and Multi kill Clip increases damage based on how many rapid kills have been made, and Demolitionist will provide you grenade energy.

Gnawing Hunger PVP God Roll

The gnawing hunger god roll alternative becomes most popular in the season of Arrivals. The perks for these might differ slightly from those for the PVE slot; however, you can customize accordingly.

Slot 1 – This slot majorly focuses on providing Range with your choice of barrel, so you’ll have to sacrifice upon Handling. For this, you can either select the extended barrel, which will provide you with added range (+10), or recoil (+10) but will affect your Handling (-10). Another alternative is the Hammer-Forged Rifling, which will solely provide you with a decent range (+10). The third alternative is Smallbore, which will provide you with medium stability (+7) and medium-range (+7).

Slot 2 – The second slot focuses on providing an increased fire rate, focusing on finding a perk that will give you excellent stability to go with that rapid-fire rate. You can either go for the Tactical Mag, which will provide you with stability (+5) along with a good number of magazines (+10) and reload speed (+10). Or you can select the Accurized Rounds, which will only provide you with a range (+10). 

Slot 3 – It’s better to focus on increasing your stability and select a convenient perk in the third slot. You can Tap the Trigger, which will provide a brief period of high stability with accuracy, or use the ‘Zen Moment’ perk, which solely focuses on increasing stability along with dealing damage.

Slot 4 – It would be a good idea for you to select a perk that increases the damage for this slot. So, either you can choose the Demolitionist perk that gives you grenade energy, or you can use the Kill Clip perk, which increases the stability while dealing with damage.

The Conclusion

Gnawing Hunger God Roll is one of the best auto-rifles available in Destiny 2. It primarily works best with the Gnawing Hunger PVP God Roll. Now that we’ve told you how to get gnawing hunger and elaborated upon the best perks available, have fun improving your stats with this additional knowledge.


The prime benefits of gnawing hunger include its speedy reload perks, and the availability of the Subsistence perk can help avoid reloading altogether. In the first column, Tap the Trigger and Zen Moment perks are some of the best perks to provide you with high stability, along with accuracy, for this auto-rifle. In the second column, each perk has its purpose. Rampage, Swashbuckler, Demolitionist, Kill Clip, and Multi kill Clip are the different perks available for damaging purposes.

The best gnawing hunger alternative is the Falling Guillotine. It is one of the heaviest legendary swords, which requires you to be at Season Rank 30. Once you’re at Rank 30, you receive an Umbral Engram, and you have to decrypt it where The Drifter lives – The Annex. Like the gnawing hunger god roll, it also contains PVP and PVE slots, which help you customize and increase precision, accuracy, and control. 

The Falling Guillotine has a beautiful visual, with an intricately designed edge that also helps in increasing the damage dealt. Moreover, this sword is also a good fit for the Prophecy Dungeon Level.

You’ll have to complete a quest called The Reckoning. To get this quest, you’ll have to talk to the Drifter that resides in the Annex in the Tower. You’ll have to defeat The Likeness of Oryx to have a chance at a drop, from which you might win the gnawing hunger.

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