How Do Forges Work In Shadowkeep? Destiny 2 Forge Rotation Schedule

How Do Forges Work In Shadowkeep?

Destiny 2 is one of the best first-person shooter MMOs in the market right now and is a great sequel to the first game. The Forsaken Legendary Collection was a major expansion added to the game in late 2018, under which the Shadowkeep expansion was added in 2019. Of all the new additions that these expansions brought to the table, the black armory forges are considered as one of the most well-known movements.

In order to improve the Destiny 2 black forges, they were put on an isolated playlist. Currently only one of the black armory forges is accessible daily on the pivoting EDZ playlist. The fame for this movement comes from a divide in players, the ones abusing this glitch and others who feel cheated as they are unable to utilise it.

Black armory forges are an endeavour by the creators targeted towards AFK (away from the key) players to keep them constantly engaged. The Black Armory forges are on a short clock base. In case you miss your opportunity, the forge rotates and you miss out. This has been done by developers to keep the players constantly engaged by baiting them with limited time exercise. 

Season of Arrivals was the eleventh season within the Shadowkeep expansion. In this season the D2 Black Armory is the best method to collect Umbral Engrams and Altered Elements. These are the two important forms of credits in Season of Arrivals. Altered Elements can be used to turn their Umbral Engrams into particular forms of plunder that the players want. 

Gear created using this technique is some of the best in the game. However, many consider it to be a glitch purposefully created for players to gear-up. Creators at Bungle are known to do this more often, especially when it comes to Destiny 2. 

Let’s get you the edge to utilize this glitch properly. Following is an overview of the understanding of working of the forges and then we can look into the Destiny 2 Black Armory forge rotation.  

How Do Forges Work In Shadowkeep?

How Do Forges Work In Shadowkeep?

If you have been playing Destiny 2 for a fair amount of time you must have accessed the Mysterious Datapad. The datapad accompanies an enigma regarding Niobe Labs. but before you go ahead with solving this enigma you require Black Armory weapons. Specifically, you would require the Hammerhead programmed rifle, Spiteful Fang Bow, Izanami’s Burden and Tatara Gaze sharpshooter rifle. 

There are four forges that make up the black armory. These forges are on a rotation and only one forge is accessible by players daily. These four forges are called Volundr, Gofannon, Izanami and Bergusia. These forges are rotated in the same order as mentioned however and can be accessed from the EDZ option (Check all the EDZ Lost Sectors) on the Mysterious Datapad. Numerous quests and tasks must be completed to reach the forge, but the following are the first tasks which start each quest.

For Destiny 2 Volundr forge quest ignition talk to Ada-1 who will send you to recover a Black Armory Weapon core in the Outskirts of the Gluch. You must collect the Compound Ether from the Fallen to charge the core.

Gofannon forge quest begins by dispensing Fallen adversaries till they drop the Stolen Black Armory Gear. Then go and have a conversation with Ada-1   

In order to start the Izanami forge quest, you must eliminate Vex adversaries on Nessus till you can collect the Vex Transponder from them. 

Bergusia Forge is one you should head for in the end as it is in the Niobe Labs and this is where all the Black Armory weapons will come to play. Find Niobe labs in EDZ and head all the way till the upper stage. Many Goliath impact doors will open to uncover the Forge.

Once each of the above-mentioned quests is completed and all the necessary material collected, you can forge the black armory weapons to be used at Niobe labs.  

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Destiny 2 Forge Rotation Schedule

We understand the working of Destiny 2 black armory forges and their importance with respect to the game as they enable the gamer to use exotic weapons and armor. In order to gain an edge, the following is the rotation schedule for all four forges till mid of April. Don’t fret once the schedule ends as you can continue to follow this pattern for the days to come after this list ends.  If you are interested, you could also look at the escalation protocol schedule.


Every day at 9 am PST (pacific standard time) the forges are reset and will remain for 24 hours. In order to successfully complete a Forge run, you must kill glowing enemies, collect the orbs they drop and throw it in the Forge. After the second wave of enemies comes the boss battle. Successfully kill the boss and you will be rewarded with the loot. Unlocking forges like Volundr will give you a chance to collect guns like Hammerhead.

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