Destiny 2 Nightfall Loot Rewards And Weapon Schedule

Destiny 2 Nightfall Loot Rewards And Weapon Schedule

Those seasoned in Destiny 2 know that the Nightfall exclusive some of the best loot and weapons in the game. And with a new weapon drop system, these nightfalls have become more potent, with a new weapon up for grabs every week. While most of these Nightfalls offer you a powerful weapon, some nightfalls might give you cosmetics.

Every week, there are three strikes on offer as the challenging Nightfall strikes. During these Nightfalls, you can use can a card to set challenges and set the difficulty accordingly. This weekly ritual comes with a guaranteed weapon drop for every Destiny 2 guardian. Note that there are NO exclusive drops with the new Shadowkeep strikes.

In this article, we will be discussing all the Destiny 2 Nightfall loot rewards. Also, we have included the Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule, which will help you track the powerful games in the game. The Weapon Schedule will keep you up to date about the current weapon up for grabs, when it will be back, and what the future holds. 

Nightfall Exclusive Loot Rewards

Nightfall Exclusive Loot Rewards

As we mentioned above, every Nightfall strike will reward you with a powerful weapon drop. While some Nightfalls exclusives are worth grinding for, some will offer you nothing but cosmetics. Each Nightfall strike offers exclusive loot rewards. These exclusive loot rewards are acquired only after completing Nightfall strikes in the Nightfall rotation schedule. 

Some strikes are long and need you to grind for a while before you can get an exclusive. However, some strikes are easy and can be completed multiple times to get more rewards. Some of the Nightfall exclusive loot rewards may not be useful as you go ahead into the game. However, there is always a chance of converting them into materials. 

Here is a list of the Nightfall Exclusive Loot Rewards you can get by completing Nightfall strikes

Nightfall StrikeExclusive Loot Reward
Garden WorldUniversal Wavefunction: Ship
Arms DealerTilt Fuse: Sparrow
The BroodholdN/A (Exclusive To Playstation)
The CorruptedHorror’s Least: Pulse Rifle
Exodus Crash Impact Velocity: Sparrow
The Hallowed LairMindbender’s Ambition: Shotgun
Insight TerminusThe Long Goodbye: Sniper
Inverted SpireTrichromatic: Ghost Shell
Lake Of ShadowsMilitia’s Birthright: Grenade Launcher
PyramidionSilicon Neuroma: Sniper
Savathun’s SongDuty Bound: Auto Rifle
Strange TerrainBraytech Osprey: Grenade Launcher
Tree Of PossibilitiesDFA: Hand Canon
Warden Of NothingWarden’s Law: Hand Cannon
Will Of The ThousandsWorm God Incarnation: Transmat Effect

Note: If you want information on all of these weapons, look at our article on the Destiny 2 Weapon Spreadsheet.

How To Get Nightfall Exclusive Loot?

You will have to farm for a while before you can get the nightfall exclusive loot. Though a god roll may get you a weapon or two, there are dozens of completions to be done before. To grind away at Nightfall strikes, you will want to have a fireteam with a unified goal to cut down the time. However, if your teammates can’t farm, you can utilize the resources available online such as the LFG systems. 

Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule

Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule

Now that you are familiar with the Nightfall Exclusive Loot Rewards, it is now time to track the Nightfall weapons up for grabs. The Bungie update has added dozens of new weapons on top of the usual weekly drops. Season 13 added the following three weapons, which were already present in Destiny 1

  1. Shadow Price
  2. Palindrome
  3. The Swarm

The upcoming seasons may either add or retire few weapons. Therefore, it is always better to anticipate the updates to the nightfall weapon rotation schedule. 

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Here is the Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule (2021). We have given the Nightfall Weapon Rotation schedule from May 2021 to December 2021

Palindrome: Hand Canon,

The Swarm: Machine Gun,

Shadow Price: Auto Rifle

Weekly ResetWeapon 1Weapon 2
January 4, 2022The Palindrome (Hand Cannon)THE SWARM (Machine Gun)
January 11, 2022Shadow Price (Auto Rifle)The Comedian (Shotgun)
January 18, 2022The Hothead (Rocket Launcher)Hung Jury SR4 (Scout Rifle)
January 25, 2022Plug One.1 (Fusion)Uzume RR4 (Sniper)
February 1, 2022The Palindrome (Hand Cannon)THE SWARM (Machine Gun)
February 8, 2022Shadow Price (Auto Rifle)The Comedian (Shotgun)
February 15, 2022The Hothead (Rocket Launcher)Hung Jury SR4 (Scout Rifle)

Nightfall Weapon Drop Chance

You will have complete Nightfall strikes before you can get the loot, rewards, and weapons. However, the more challenging your nightfall strike, the higher are the chances of a Nightfall Weapon Drop. Here are the weapons, along with their drop chance

  • Adept: Rare
  • Hero: Uncommon
  • Legend: Common
  • Master: Common

You can set the difficulty accordingly. The higher the difficulty level, the higher are the chances of you landing a legendary weapon drop. However, there is no concrete information about the drop percentages.

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The Bottom Line

We hope our article could guide you through all the Nightfall exclusive loot rewards available in Destiny 2. Also, the weapon rotation schedule will help you keep track of the weapons currently up for grabs and what all weapons are available in the coming weeks. After you get the exclusive loot and rewards for each Nightfall strike, you can get to farming that perfectly rolled Militia’s Birthright or Mindbender’s Ambition. The new Nightfall weapon rotation schedule certainly makes Nightfalls that bit more rewarding for those looking to acquire better gear. Nightfall is only one of the places where you can loot in Destiny 2, You should also keep up with the Shadowkeep Forge Schedule and the escalation protocol Schedule to get rare guns that you can use.

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